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Aircraft Hydraulic, Vacuum, And De-icing System Components - FSC 1650

Hydraulic And Pneumatic Accumulators, Pumps, Motors, Actuating Cylinders, And Filters; De-icing Boots; Fluid Type De-icing Pumps, Valves And Filters; Vacuum System Oil Separators; Pneumatic Pressurization Equipment Other Than That For Pressurizing Cabins And Compartments.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Accumulator, Hydraulic AA14007C
Accumulator, Hydraulic AA14007B
Filtering Disk, Fluid 3817006-1
Guard, Sight Gage, Hydraulic Tank 4H21128-105A
Pawl Set, Locking 1211104-118
Yoke, Ball And Pin Assembly 362546
Piston And Shoe Subassembly 371694
Cylinder Block, Hydraulic Motor-p 314545
Plate, Piston Shoe 341638
Piston, Hydraulic Motor-pump 361787
Plate, Retaining, Piston Shoe 362556
Housing And Plate Assembly 362548
Body, Swivel, Hydraulic 1128HM40118-1
Body, Swivel, Hydraulic 1128HM40118-2
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 1128GSR4-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 1128GSR4-2
Fitting, Swivel, Hydraulic 1128HM40114-11
Body, Actuator, Hydra 1128HM40041-11
Body, Actuator, Hydraulics 1128HM40041-12
Bracket Assembly, Torsion Swivel 1128H40156-1
Parts Kit, Linear Actuating Cylin 1128GSK3-100
Tank, Hydraulic Fluid, Aircraft 69E51577-1
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 4H90203-109C
Servovalve, Hydraulic 32255
Fuse, Hydraulic System 840-8-20
Cylinder Block Unit, Hydraulic Mo 357374
Servocylinder 204-076-070-001
Parts Kit, Linear Directional Con HP11242
Parts Kit, Linear Directional Con HP11282-1
Parts Kit, Valve Control HP11382
Parts Kit, Valve HP11442
Parts Kit, Reservoir 2676806-501
Threadlock Insert HP855110-2
Housing Assembly, Va 250682-2
Separator, Oil, Aircraft Vacuum Sy 486380
Filter Element, Fluid 21-11354
Filter, Fluid AC8584-11
Parts Kit, Servocylinder 3166717-4
Parts Kit, Servocylinder 3166717-3
Parts Kit, Servocylinder 3166716-4
Parts Kit, Servocylinder 3166716-3
Parts Kit, Servovalve 3144828-1
Cylinder Block Unit, Hydraulic Mo 324613
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 4H90236-101B
Dampener, Fluid Pressure AC1E
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 894704
Filter Element, Fluid AC3255E12BX1
Accumulator, Hydraulic 1356-583321
Servocylinder CH02062-1-3
Servocylinder CH02062-1-4
Housing, Cylinder 732955-1
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder 2662771
Piston, Filter, Hydraulic 53-10190
Plate, Valve, Hydraulic 361421
Cartridge, Hydraulic 4H90706-113A
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 4H90202-103C
Parts Kit, Linear Actuating Cylin 21471-1
Valve Assembly, Hydraulic, Aircraf 854550-4-1
Housing, Mechanical Drive 893885
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 3624002-1
Gland, Servo Actuator 3624007-1
Retainer, Threaded 3624011-1
Retainer, Threaded 3624012-1
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder C5767-13
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 364277-1
Filter Element, Fluid E5504A
Expander, Piston Ring BER115-20
Expander, Piston Ring BER115-22
Motor, Hydraulic 68040
Cap, End, Valve 277054
Ring, Back Up 246502
Parts Kit, Pump Axi 72-10035
Parts Kit, Motor Hy 914546
Cap, Hydraulic Cylinder 41000877
Housing, Cylinder 41000875
Cap, Servocylinder 41000859
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder 26508
Retainer, Valve Poppet 118613-21
Housing, Antifriction Bearing, Mot 355728-2
Retainer, Flyweight 363840-1
Seal, Rotor 364176-1
Retainer, Seal, Compressor 364179-1
Bowl, Sediment 52-10265
Adapter, Filter 52-10544
Ring, Reinforcing 25854
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 210-32277-11
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 210-32555
Piston, Linear Actuating Cylinder 210-32554-2
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 216-22041-2
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder 71329-10
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder 134HM10012-6
Fitting Assy, Hydrau 134HM10012-5
Valve, Linear, Directional Control HP892100-14
Gear Set, Matched, Pump 24-45900-1007-2
Plate, Piston Shoe 343544
Repair Kit, Field 475J190
Cylinder Block Unit, Hydraulic Mo 622013
Knuckle, Universal L 341348
Parts Kit, Linear Actuating Cylin 21324-1
Parts Kit, Linear Actuating Cylin 21325-1

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