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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Coupling, Pump Drive K674733-15
Housing, Transmission, Mechanical S6135-20011-043
Support Assy, Gear Box S6135-20014-6
Housing Assy, Dampen 6410-26212-042
Cap Assy, Rotary Win S6110-23313-006
Cap, Rotary Wing Hub S6110-23313-005
Blade, Rotary Rudder S6117-30101-042
Pocket Assy, Blade S6117-30110-082
Tip Cap, Tail Rotor S1615-30007-4
Shaft, Crank K618741-1
Bushing Assy K659647-13
Bushing Assy K659645-1
Spacer Assy K618760-3
Guide, Special K619051-11
Shaft, Control K659683-11
Guide, Special K619051-13
Head, Rotary Wing S6110-20000-9
Socket, Swashplate S6110-24006-003
Balance Assy 61350-64131-042
Flange, Coupling S6135-66503-001
Balance Assy 61350-64131-045
Housing Assembly K674376-105
Shaft Assembly, Driv 61350-64133-042
Shaft Assembly, Driv 61350-64133-051
Retainer, Special K618744-11
Gear Box Assembly 65357-07000-047
Azimuth Assembly K660008-201
Clip-lock, Main Roto K618228-13
Gear Box Assy, Rotor K671652-3
Retainer, Ballast, Rotary Wing Bla 204-011-266-003
Retainer, Weight, Rotary Wing Blad 204-011-267-3
Lock Plate, Retainer 204-011-268-003
Plate Assembly, Hub 65103-11010-047
Shaft Assembly, Dri 61350-64133-045
Shaft Assembly, Roto K671620-3
Plate, Flapping Lock K616305-12
Box Assy, Rotor Blad 107R1205-10
Support Fitting, Gea S6135-66270-002
Hub Assembly, Main 65103-11000-066
Hub Assembly, Main 65103-11000-067
Hub Assembly, Main 65103-11000-057
Hub Assembly, Rotor 65103-11000-068
Hub Assembly, Rotor 65103-11000-069
Fairing Ring Assemb 65101-11021-055
Blade, Rotary Wing S6115-20201-003
Cap Tip, Rotary Wing Blade S6115-20158-015
Gearbox Assembly, Ma 65351-11600-041
Housing, Gear Box, Ma 65351-11130-043
Housing, Gear Box 65351-11129-044
Jet Assembly, Gearbo 65351-11567-041
Liner And Stud Asse 65351-11250-042
Coupling, Input Driv 65360-12256-041
Shoe And Lining Ass 65370-04112-042
Gearbox Assembly, Ac 65356-04200-041
Fitting, Strut, Acces 65356-04115-041
Fitting, Strut, Acces 65356-04117-041
Gearbox Assembly, No 65355-12200-043
Housing, Liner And S 65355-12002-043
Gearbox Assembly 65355-12200-044
Housing, Pulley, Nose 65364-12304-043
Gearbox Assembly, In 65357-07000-050
Body, Thermostat 209-040-226-5
Freewheeling Assy 206-040-230-19
Blade, Rotary Wing 65151-00001-042
Blade, Rotary Wing 204-012-001-25
Grate Assy, Transmis 13D1022-1
Screen Assembly A3718
Support, Screen-filt 65351-11123-102
Plunger Assembly, Rotary Wing Bla 65153-00071-041
Seal Assy, Driveshaft 720405
Trunnion Assembly, Swashplate KS9001&5
Gusset, Blade A02R1567-2
Clamp, Planetary Jetgear Box 65351-11557-101
Retainer, Shaft Rollerbearing, Gea 65351-11558-101
Jet Assemblygear Box 65351-11560-042
Shaft, Outputclutch 65370-04109-102
Camshaft, Gear Box 65351-11568-102
Retainer, Roller, Gear Box 65351-11569-101
Oil Dam, Free Wheel Unit Gear Box 65351-11572-101
Sleeve And Spindle Assy 65102-11000-125
Sleeve And Spindle Assy 65102-11000-126
Sleeve And Spindle 65102-11000-127
Sleeve And Spindle 65102-11000-128
Sleeve And Spindle 65102-11000-129
Sleeve And Spindle 65102-11000-130
Hub Plate Assembly, 65103-11010-049
Cross Assembly, Rotor Blade K618727-1
Gearbox, Main 65351-11000-050
Support, Roller Bearing Assembly, 65351-11017-043
Flange, Oil Cooler, Rear Cover 65351-11231-103
Flange, Gear Box 65357-07007-103
Gear Cluster, Internal Spur 65351-11545-102
Disc, Flexible, Drive Shaft 65360-12250-101
Flange, Flexible Coupling, Drive S 65360-12252-101
Quill, Shaft, Gear Box 65351-11571-102
Liner, Gear Box, Main 65351-11004-103
Flange, Gear Box, Main 65351-11652-101
Flange, Nose Gear Box 65355-12220-101
Housing, Drive, Gear Box 65351-11570-102
Transducer, Rotary Wing Blade 65155-00017-102

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