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Aircraft Air Conditioning, Heating, And Pressurizing Equipment - FSC 1660

Cabin Supercharging Equipment; Canisters; Cylinder Assemblies; Masks; Fixed Oxygen System; Specially Designed Aircraft Valves; Cabin Pressure Regulators; Heat Exchangers; Air Expansion Turbines; Aircraft Heaters; Ventilating System Components; Air Conditioning And Heating Duct Assemblies; Thermal De-icing Equipment; Cabin And Compartment Pressurizing Equipment; Air Diffusers; Cabin Pressure Selectors; Liquid Oxygen Converters.
Last Modified: May 31, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gusset, E, Changer As 175174
Gusset, E, Changer As 175143
Bracket, E, Changer A 175119
Mount, E, Changer Ass 175207
Mount, E, Changer Ass 175115
Mount, E, Changer Ass 175169
Part Kit, Valve RYL244
Parts Kit, Regulator 1601501-3
Parts Kit, Valve, Ove 8291
Cover, Actuator 6646
Parts Kit, Regulator 1601001-2
Thermopulser Assemb A186-65-1
Parts Kit, Regulator 1239-6
Diffuser Assembly, B 370912-19
Diffuser, Air, Aircraft Heating An 370912-20
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 35-17214-1
Spacer 528343
Valve Assembly, Environmental Con 35-17221-5
Pan, Heat Exchanger, Liquid Oxygen 3-72018-501
Hose, Assembly F782000-3
Separator, Water, Aircraft Air Con HS556578P2
Lead Assy, O, Ygen, Su F5345080-3
Valve A61C02
Tailpiece, Outlet Ai 175253-1
Turbine Wheel, Aircraft Cooling T 562469
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 103036-724
Element, Control AYLF606
Ejector, Duct 176087
Plug, Turbine 567226
Valve, Water Separator 173784-1
Valve, Water Separator 174623-1
Separator, Water, Aircraft Air Con 175380-1
Parts Kit, Overhaul 650816-1
Spoon Assy, Valve As 111339-47
Body, Valve Assy 118696
Parts Kit, Cure Date 595071-1
Parts Kit, Overhaul 595070-1
Parts Kit, Regulator 14472-2
Parts Kit, Air Outle 2285
Housing, Valve 715784-1
Bellows, Pressure 86437-B15
Stop, Diaphragm, Outb 548244
Stop And Retainer, D 556586
Cover And Seal, Valve 556595
Body, Valve 555230
Tee, Bleed Air 204-070-193-001
Gasket, Aft Outlet 204-070-208-001
Lock Pin Assembly, R 189041
Cushion, Bottle F3635032-3
Stem, Spring Retaine F4300074-3
Hub Assy, Drive Assy 6506728
Flyweight Assy, Driv 6506731
Arm Link, Flyweight 6506735
Flyweight, Governor 6522543
Parts Kit, Valve 650833-1
Elbow Assy, Duct 799566-101
Parts Kit, Regulator 1601048-2
Parts Kit, Regulator 1601525-2
Cover, Regulator Ass 21101
Arm, Toggle, Emergenc 21963-1
Probe, Manifold 22074-1
Sleeve, Mask Valve 22229
Plate, Retaining Upp 25229
Retainer, Cable 25239
Plug, O, Ygen Fitting 25252
Valve Assembly, O, Yg 25782-1
Cap, Valve Selector 26195
Lead Assembly 26285-3
Bracket, Disconnect 26298
Valve Assembly, Dump 26585-1
Cable Assembly, Manu 26688-1
Webbing Assembly, Ny 40660
Cap, Cylinder, Air Co HS536367
Spacer And Sleeve 561427
Lead Assembly D29C09
Adapter, Air Inlet, Heat Exchanger 204-070-420-1
Control Box, Electrical, Aircraft CYLZ5303
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 5-95675-28
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 5-98360-8
Duct Assembly, Air Conditioning-h 5-97831-8
Bearing Plain Rod E 682376
Converter, Liquid Oxygen 02530C00
Diffuser, Air, Aircraft Heating An 3-5743
Parts Kit, Turbine O 593260-4
Duct, Echangeer, Heat 82398-1
Duct Assy, Ram Air I 3-54248-7
Diffuser, Air, Aircraft Heating An 204-031-240-1
Parts Kit, Aircraft Heat Exchange 134EC10032-3
Valve, Checkoxygen 3275-1-1
Insulation Pipe Covering, Thermal BL13237-27
Parts Kit, Actuator, 590820-1
Shaft, Drive 565885
Impeller Wheel, Aircraft Cooling 567228
Regulator, Oxygen, Demand 9200
Regulator, Air Pressure, Aircraft 102294-2-1
Adapter, Compressed Gas Cylinder 16243-1
Seat Assy, Valve 14966-1
Parts Kit, Valve 655150
Gear Assembly 659133
Gear Assembly 659127

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