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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 07, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Weight, Stabilizer B 47-140-126-1
Shaft, Bearing Pitch 47-150-018-1
Fork Assembly, Swash 1560H13
Sleeve, Tail Rotor 47-641-040-1
Housing, Bearing, Fan 1385019
Flange, Multiple Disconnect S6137-64366-1
Flange, Multiple Disconnect S6137-64364-1
Shaft, Rotor, Helicopter S6137-64310-3
Shaft, Guide, Damper S6110-26407-7
Head, Rotary Wing S6110-26402-2
Clip, Lock, Damper S6110-26018-001
Dowel Plate, Mounting S6110-26410-1
Lug, Mounting, Upper Damper S6110-26405-001
Trunnion Assembly, D S6110-26045-006
Rod, Piston, Damper S6110-26019-3
Cylinder And Head Assembly, Dampe S6110-26403-2
Damper Assembly, Rot S6110-26400-010
Stop, Inboard Fitting 206-011-114-1
Sprag Retainer Assy CL41491
Sprag Retainer Assy CL41491-1
Spacer, Main Rotor M 47-140-154-1
Shim, Control Lever S37054-1
N0zzle, Oil, Transmis 206-040-134-1
Collar, Bearing, Tail Rotor Drive 206-040-315-1
Reservoir, Lubricant 206-011-108-1
Trunnion, Main Rotor 206-011-113-1
Cone Set, Main Rotor 206-010-003-1
Crosshead, Tail Rotor 206-010-741-1
Head, Rotary Wing 206-011-100-1
Retainer, Spring, Bla 206-010-121-5
Clevis, Idler Contro 206-011-723-1
Bushing Assembly, Thrust 206-011-806-1
Coupling, Main Driveshaft 206-040-108-5
Trunnion Assy, Main Rotor YD264A
Stop, Static, Tail Rotor 206-010-742-1
Rod, Pitch Control 206-011-724-1
Strap, Tension, Main 2601521
Adapter, Tail Rotor 206-040-328-3
Sight Glass, Grip, Ma 206-011-107-1
Support Assembly, Transmission 206-001-528-1
Shaft, Drive Clutch 65370-04105-102
Shaft, Output Clutch 65370-0409-103
Shaft Assembly 65361-00100-046
Race, Inner CL5665-1
Adapter, Pinnion 107D3047-3
Fork, Adjustment 65370-04136-102
Bushing Assembly 65370-04135-041
Retainer, Roller, Clu 65370-04142-101
Shield, Hub, Main Rotor 206-011-106-1
Seal Assembly 65370-04130-101
Fire Shield Assy A15D2414-2
Flange, Clutch 65370-04118-101
Brake Shoe 65370-04112-041
Adapter, Input Shaft 206-040-056-1
Repair Kit, Rotor Bl 800000-438
Balance Plate 65151-00040-041
Plate, Root End 65153-00049-101
Isolator 65351-11554-042
Housing, Main Input, 205-040-256-007
Head Assy, Rotary Pump GA7598
Filler Cap Assembly F994B
Clutch, Freewheeling X134296
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 205-040-237-1
Housing Assy, Nozzle 204-040-430-1
Plate, Support, Ring Gear 209-040-367-1
Race And Dowel Assy CL7521-4
Liner, Rotary Pump RS26121-36
Liner, Rotary Pump RS26120-40
Transmission, Main R 47-620-900-5
Blade, Rotary Pump RS26128-40
Washer, Anchor Fitting 114R1522-3
Head, Rotary Wing S6110-20006-14
Plate, Step, Main Rot 630-7
Trunnion Assy, Tail Rotor 204-011-737-5
Housing, Rotary Wing A02R2553-25
Housing Assembly, Ge K674005-105
Pump, Oil, Main Gear 6435-20556-101
Flange, Duct, Oil Cooler 206-040-504-5
Duct, Oil Cooler, Tra 206-040-504-3
Doubler, Duct Oil Co 206-040-504-007A
Flange, Duct Oil Coo 206-040-504-9
Cooler, Oil, Transmis 20039A
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 204-011-801-17
Clutch, Transmission 369A5350-601
Cap, Rotor Shaft K674035-17
Hub And Blade Assy, 204-011-800-13
Blade, Rotary Wing 47-642-102-55
Quill Assy 204-040-206-9
Rod, Main Rotor Cont K659108-11
Mast Assy, Rotary Wi 369A2014-601
Swashplate Assembly 369A7609-605
Parts Kit, Transmiss A02HK002-7A
Adapter Assy, Rotor 107D2255-8
Quill Assy Transmis 205-040-263-3
Oil Cooler, Transmis 8537936
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 204-011-801-5
Free Wheeling, Assy, 206-040-230-13
Trunnion Assy, Tail Rotor 204-011-737-001
Collector, Oil, Clutch 6435-90006-041
Trunnion Assy, Main Rotor S1510-24228-1

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