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Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment - FSC 1670

Last Modified: Jan 22, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guide Angle Ramp 11768-220-2
Window, Plastic 11768-319
Cable Assembly, Manual Jaw Actuat 71279-10
Cover Assembly, Control Box 7741605-10
Ring Assembly, Snapl 823AS100-1
Guide, Entry Ramp 11768-172-1
Release, Parachute, Automatic N83250
Rip Cord, Parachute 36-7405-1
Pack, Personnel Parachute, Seat 35-33686-501
Parachute Assembly Aircrew Recov J114509-507
Pitot Assembly J114538-503
Remote Winch 74147-10
Remote Retriever 74145-10
Pilot Chute J114044-501
Container Assembly, Drogue Chute J114731-501
Parachute Assembly, Drogue J114712-501
Canopy, Personnel Parachute J114551-503
Shield, Container Assembly J114888-501
Canister Assembly Parachute, Reco J114537-519
Mortar Assembly, Ejection Seat D114554-505
Rip Cord, Parachute 790803
Extension Pallet Stop 11768-195
Rip Cord, Parachute 39-27370-501
Band, Spring, Parachute Pack Openi 60A113D11
Net, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 6018-10
Net, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 6018-5
Liner Assembly, Recovery Compartm 96336-505
Bag Assembly, Deployment 781AS105-1
Piston, Clevis Release 71276-01
Pack Assembly, Personnel Parachut 35-32996-501
Harness, Drone Chute 94821-505
Ring Assembly, Cargo Pallet 68-QS-1031-101
Fastener, Parachute Pack 128ES10212-11
Coupler Pallet PH3864-1-1
Strap, Parachute Harness 94821-39
Cover, Safety Alert S1344
Tray Assembly Suspension 128ESP10148-9
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-48
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-51
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-50
Line, Multi-loop 63J4261-3
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-53
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-52
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-54
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-55
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-57
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-59
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-41
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-33
Line, Multi-loop 65D3653-6
Adapter, Web Extraction Parachute 11-1-2582
Parachute, Cargo Extraction 11-1-2583
Parachute, Cargo Extraction 11-1-2584
Line, Multi-loop 63J4261-6
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-22
Container Assembly-parachute, Rec J114888-505
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-47
Line, Multi-loop 57C6359
Line, Multi-loop 11-1-2067-7
Line, Multi-loop 68F217-32
Center Line 11-1-568-1
Platform, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 90067
Stowage Plate 11-1-2629
Rope Assembly, Insertion/extracti 829AS201-1
Buffer, Connector Link ID-57-131
Bag, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 1670010653748
Parachute, Cargo 11-1-2620
Pack Cover, Emergency Sustenance 44G18528
Canopy, Cargo Parachute 44G18527
Pack, Cargo Parachute 44G18529
Adapter Web, Lowering Line 11-1-2721
Capsule, Cargo, Aerial Delivery MM19109-2
Key And Toggle Set 11-1-898 ITEM 2 TO 4
Extension, Extraction Line MIL-L-44076
Stop Assembly, Pallet 11768-169-1
Hook, Cargo Net, Aerial 6020
Lanyard, Ejection Seat, Aircrew Re B114550-1
Bracket, Ejection Seat, Aircrew Re J114537
Bracket, Ejection Seat, Aircrew Re J114537-510
Sleeve, Ejection Seat, Air Recover J114846-501
Harness Spie 829AS200-1
Bridle, Parachute J114890-1
Riser Extension, Parachute MIL-DTL-6645
Link, Apex Fitting 6019
Towplate, Cargo Aerial Delivery, A 80136-10
Tie Down Assembly, Cargo, Aerial D MS21236-2DETB
Link, Extraction 76157-10
Knob And Shank Assembly 511-00169
Cable, Arming, Automatic Parachute 411-0070
Body Assembly, Aft 511-00166-1
Link, Jettison 76159-01
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Tors 829AS123-16XXR
Pad, Restraing Rail 11768-226
Crank, Lower Decel Parachute 16L502-1
Spring And Guide Assembly, Decele 16L504-1
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Tors 829AS123-15XXS
Strap, Quick Release 11-1-147
Riser Assembly 510AS136-17
Riser Assembly MIL-DTL-6645
Riser Assembly, Parachute MIL-DTL-6645

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