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Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, And Pressurizing Equipment - FSC 1660

Cabin Supercharging Equipment; Canisters; Cylinder Assemblies; Masks; Fixed Oxygen System; Specially Designed Aircraft Valves; Cabin Pressure Regulators; Heat Exchangers; Air Expansion Turbines; Aircraft Heaters; Ventilating System Components; Air Conditioning And Heating Duct Assemblies; Thermal De-icing Equipment; Cabin And Compartment Pressurizing Equipment; Air Diffusers; Cabin Pressure Selectors; Liquid Oxygen Converters.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Control Box, Electrical/electroni A18-1C
Diffuser, Air, Aircraft Heating An 90314
Ring, Pilot Heater F 824485
Core, Metering Valve 136659
Lever Assy, Regulato 14832
Beam And Fulcrum As 14842
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 104894
Sleeve, Air Shutoff 121339
Diaphragm 800658-00
Coupling Assembly 872414
Parts Kit, Valve, Ove 650018-1
Hose 12629-2
Parts Kit, Turbine, O 590085-1
Parts Kit, Valve Ove 590277-1
Filter Assy F1983-1
Bridge Assy, Window B15F1
Coupling Assembly MS22012-3
Container, Survival 166000
Lever, Valve 526108
Spacer, Lever F1627-4
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 108448-3
Flange, Mounting, Adj 508468
Valve, Shutoff 4014373-2
Detector, Air Flow 18801-0
Pad, Bottle F900012-1
Housing E21321-05
Separator, Water, Aircraft Air Con 83720-7
Valve Assy, Vent And 21037
Turbine, Aircraft Cooling 538100
Heater Assembly, Camera Compartme SK5718
Regulator, Air Flow, 106270-3
Valve, Safety, Cabin 103152-2-2
Indicator, Oxygen 802642
Guide, Valve 135364-1
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 102202-4
Plate, Valve F290318
Shaft, Butterfly, Val 96222-1
Arm, Serrated 96224-7
Valve Assy, Poppet, A 136621-1
Cover, Seat Aircraft 472P510J103-101
Bracket Assembly, Link 472P410C015-2
Turbine, Aircraft Cooling A51E9008-9
Housing, Metering Valve 135452
Cover, Valve 135318-3
Bracket, Handle Mounting 136277
Handle, Manual Shuto 136279
Valve Assembly, Poppet 135276-3
Oxygen System, Aircraft Survival F32806-7
Control Box, Electrical/electroni 526012
Control Box, Electrical/electroni 25430135-02
Control Box, Electrical/electroni 25430135-03
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12-21520-5
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 373714-2
Parts Kit, Valve Ove 13625
Coil Assembly, Evaporating 813733
Shield 91677
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 375015-10R
Valve Assy, Duct, Cab 25-6952-501
Bellows, Pressure 114535
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 370453-6
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12-21520-10
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal 12-21520-3
Control Box, Electrical/electroni CYLZ4100-1
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h C294077
Crank, Remote Contro 130737
Shaft, Gate Valve 130722
Slide Assy 130729
Shaft, Driver 59C212
Body, Valve 815674
Plate, Gate Valve 130711
Retainer, Gate Valve 130712
Slider Assy, Air Con HE901
Piston, Butterfly Valve 121279
Head Assy, Flow Cont 523007
Bracket, Valve, Hi&pr 523422
Bracket, Transducer 522636
Duct, Flow Control V 524147
Flange, Seal Dual Ch 522479
Support, Dual Check 522470
Bracket, Tubing 522546
Post, Spring, Air Val 13B17REVG
Body, Valve 13B16
Stop, Butterfly 275126
Duct And Connector, 522341
Support, Dual Check 522469
Connector, Heat Cont 522451
Plate, Diaphragm, Def 522867
Support, Tube, Turbin 522433
Stop, Piston, Air Shu 98526-1
Valve, Metering 135775
Seat, Metering Valve 135774
Tube, Actuator Defog 522326
Poppet, Defogger Control 522865
Orifice, Defogger Control 522868
Bracket, Altitude Sw 522869
Rod, Ball End 110809-2
Filter Element, Air Conditioning 8989076-10
Duct, Turbine By Pas 522449
Parts Kit, Control B RYL111
Retainer, Bellofram 25626103

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