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Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment - FSC 1670

Last Modified: Jan 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Parachute Assembly, Drogue J114712-505
Support Assembly, Parachute 121F10371-1
Rip Cord, Parachute 811325
Capsule, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 25-0929-1641
Capsule, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 25-0929-1642
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor 18049 E 207
Platform Assembly 1D51321-501
Handle Assembly, Canopy Override 3828805-1
Strap Assembly, Parachute A51D60021-5
Capsule, Special 25-0929-593
Plate, Adapter 8566530
Sleeve, Activater Release 8566520
Plug Assembly, Activating 8566531
Plate, Adapter 8566519
Plate, Adapter 8566518
Plate, Adapter 8566329
Plug Assembly, Release 8566521
Parachute Assembly And Container 11-1-3398
Tiedown 40340-21
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back 11-1-900-2
Canopy, Personnel Parachute 11-1-1501-3
Container Assembly, Observer 952AS104-2
Flap-retention, Parachute 95203-501
Riser Assembly, Ejec 112349-9
Clip, Safety, Canopy Release 100684
Quick Release, Personnel Parachut 1101580-01
Release Assembly, Parachute PD-N83250/C
Leg, Assembly 1670EG121A
Ring Assembly, Pallet 7133043-10
Parachute, Personnel 811400-0
Holder, Parachute 949626-103
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Back X11-1-2143-1
Parachute, Cargo PARA POINT MODEL32
Rope Net 3950036
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 215-0903-115
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 11768-14
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 65218-04028-045
Pocket, Strobe Light MIL-DLT-6645
Pocket, Stowage MIL-DTL-6645
Pocket, Stowage MIL-DTL-6645
Wedge, Restraint, Cargo 85120142-1
Container, Parachute Sub-assembly MIL-DTL-6645
Panel Assembly, Rear A3085390
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 412-010-264-105
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 70108-28039-045
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 70108-28039-048
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 70108-28039-043
Ripcord Release, Parachute, Automa 6010100-11
Rip Cord, Parachute 6.09GR-1
Adapter Web 11-1-3210
Link Protector 11-1-3443
Extraction Rope 11-1-3444
Parachute, Cargo 11-1-3766
Deployment Bag, Parachute 11-1-3035
Strap, Leg, Release A 11-1-3010
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 70108-2807-103
Sling, Cargo, Aerial Delivery CG-PH2
Tie Down, Cargo, Aircraft 305-736031-25
Stowage Pocket, Arming Cable Fitt 60A113D51-1
Tear Strip Assembly 6098288-1
Blade, Special 64A83C22-1
Guard, Cargo 14527-527
Housing Long RW-629
Housing Short RW-509
Strap Assembly, Parachute 911-1500
Quick Release, Personnel Parachut 56086-1
Crossmember, Conveyo 14711-123-2
Seat Belt, Quick Rel H446
Lug, Quick Release H454
Link Assembly Jetti 80135-20
Pack, Personnel Parachute, Back 811-771
Riser Extension, Parachute 811-314
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 70034-3
Mdccanopyperipheral 75-800061-101
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 70034-4
Crossmember, Conveyo 14711-135-1
Crossmember, Conveyo 14711-135-3
Crossmember, Conveyo 14711-135-2
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft LS13179-12
Platform Assembly, Cargo, Aerial D 1D51321-503
Fitting, Backpack 123AB50530
Doubler, Backpack 123AB50530
Lanyard Assembly 926AS111-1
Parachute, Personnel, Back 7/811400
Drogue, Parachute Static Line 811845
Mount Assembly No.1 8719538-10
Adapter Assembly, Tiedown 8719566-10
Mount Assembly, H Bar 8719534-10
Rod, Fast Rope System 8719530-01
Mount Assembly, H-base 8719547-10
Rip Cord, Parachute 51B7752-10
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter 68X874-4
Platform Assembly, Cargo, Aerial D MEC89-0004
Parachutist's Kit, Free-fall MEC89-0009
Platform Assembly, Cargo, Aerial D MEC89-0005
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back MEC89-0008
Parachute, Personnel, Seat-back MEC89-0010
Bag, Cargo, Aerial Delivery MEC89-0006
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 13030163
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 13030164

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