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Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, And De-icing System Components - FSC 1650

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Accumulators, Pumps, Motors, Actuating Cylinders, And Filters; De-icing Boots; Fluid Type De-icing Pumps, Valves And Filters; Vacuum System Oil Separators; Pneumatic Pressurization Equipment Other Than That For Pressurizing Cabins And Compartments.
Last Modified: Sep 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ball And Seat Assembly 125653B
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 12L418-5
Cooler, Hydraulic Oil, Aircraft 145HS203-2
Body, Fluid 200997
Head 7502938
Boot, Deicer 123SCEC100-517
Boot, Deicer 25S-7D5074-15
Cap 2-43101-7
Line Assembly 159-58811-49
Parts Kit, Swivel KF22-900
Partskit, Damper J-16656-1
Valve, Poppet, Filter Fluid 52-10516
Servocylinder 3293000-9
Cylinder, Hydraulic Accumulator 66210
Servocylinder 3294000-8
Parts Kit, Valve 13362
Plug, Body 77722
Filter Subassembly 77724
Cover, Torque Motor 77721
Plate, Shipping 77764
Actuator, Subassembl 47-113
Servo Assy, Primary 274000-1025
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 3292000-11
Accumulator, Hydraulic 145HS656-1
Piston Assembly, Pilot 1B48002-3
Element, Sediment EKF20VA
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 51980
Jet, Output Shaft 65397-04227-101
Cylinder Assembly, Reservior 2751663-2
Cylinder Assembly, Reservior 2751663-1
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 70410-02910-058
Accumulator, Hydraulic 08-8422-030
Servovalve, Hydraulic 4202104-5
Bowl, Filteration 7579671
Bowl, Filteration 7580617
Piston, Valve 1B48003-1
Disk, Valve 206283
Disk, Valve 200975-1
Servovalve, Hydraulic 3320970-1
Barrel End Assembly 86057-1
Cylinder, Actuating, Linear 74A410752-1002
Lever Assembly, Actu A28553-1
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 70250-12067-102
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 16VH203-3
Baffle, Utility U535475
Baffle, Power Contro U535476
Manifold, Power Cont U535488-2
Manifold, Utility U535489-2
Insert U535833
Filter Element, Fluid 72647
Filter Element, Fluid 72670
Swivel Joint, Hydraulic, Aircraft 74A451017-1001
Swivel Joint, Hydraulic, Aircraft 74A451017-1003
Sleeve, Inner 62603
Retainer, Lever 7-0114-3
Lock, Segmented Refuel Probe 7-0478-1
Mount Assembly, Switch 7-0482-3
Body, Sleeve 72661
End Stop 72667
Valve Body, Sub-assembly 73566
Manifold Assembly, Speedbrake 74A695032-2003
Manifold Assembly, Purge Duct 74A730209-1001
Head, Valve 45242
Head, Valve 45239
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder 7-0469-5
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 7-0472-1
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 7-0475-1
Accumulator, Hydraulic 60854-4
Rod, Piston, Flutter Dampener 3791605-101
Hanger, Pump 56505
Accumulator, Pneumatic 1159SCH233-5
Servocylinder 2227000-13
Hydraulic Pump 1159SCH200-1
Accumulator, Hydraulic 1159SCH206-3
Barrel, Reservoir Assembly 3781132-101
Sensor Unit 268191-1007
Transducer Assembly 3107600
Cover Assembly 3781138-102
Cap, Piston Guide 268129-1
Guide, Piston 268130-3
Retainer, Relief Valve 268138-1
Lock Assembly, Cylinder 268148-1
Lug, Antirotation 268149-1
Retainer, Transfer Tube 268175-1
Seat, Volute, Spring 268355-1
Sleeve Assembly, Locking 268365-1
Rod Assembly, Piston 2771506-101
Rod Assembly, Piston 2771506-102
Sleeve, Piston 2771509-101
Sleeve, Piston 2771509-102
Cap, Threaded 2771530-101
Cap, Threaded 2771530-102
Guide, Valve 2772712-102
Filter Assembly, Valve 28003811
Feedback Wire And Holder 28003882
Cover, Servovalve 28003943
Check Valve Assembly 28004152
Link And Probe, Transducer 28004177
Housing, Spool And Link Assembly 28004192
Spool Stop And Guide Pin Assembl 28004210

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