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Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, And Pressurizing Equipment - FSC 1660

Cabin Supercharging Equipment; Canisters; Cylinder Assemblies; Masks; Fixed Oxygen System; Specially Designed Aircraft Valves; Cabin Pressure Regulators; Heat Exchangers; Air Expansion Turbines; Aircraft Heaters; Ventilating System Components; Air Conditioning And Heating Duct Assemblies; Thermal De-icing Equipment; Cabin And Compartment Pressurizing Equipment; Air Diffusers; Cabin Pressure Selectors; Liquid Oxygen Converters.
Last Modified: May 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 400549-101
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 1206792-113
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 1206481-173
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 749979-107
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 749979-109
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 749979-111
Rod, Actuating 858891-10
Kit, Smoke Mask 651-283
Cover Assembly, Smoke Mask 651-284
Headstrap, Smoke Mask 651-02-3
Cover Assembly, Valve 3161715-1
Shaft, Valve, Modulating 3161831-1
Poppet, Valve 3161833-1
Inhalation Valve Assembly, Smoke 651-281
Valve Assembly, Smoke Mask 156-177
Earcup Cover, Smoke Mask 651-277
Cover Assembly, Valve 3161836-1
Rod, Actuating, Valve 858891-8
Cover Assembly, Valve 881104-4
Retainer, Diaphragm 3161709-1
Plug, Sealing 3160831-1
Retainer, Diaphragm 3161835-1
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 978608-3-1
Housing Assembly, Valve 3162450-2
Heat Exchanger, Fluid To Air UA534116-1
Seal, Impeller 204074-2
Seal, Turbine Wheel 204663-1
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H27011-131
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 1206481-161
Shaft And Sleeve, Turbine 571569-1
Cover Assembly, Valve Modulating 3161708-1
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 741471-109
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H27011-125
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H27011-135
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H27010-105
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H27010-107
Indicator, Valve 3161719-2
Disk, Valve 3161703-1
Impeller Wheel, Aircraft Cooling 571579-1
Heat Exchanger, Air To Air, Aircra 68A850617-1005
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 2506958-101
Transmitter, Ram Air 98070
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 1206481-171
Insulation Pipe 1208616-107
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 37P61116-3
Plate, Diaphragm Retaining S9408-19
Poppet, Valve Modulating 3162507-1
Retainer, Bellows 95979
Piston, Regulating V 10
Plate, Filler Piece, 6
Pan, Drip 6681
Fan And Venturi Tube 132322-2-1
Bellows, Pressure 93538
Valve, Metering, Regu 95049
Cover, Valve, Outflow 95096-1
Guide, Valve, Outflow 95098-1
Diaphragm Assembly, 96131
Shield, Damper Ring 96173
Ring Assembly, Dampner, Vibration 96176
Retainer, Diaphragm 96229
Cover, Valve, Check 96392-3
Lever, Actuating, Reg 1207165-1
Valve And Guide Ass 1207417-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 37P61124-1
Control, Valve, Throttle 107624-2-4
Seal, Cooling Turbin 55635-1
Cover Assembly, Regulator 95385
Support, Spring, Regu 95388
Ring, Baffle, Diaphra 95390
Snubber, Insulator, V 95393
Mask, Oxygen 304-5124V
Disk, Valve 93275
Plate, Diaphragm Retaining S9408-18
Shield, Heater Drain 159-53364-5
Plate, Gear Rate GYLC258
Cam, Limit Switch 32882-1
Controller, Air Pressure, Aircraft 102076-745
Bellows, Pressure 14869-2
Fulcrum, Knife Edge 14955
Plate, Fulcrum, Diffe 14983
Turbine, Aircraft Cooling 201160-1-12
Inlet Assembly, Cooling Turbine 57989
Valve, Out Flow, Pres 95094-1
Diaphragm Assemblyx 95228
Pilot, Metering Valve 95405
Baffle, Diaphragm, Cabin Valve 97152
Guide Assembly, Diaphragm 7155-1
Disk, Valve 611516
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12H26595-117
Cylinder And Regula 53C3794
Insulation, Air Conditioning 3A40027-107
Poppet, Valve Modulating 3162506-1
Housing, Valve Modulating 3163222-1
Cover Assembly, Valve 3161704-1
Weld Assy 101928
Valve, Rain Removal 96118
Valve, Defogger 96120
Valve, Ram Air 96124
Valve, Assy Ram Air 96127
Valve Assy 96277

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