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Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, And De-icing System Components - FSC 1650

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Accumulators, Pumps, Motors, Actuating Cylinders, And Filters; De-icing Boots; Fluid Type De-icing Pumps, Valves And Filters; Vacuum System Oil Separators; Pneumatic Pressurization Equipment Other Than That For Pressurizing Cabins And Compartments.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Piston Assy, Lg, Hydr 66-58126
Clevis, Rod, Valve, Hy 66-58135
Accumulator, Hydraulic 5110178-500
Swivel Pipe Unit 103920002
Cylinder Assy 1-03561-004
Valve Assy, Regulato 38E85-2B
Valve, Deicer Distri GV500PY1
Cylinder, Actuating, Linear 3282035
Retainer, Load Limit 3281057
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20072-2
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20073-2
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20077-2
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H40011-1
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H40011-2
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H10056-1
Rod, Snubber 738576-1
Valve Assy, Control 3283104
Valve Assy, Bypass 3287033
Parts Kit, Harness Overhaul 7125168-10
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20072-1
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20077-1
Piston, Valve 705789
Servocylinder 3282000-5
Servo Actuator 3287000-3
Servovalve Assembly 22252900
Fuse, Hydraulic System 6128
Accumulator, Hydraulic MIL-A-8897
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder 123HM10211-5
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20073-1
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20078-4
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 3286058
Valve Assembly, Bypa 3281085
Parts Kit, Hydraulic Motor 914504
Guide, Spring 711011
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20076-2
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic A51H9003-3
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic A51H9003-4
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 3283000-5
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 3283000-6
Selector Set, Hydrau 41001169
Filter, Fluid 23D1476-4
Filter, Fluid 23D1476-3
Filter Element, Fluid AC9744F4
Filter, Fluid 23D1476-1
Filter Element, Fluid AC9744F1
Filter, Fluid 23D1476-2
Filter Element, Fluid AC9744F3
Servocylinder 32G61002-11
Servocylinder 32-61002-5
Drive, Constant Speed, Hydraulic 692855C
Filter Assembly 713601
Filter Assembly 713600
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder A51H10673-11
Booster, Hydraulic 938001-111
Booster, Hydraulic 938000-111
Booster, Hydraulic 906016-107
Booster, Hydraulic 938003-111
Hydraulic Aileron 938002-111
Booster, Hydraulic 938005-111
Booster, Hydraulic 938004-111
Servo Actuator, Hydo 41103730-003
Drive, Constant Speed, Hydraulic 5100407D
Actuator, Pneumatic 754-1-30024
Sherearneck, Actuato 754-2-29805
Valve, Pressure, Redu 754-1-30344
Bearing Assy, Valve 754-1-29615
Servocylinder 128SCH101-15
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 205-076-099-7
Shield Assembly, Ser KSP9046-1
Housing Assembly, Main Rotor S1565-20453-4
Filter Element, Fluid 1128SCH414-16P
Valve Plate And Pil 359100
Servocylinder Assembly, Hydraulic 3284037
Transducer, Linear R 970145-2
Filter Element, Fluid M8815/6-16
Filter Element, Fluid M8815/3-12
Swivel Assy, Hydraul A51H20076-1
Body Assembly, Hydra 55-58024-10
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 151-58185
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 151-58044-2
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 215-72031-20
Valve, Linear, Directional Control A02HS170-1
Pressure Switch Ass 1D1194-1
Tank, Anti-icing Fluid, Aircraft 477A1151100
Cap And Adapter 436-50
Barrel, Cylinder 67705
Housing, Valve 63701-9
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 514210-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 249-58701-101
Disk, Valve 3120051
Servocylinder 206-076-031-5
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 215-22050-2
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 1128HM40025
Retainer, Hydraulic 1128HM40057-11
Cooler, Hydraulic Oil, Aircraft FCD55184-41
Filter, Fluid 1128SCH414-5
Valve, Linear, Directional Control 1128SCH405-7
Valve, Rotary Select 1128SCH600-1
Valve, Special 128SCE302-41
Valve Directional 1128SCH404-3

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