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Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, And De-icing System Components - FSC 1650

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Accumulators, Pumps, Motors, Actuating Cylinders, And Filters; De-icing Boots; Fluid Type De-icing Pumps, Valves And Filters; Vacuum System Oil Separators; Pneumatic Pressurization Equipment Other Than That For Pressurizing Cabins And Compartments.
Last Modified: Jun 17, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Slide, Directional Control Linear 145390
Valve Assembly, Hydraulic, Aircraf 0711322-009
Cylinder, Hydraulic Accumulator S-457-100
Servocylinder 65662-11201-044
Disk, Valve 3370058-1
Head, Fluid Filter AA-A603-31D1A
Seal Assy, Gland Actuator S30775-110A5
Piston, Hydraulic Accumulator 2733038
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder 3151-736
Stop, Piston 3821125-101
Cap, Accumulator 3791456-101
Servocylinder 300300-1001
Guide, Outer, Reservo 28-04916
Guide, Inner, Reservo 28-04915
Piston Assembly 28-04910
Cover Assembly, Link Pivot 3014086-1
Motor-pump, Hydraulic A50637-1
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 2022070-2-1
Slide, Directional Control Linear 5035L601-1
Servo Assy, Primary 274000-1031
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 70410-02910-065
Pump, Hydraulic 570302
Piston And Shoe 396382
Collar, Thrust, Split 4100179-1
Cap, Valve 69-5462
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 5035L009-1
Disk, Valve 5035L016-1
Torque Motor And Feedback Wire L 28004429
Poppet Assembly 39946
Transducer Cover Assembly 28004211
Valve Assembly, Failure Sensor 287870-1001
Piston, Balance, Auxiliary 4100215-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 74A410750-1003
Cap, Valve U538018
Valve Assembly, Hydraulic, Aircraf 010-35172-3
Drive, Constant Speed, Hydraulic 714672B
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 65261-08040-101
Barrel, Reservoir Assembly 3801080-101
Cylinder Assembly 3219-111
Servocylinder 3U3219-2
Adapter Assembly, Pressure Fill A4831
Servo Assembly, Yaw 70410-02920-048
Accumulator, Hydraulic 3810048-102
Accumulator, Hydraulic 3800052-101
Plunger, Detent 8626200
Cover, Motor 5769
Flange, Motor 922590
Stop, Cylinder Assembly 3234-014
Ring, Lock, Cylinder 3234-018
Slide Assembly, Cylinder 3234-021
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder 3234-011
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 3234-012
Cap, Accumulator 3321961
Swivel Joint, Hydraulic, Aircraft 2E2100-3
Sleeve, Seat 145472
Filter Body, Fluid AA-A603-3D2A
Filter, Fluid ADA603-31
Sleeve, Directional Control Linea 728111
Cylinder, Actuating, Linear 65-10560-18
Filter Element, Fluid 5035L020-1
Drive, Constant Speed, Hydraulic 16VE228-1
Valve, Fluid Pressure Regulating, 27530
Drive Unit And Servovalve Assemb 74A670270-1007
Hydraulic Unit, Filter And Pressu AE-A603-107
Guide, Valve 145398
Collar, Locking 268122-1
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 2022100-4-1
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 2022780-5-1
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 2022780-3-1
Filter AC-9282-12
Scraper, Ring, Cylind S30669-3G-99
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 274645-3
Drive Unit, Hydraulic 35-34137-509
Servovalve, Hydraulic P5-857
Actuator Assembly 286600-1001
Filter, Breather, Hyd 920007-21
Housing, Control Mod AAA620-15D1A
Tank 3158666
Spool Assembly, Deicer 15F1396
Adapter, Tank, Hydraulic 28-04914
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 59560-2
Servomechanism, Hydraulic/pneumat 274000-1021
Armature Assy, Hydra 029-25871-4
Filter, Air Vent, Res G365-8
Dampener, Flutter 70106-08100-043
Block Top, Hydraulic Line 7531022-05
Plunger And Sleeve Assy, Bypass 2227035-3
Hydraulic Unit, Filter And Pressu AE-A603-109
Hydraulic Unit, Filter And Pressu AE-A603-110
Manifold, Cylinder Assembly 1D44395-1
Filter, Fluid 5044T40P01
Filter Element, Fluid AC-A603F-101
Filter Element, Fluid AC-A603F-3
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 1B48175-515
Motor, Hydraulic HRM0002
Motor, Hydraulic 4100143-2
Servocylinder 3329418-2
Repair Kit, Hydraulic Line A51LGSR75-1
Servovalve Assembly, Hydraulic 3373000-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 128H10069-3

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