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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Splined Rot 145D3408-2
Retainer, Threaded S 145D3410-1
Duct Assy, Transmiss 145S4106-21
Shaft Assy, Drive 145D3400-25
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 145D3500-8
Head, Rotary Wing 114R2004-9
Rod, Damper, Main Rotor 65106-11503-103
Guide Tube, Square AA47324-1
Counterweight, Balan 70101-11228-110
Counterweight, Balance 70101-11228-111
Blade, Rotary Wing 70101-31000-043
Adapter, Shaft 145D3402-2
Adapter Assy, Shaft 145D3407-9
Jet, Transmission 145D0128-10
Cap, Filter Breather F9701
Retainer, Assembly 145D5329-6
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 145D5300-3
Gerotor Assembly 24 45200 2010 2
Sleeve, Grease 723004-1
Spacer, Bearing 145D0110-3
Adapter, Drive 145D3404-2
Cover Assembly, Tran 145D2301-3
Valve, Self-closing 145DS015-6
Sump Body, Lube 145DS205-9
Housing Assembly, Ma 145D5302-3
Plate, Transmission 114D5267-2
Parts Kit, Main Rotor Rotating Co 212-704-092-105
Ring Assembly, Rotar 114R3464-9
Plug, Guide, Rotor Shaft 70351-08188-103
Fairing Assy, Tail R 70104-11104
Jet Assy, Main Gearb 70351-08107-049
Jet Assy, Main Gearb 70351-08107-050
Spacer Assembly, Hub 70700-20438-041
Bracket, Mounting, Ap 70303-03029-045
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2004-2
Bolt Assembly, Rotar 145R3650-1B
Swashplate, Controllable 145R3551-2
Ring Assembly, Swash 145R3352-1
Cap, Trailing, Rotary 145R2211-1
Tank, Oil Lube, Rotar 145R2176-1
Cover Assy, Forward 414R6001-1
Erosion Strip, Blade 114R1707-1
Pin Assembly, Tie Ba 114R2168-4
Tank Assembly, Rotar 145R2179-1
Swashplate, Controllable 145R3551-1
Ring Assy, Swashplat 145R3351-1
Stiffener, Rotary Wi 145R6057-1
Erosion Strip, Blade 114R1707-2
Rod End Assembly 114R3625-3
Valve Assembly, Driv 8760-4051
Breather, Transmissi 214-040-809-3
Repair Kit, Rotor Bl 114RK651-1
Gerotor Assembly 24 45900 2067 2
Dam, Lub, Transmissio 145D0129-1
Seal, Transmission 537144
Retainer, Bearing 145D3307-2
Disc, Retainer 1711019-131
Gerotor Assembly 24-45100-2024-2
Mounting Plate Assy 877965
Baffle, Transmission 145D0133-1
Housing Assy, Transm 145D5304-3
Bearing Assy, Spindl 70102-08100-056
Plate, Pressure Lwr 70103-08103-044
Plate Assembly, Tran 70209-04301-042
Plate Assembly, Tran 70209-04301-043
Liner, Housing 145D0111-14
Cartridge 145D5315-4
Cartridge Assy, Tran 145D5314-4
Vent Assy, Breather A8820
Retainer, Seal 145D5328-3
Retainer Assy, Seal 145D5327-3
Indicator, Bypass RC942UL07X
Connector, Plate 4850
Interrupter, Single 3828
Clamp Ring 4899
Housing Assembly, Damper 65651-05109-041
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 145D1300-4
Drive Collar Assy 145R3438-1
Cover Assembly, Rota 414R6001-2
Beam, Rotary Wing 145R2210-1
Shaft, Droop Stop, Ro 114R2013-1
Cap, Leading, Rotary 145R2212-1
Key, Locking, Rotary 145R2213-1
Bolt Assy, Rotor Sys 122063-2
Pad, Rod Assembly 114V1031-10
Rod Assy, Strain Gag 414C3046-8
Shield, Rod Assembly 114V1031-14
Shield, Rod Assembly 114V1031-11
Rod Assy, Strain Gag 114V1031-12
Link Assembly, Swash 414C3056-3
Link Assembly, Swash 414C3056-4
Liner, Bearing 145D0111-20
Transducer, Linear 145CS131-2
Blade, Rotary Wing 65151-00001-046
Plate Assembly 145DS302-1
Retainer, Seal, Trans 145D5312-3
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2003-1
Jet, Lubricator, Tran 145D0128-21
Retainer Assy, Trans 145D6304-5
Housing Assy, Main 145D6303-4

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