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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 6879863
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2075-10
Ring, Rotary Wing 114R3464-4
Head, Rotary Wing 145R2075-9
Ring, Swashplate Con 114R3352-4
Link, Pitch Restraint, Rotary Wing 65124-11336-041
Link, Pitch Restraint, Rotary Wing 65124-11342-041
Yoke, Assy Cyclic 114C3043-7
Adapter Assy, Shaft 145D3500-11
Adapter Assy, Shaft 145D3500-10
Slider Assembly, Rotor 423R3553-1
Ring Assembly, Forward 423R3578-3
Pitch Shaft Assembly 423R2704-9
Wear Sleeve, Shaft 423R2713-3
Pitch Shaft Assembly 423R2704-10
Parts Kit, Transmission Planetary 47-620-908-1
Ring Assembly, Forward 423R3578-1
Rod End Assembly 114R3625-4
Slider Assembly, Rotor Controls 423R3553-2
Ring Assembly, Aft Swash Plate 423R3578-2
Ring Assembly, Aft Swash Plate 423R3578-4
Rod End Assembly 114R3625-2
Block Assembly, Rotary Wing Blade 7240741-05
Coupling, Female, Dri 212-040-688-003S
Rod End, Pitch Control 65101-11506-044
Boot, Blade Folding A02R2875-1
Blade, Rotary Rudder 206-016-201-103
Trim Tab Plate 209-015-013-3
Hub And Blade Installation 214-010-100-193
Inertia Weight 209-015-005-1
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 7010208200065
Cap, Trailing Edge S6115-30007-0
Hub Sub-assembly 70103-28012-043
Swashplate, Controllable 145R3551-9
Clutch Assembly, Centrifugal, Airc ELN2S
Blade, Rotary Rudder 7-311422050-5A
Blade, Rotary Rudder 7-311422050-3A
Blade, Rotary Wing 212-015-501-115
Housing, Transmission, Mechanical 212-040-054-105
Damper Assembly, Rotor Head 65106-11500-046
Case Assy, Main Tran 400-040-050-113
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 212-040-003-023A
Sleeve Assy 412-782-113-101
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-08200-069
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha KT-014428145
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha S38641-3012
Transmission, Mechanical, Helicopt 406-040-007-111
Drive Shaft Assembly, Rotary Wing 901-047-055-101
Skin Assembly, Upper 400-015-006-107
Coupling, Drive Shaft 70361-25012-044
Coupling, Drive Shaft 70361-25022-046
Cover, Assembly, Gear 65391-11666-043
Cam Assy, Gearbox 65391-11374-041
Shaft, Rotor Drive 65391-11614-105
Idler Assembly, Left S6140-62109-50
Lever Assembly 209-011-712-101
Centre Frame Assembly 204-011-307-105
Cover And Liner S6135-20619-043
Cap Assembly, Tail R 412-040-318-101
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 65391-11675-102
Tab, Lower 406-015-037-137
Tab, Upper 406-015-037-135
Jet Assembly 65391-11326
Jet Assembly 65391-11325
Nozzle, Lubricating 65391-11051-042
Weight, Assembly, Tip 406-015-102-101
Weight, Assembly, Ine 406-015-104-101
Weight, Assembly, Mid 406-015-103-101
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 212-011-102-105
Swashplate, Controllable 204-011-402-127
Lubricator, Jet, Transmission 65391-11690
Lubricator, Jet, Transmission 65391-11685
Lubricator, Jet, Transmission 65391-11378
Shield Assembly 65391-11392
Sleeve 65391-11393
Lubricator, Jet, Transmission 653911-11664
Sleeve 65391-11394
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha KT-014485990
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 97005-1
Transmission, Helicopter 114D1200-18
Transmission, Helicopter 114D5200-13
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha XSZUDG003U
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 204-011-326-13A
Stabilizer, Rotary Wing 204-011-326-7A
Hanger, Driveshaft 204-040-617-15
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan S6135-20019-1
Block Assembly, Rotary Wing Blade A6901-9
Hub, Rotor, Helicopter 70103-08112-047
Gearbox, Accessory Drive, Turbine 214-040-011-127
Driveshaft, Oil Cooler 9730202-10
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 406850-01
Modification Kit, Aircraft Compon 406851-01
Shaft Assembly, Driv 423D3011-1
Shaft Assembly, Sync 107D3340-3
Support, Conduit Sub 423D2460-2
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha HAD2A510
Swashplate, Controllable 145R3551-13
Swashplate, Controllable 145R3551-14
Blade, Rotary Rudder 047-642-117-105
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha HAD2A512

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