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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 12, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Weight, Blade 70108-28037
Weight, Blade 70108-28037
Core Fastener, Special SL51151
Lead Stop, Rotary Wing 70105-68001-102
Parts Kit, Blade, Rotary Wing 99-369D21200
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 214-010-100-211
Case, Transmission A 212-040-053-009
Case, Transmission A 212-040-054-101
Lead Stop, Rotary Wing 70105-68001-101
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 204-040-378-101
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-28116-046
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-28116-048
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-28116-045
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-28116-047
Blade, Rotary Wing 209-015-001-105
Mixer Assy, Control 70400-02300-050
Main Gearbox Assy 65391-11300-041
Bearing Assy, Spindle 70102-08200
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 212-340-111-101
Cap, Shroud, Acft, Spe 145R2215-20
Transmission, Helico 70351-08100-073
Trunion Assembly 214-010-539-109
Bracket, Weldment, Tail, Rotor, Heli 123666106-1
Ring Assembly, Restrainer 70361-10005-041
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 269A1341
Plate 60411
Plate KT421561-1
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt
Blade, Rotary Rudder 76101-05501-042
Repair Kit, Blade 76072-15001-011
Spacer Suplied 269A1115
Damper 269A1222-5
Blade, Rotary Wing 7-311412000-5A
Washer Pitch 269A1263-3
Bolt Damper 269A1266
Plate Blade Da 269A1271
Plate Damper 269A1267
Shaft Damper 269A1268
Plate Damper 269A1270
Washer Cup Dam 269A1263
Bushing Main R 269A1274
Swashplate, Controllable 76104-08500-041
Jumper, Bonding 76103-08016-043
Pitch Beam Assembly 76103-05001-041
Scissors Assembly 76104-08520-041
Strainer Assembly 76106-08050-042
Weight 76107-08004-120
Bifilar Assembly 76107-08001-043
Support Bifilar 76107-08001-104
Droop Stop Assembly 76105-08000-043
Damper Assembly 76106-08000-050
Weight 76107-08004-121
Transmissiom, Helico 70351-08100-074
Blade, Rotary Wing 76150-09100-053
Link, Pitch Restraint, Rotary Wing 76103-05016-101
Tip, Cap Assembly 76150-09043-050
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 74A410713-2005
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 76255-02003-043
Head, Rotary Wing 76107-08100-043
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 76351-09044-041
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 76351-09041-043
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 76351-09600-044
Breather 76357-05011-103
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 76357-05600-041
Housing, Lockplate 76358-05119-101
Reservoir 76308-07901-107
Sleeve Assembly 76351-09097-041
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 406-706-005-103
Bearing Support As 76361-04007-041
Rod Assy, Tail Rotor 70103-11005-045
Sheath, Erosion 794342-1
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 145HK007-1
Head, Rotary Wing 76650-09805-109
Drive Link And Trun 214-010-563-107
Scissor-sleeve Assy 214-010-501-117
Pitch Horn Assembly 901-011-108-101
Pitch Horn Assembly 901-011-108-102
Follower, Main Rotor 7-211411027-3
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 901-011-202-101
Swashplate, Controllable 901-011-400-103
Swashplate, Controllable 901-011-400-104
Blade, Rotary Wing 901-015-201-102
Clutch Assembly, Centrifugal, Airc 839641-401
Bracket, Weldment, Tail, Rotor, Heli 70108-28038-045
Ring, Support, De-ice Distributor 38510-1-P1
Housing, Lower, De-ice Distributor 38510-1-P2
Housing, Lower, De-ice Distributor 38510-1-P3
Ring, De-ice Distributor 38510-1-P6
Seal, Metallic, Rotary Wing 3103692-1
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 7-M11640002
Drag Brace Assembly 214-010-191-103
Tube, Runout M80873 ITEM 7
Link, Pitch Restraint, Rotary Wing 1S20B25A4-27
Tube, Run Out M61719-2
Sleeve, Main Gear Box M61410-2
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha HAD2A515
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha KT - 014220790
Jet Assembly, Gearbox 70351-08118-043
Seal, Metallic, Rotary Wing 94001
Seal, Metallic, Rotary Wing 412-062-722-101

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