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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 08, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Link Assy, Antidrive, Main Rotor 406-010-432-105
Sleeve Assy, Pivot, Swashplate 406-010-409-101
Support Assy, Swashplate 406-010-406-101
Sleeve, Input Bevel 7-211310145-2
Housing, Input Beari 7-311330132
Retainer, Wicking, Ge 7-311310241
Disk, Wicking 7-311310240
Disk, Wicking 7-311310240-3
Disk, Wicking 7-311310240-7
Housing Assy, Input 7-311310012
Shaft, Quill Tail Ro 7-311340091
Shield, Grease, Input 7-113400153
Shield, Grease, Output Gear 1-113400152
Swashplate Assy, Sta 7-311511107
Support, Gear, Interm 7-311310015
Clevis Assembly 70400-06698-049
Strap Assembly, Tail 7-211421035-7
Sleeve, Retaining Ge 7-311310251
Shield, Grease Trans 7-113300141-3
Shield, Grease Transmimission 7-113300142
Clutch, Sprag Drive 7-113100109
Gearbox Assembly C80874-3
Gearbox Assembly C80874-1
Gearbox Assembly C80873-3
Gearbox Assembly C80873-1
Housing, Gear Box 6435-20240-102
Spacer, Inner Bearin 7-311340149
Spacer, Outer Bearin 7-311340150
Stop, Recess Bar 63322
Housing Assembly, Nose Gearbox 7-311320011-1
Bowl Assembly, Trans AC-B066BP-1
Housing Assy, Main T 7-311310011
Filter Element, Gear AC-A918F-2010
Blade, Rotary Rudder 369A1613-503
Yoke Assy, Tail Roto 406-012-102-105
Pitch Horn Assy, Tai 406-012-108-101
Retainer, Swashplate 7-311527028
Nozzle, Jet Lubricat 7-311632102-5
Shaft, Input 572017-1
Spacer, Rotor Hub 7-211411018-43
Planetary Assy 7-311310002-3
Support, Tube 64356-04021-101
Slip Ring Assembly 62517
Tube Assy, Pitch Lin 206-010-361-1
Flange, Adapter Rotor Brake Disc 209-040-177-101
Sleeve Assembly, Rotor Brake 209-040-172-101
Quill Assembly, Roto 209-040-173-101
Head Assembly, Sleeve 65122-11254-042
Splice Cover Assembly 214-015-048-105
Retention Assembly, K618740-3
Mast Assy, Rotary Wi 369A2014-603
Rubbing Block, Pushrod 70400-06801-101
Azimuth Assembly K660008-207
Yoke, Azimuth K660027-15
Quadrant Assembly, Tail Rotor, Gea 70400-06690-044
Chart Tail Rotor Balance 7845
Blade, Rotary Wing K747-003-303
Fan Assembly A071147
Sleeve, Transmission 7-311310149
Standpipe, Transmiss 7-311310252-3
Collar, Gearbox 7-311340181-3
Support Assy, Tail R 7-311525062
Diverter, Top Valve C6941-2
Strap, Assembly, Hub 369A1210-3
Strip, Abrasive, Hub 369A1207-7
Strip, Abrasive, Hub 369A1207-9
Liner, Blade Root 114R1721-3
Mast Assy, Transmiss 204-040-366-103
Housing Assembly, Gearbox K674005-107
Retainer Assembly, Gearbox K671858-1
Sleeve Assembly, Gearbox K671855-1
Retainer, Main Gearbox K674248-13
Blade, Rotary Wing 65170-11001-043
Retainer, Seal, Trans 406-030-155-101
Fitting, Tail Rotor 7-311523009
Plate, Housing, Comp 572036-3
Cover, Damper, Main R 369A1403-5
Shaft, Rotor Gearbox K671845-11
Retainer, Upper Bearing K674872-13
Housing Assembly, Gearbox K674376-107
Retainer, Wicking 7-311310241-3
Gearbox Assembly, Main K671802-407
Fitting, Aft, Gear Bo 7-211340183-3
Strut, Tail Rotor 7-311340185-11
Strut, Tail Rotor 7-311340185-13
Plate, Lock 406-040-091-101
Plate, Seal Retainer 406-040-093-101
Hanger, Bearing, Tail 406-040-322-101
Shaft Assy, Segmente 406-040-330-105
Plug, Input Adapter 406-040-442-101
Rod, Assembly Contro K659641
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2004-8
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2003-4
Hanger, Bearing, Fwd 406-040-317-101
Link, Hanger, Bearin 406-040-318
Shaft, Fan, Tailroto 406-040-320-101
Adapter, Input, Tail 406-040-440-101
Lockring, Input Adap 406-040-441-101
Nut, Input Duplex Be 406-040-445-101
Pellet, Locking-shaf 406-040-452-101

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