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Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, And Pressurizing Equipment - FSC 1660

Cabin Supercharging Equipment; Canisters; Cylinder Assemblies; Masks; Fixed Oxygen System; Specially Designed Aircraft Valves; Cabin Pressure Regulators; Heat Exchangers; Air Expansion Turbines; Aircraft Heaters; Ventilating System Components; Air Conditioning And Heating Duct Assemblies; Thermal De-icing Equipment; Cabin And Compartment Pressurizing Equipment; Air Diffusers; Cabin Pressure Selectors; Liquid Oxygen Converters.
Last Modified: May 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Union Assembly 1333A010#
Union Assembly 1333A020
Barrymount P132-01A
Plate, Mounting 555832
Valve, Housing 551972
Core, Valve 559098-1
Base, Plate 553091
Housing, Orifice 553085
Beam, Ground, Test 551997
Bar, Cross 558072
Valve Assembly 1335A050
Filter Assembly C293286
Shaft Assembly 1091D090
Bearing Carrier 1091D020
Impeller 1120D050
Slinger, Air 1091D179
Slinger, Water 1091D174
Slinger, Oil 1091D202
Insert, Cushion MBEU2870DP
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 128EC62028-11
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 700-033-6
Duct Assembly, Environmental 160D955123-5
Seat, Bottom 26527352
Heater 09D73
Heater C07D97
Heater A07D48
Duct Modulating, Water Separator 746452-1
Parts Kit, Regulator Update 1601258-1
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 160C955905-1
Body, Inlet Valve 1622735-1
Beam, Main 553041
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 370921-19
Adjuster Assembly 553047
Shaft Assembly FMPSA7201
Piston, Double 101A206899
Mount, Bearing 1091D176
Adapter, Air Inlet, Heat Exchanger 571797-1
Support, Turbine Air 571662-1
Plate, Spring Air Be 571817-1
Plate, Valve 571893-1
Valve Assembly 1620660-3
Disk, Valve 571799-1
Impeller Wheel, Aircraft Cooling 571642-2
Harness Assembly 221D690-1
Housing Assembly 102C515-1
Slide, Locking 221C522-11
Reducer Assembly 216D800-5
Toggle, Reducer 221C303-11
Release Assembly 221D390-1
Cylinder, Oxygen 235D200-1
Parts Kit, Regulator Overhaul 1601259-1
Release Assembly 221D345-1
Manifold, Body 221D319-11
Control Box, Electrical, Aircraft CYLZ5837-1
Dissipator 613325-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 16Y229-801
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 16Y514-59
Valve, Toggle 623145-2
Parts Kit, Regulator Overhaul 1601261-1
Mask, Oxygen M87163-02
Mask, Oxygen M87163-03
Mask, Oxygen MBU14PSHORT
Body, Valve 2207002-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 1609440-101
Fairlead, Gearbox Air Baffle 363915-3
Fairlead, Gearbox Air Baffle 363915-2
Plug And Cap Assembly 221C280-1
Bellows, Pressure SF25-185
Mask, Oxygen 893-11171
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-68303-15
Valve Anti-ice Wing 61150-2
Sensor Air Cond Duc 627962-2
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 204-66030-4
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 12Y729-860
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 12Y468-805
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 69634-8
Harness Assembly 221D690-2
Headstrap, Oxygen Mask 289-607-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 12051-13-7
Housing, Regulator 5607-1
Scroll Housing, Aircraft Cooling 571677-1
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 160D955114-19
Backup 22755
Backup 22698
Parbak, Special 19704
Backup 22757
Diaphragm 19547
Heat Exchanger, Air To Air, Aircra 82D37-5
Connector Crew Oxy 23599-21
Turbine Wheel Assembly, Aircraft 571808-1
Manifold Block 1627126-1
Manifold Assembly 1628325-1
Tank, Liquid Oxygen Converter 1643033-1
Insert And Retainer Assembly 904028
Turbine, Aircraft Cooling 572425-2-4
Shield, Diffuser 32-83200-7
Insulation Blanket, Thermal, Aircr P5020-25K
Plate, Spring Air Be 571817-2
Control, Auxiliary Cooling 78-01466-001

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