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Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, And Pressurizing Equipment - FSC 1660

Cabin Supercharging Equipment; Canisters; Cylinder Assemblies; Masks; Fixed Oxygen System; Specially Designed Aircraft Valves; Cabin Pressure Regulators; Heat Exchangers; Air Expansion Turbines; Aircraft Heaters; Ventilating System Components; Air Conditioning And Heating Duct Assemblies; Thermal De-icing Equipment; Cabin And Compartment Pressurizing Equipment; Air Diffusers; Cabin Pressure Selectors; Liquid Oxygen Converters.
Last Modified: May 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Oxygen System, Free Fall 11-1-30
Body, Valve 21204
Heat Exchanger, Air To Air, Aircra UA536660-5
Body, Valve 21209
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 11-024-019
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 18-54504-9
Plate Assembly, Diaphragm 119880-2
Bracket Assembly, Actuator 856413-1
Arm, Actuating, Butterfly 856417-1
Cover Assembly, Regulator 858884-2
Cover Assembly, Bellows 859419-2
Poppet, Valve 974743-2
Housing Assembly, Servo 3165121-1
Cover, Bearing 3165161-1
Repair Kit, Survival 140009-3
Plunger, Actuator, Electro-mechani 21184-1110
Bracket, Refrigeration Unit 2200828-1
Plenum Assembly, Refrigeration 2200818-1
Duct Assembly, Refrigeration 2200774-1
Restraint, Refrigeration 927599-4
Duct Assembly, Refrigeration 927695-2
Support, Servo 3165185-1
Cover Assembly, Servo 3165186-1
Retainer, Push Rod 3165188-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 65356-04084-041
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-66011-9
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-66015-3
Bracket, Refrigeration 927988-1
Bracket, Refrigeration Unit 2200827-1
Adapter, Air Inlet, Heat Exchanger 140056-3
Arm Toggle, Pressure Reducer 10005195
Turbine, Aircraft Cooling 572430-1-1
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 32-2684-003
Retainer 100A220912
Plate, Refrigeration 927612-1
Retainer, Spring, Handle 140172&1
Bellows Assembly A90110
Cylinder Assembly, Oxygen Filled 801307-00
Guide, Piston 69D59
Regulator, Air Pressure 107382-2-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-18720-1
Parts Kit, Valve, Overhaul 9835360-10
Regulator, Oxygen, Demand 29255-10A-B10A
Control Box, Electrical/electroni 697639-37
Duct, Air, Torso 18-54180-31
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 18-54133-23
Duct, Air, Torso 18-54181-9
Separator, Water, Aircraft Air Con 18-54920-7
Duct Assembly, Ram Air 18-54238-13
Duct, Torso, Right Side 18-54021-11
Duct, Air, Foot Suppy 18-54028-9
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 134EC75039-1
Converter Subassembly 50C0001-0002
Regulator, Ejector 27431471
Body, Valve 3165183-1
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 21011
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 3A30032-101
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-18727-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 10-3273-16
Heat Exchanger, Fluid To Air 160D180604-1
Adapter, Air Inlet, Heat Exchanger 927709-31
Housing Assembly, Diffuser 740742-4
Shell, Inlet, Heat Exchanger 740743-2
Relay, Pneumatic 107312-1
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 103262-1
Regulator, Oxygen, Diluter Demand A12
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 1201271-111
Regulator, Oxygen, Demand 29255-10A-B11
Bracket, Guide, Left Hand 140675-7
Control Box, Electrical/electroni 10-3251-5
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 3311056-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 3313836-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 3313835-1
Diffuser, Air, Aircraft Heating An 340842
Cylinder Regulator 753946
Valve Assy, Recharge 756514
Mask, Oxygen 474055
Screen, Vent, Atmosphere 69-28055
Duct, Air, Torso 18-54182-9
Duct, Cabin, Right Side 18-54019-7
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 10-3273-15
Outlet Assembly, Air 1703
Detector, Air Flow 18801-5-260
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 215-56370-5
Filter, Fluid 11-11408-1
Hose Assembly, Oxygen REDARA10989&1
Tube, Transfer 757551-1
Tube, Transfer 757547-1
Tube, Transfer 757547&2
Sleeve, Coupling 757579-2
Bracket, Control 752033-1
Tube, Transfer 757555-1
Duct And Flanges 757508-1
Sleeve, Coupling T22-100AR
Duct And Flanges 757506-1
Sleeve, Coupling T2158-150GZ
Duct And Flanges 757505-1
Duct And Filter 757577-2
Nozzle And Reducer 751873-1
Duct, Turbine 752016-2

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