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Helicopter Rotor Blades, Drive Mechanisms And Components - FSC 1615

Helicopter Dynamic Components And Specially Designed Parts That Transmit Power From The Aircraft Power Plant To The Rotary Wing And Rotary Rudder. Also Included In This Class Are Rotors; Blades; Rotor Blade, Trim, Tabs; Blade Sets; Yokes; Clutches And Transmissions.
Last Modified: Aug 11, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Erosion Strip, Blade 114R1707-6
Seal, Metallic, Rotary Wing S34571-117-G99
Seal, Upper Mast 537855
Clutch Assembly, Centrifugal, Airc 253T7201-11
Drive Shaft Assembly, Tail Rotor 251N4098-4
Drive Shaft Assembly, Tail Rotor 251N4098-6
Head, Rotary Rudder 7-511421036-101
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 113N1379-5
Erosion Strip, Blade 114R1707-5
Detector, Metallic Particle A7255W
Flap 70205-06052-120
Spindle, Head, Rotary Wing 70102-08200-068
Stud, Aircraft, Mater 901-215-014-044
Cap, Thrust, Aircraft 901-215-014-015
Housing, Bearing, Air 901-215-014-012
Retainer, Bearing, Ai 901-215-014-013
Dowel, Aircraft, Mate 901-215-014-029
Shaft, Threaded, Airc 901-215-014-040
Retainer, Cap, Aircra 901-215-014-021
Tube, Aircraft, Mater 901-215-014-041
Washer, Radius, Aircr 901-215-014-022
Cone, Alignment, Airc 901-215-014-016
Yoke, Main Rotor Assembly 204-011-102-125

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