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Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment - FSC 1670

Last Modified: Jan 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Release, Ripcord Assembly 11-1-6905-1
Ripcord Release, Test Chamber 453-001
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor 11768-C-801
Panel Assembly, Main 114D109
Link, Quick Release AQRL
Tie Down, Cargo, Aircraft 63983-40525-10
Double Parahook PPA100-1
Parapole, Telescoping APPT-G3
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back 123AB50518-7
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back 123AB50518-9
Strap, Parachute Restraining 7177667-01
Strap, Parachute Restraining 7177667-00
Link Assembly, Coupling 13385792
Parachute Deploymem 811329-0
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor 114S2826-1
Box, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 414E5006-1
Riser Assy Aces Ii D114549-505
Riser Assembly MIL-DTL-6645
Riser Assembly MIL-DTL-6645
Panel Assembly, Rear A3190509
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Ches 814AS400-1
Panel Assembly, Main 8921686G1
Deployment Bag, Parachute 810242-OX
Deployment Bag, Parachute 810241-OX
Control Line, Parachute 810243-OX
Static Line, Personnel Parachute 811840-OA
Ripcord, Main Release 810222-OX
Rip Cord, Parachute 811508-OX
Static Line, Personnel Parachute 810223-OX
Pocket, Oxygen Bottle 810266-OX
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking 801317-OX
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking 811124-OX
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking 811343-OX
Canopy, Personnel Parachute 810212-OX
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking 811341-2B
Panel Assembly, Main 1529071-191
Dropline 8410005-1
Canopy, Personnel Parachute 810205-0X
Deployment Bag, Parachute 801217-0C
Bridle, Parachute 811457-0X
Pilot Chute VSPC
Toggle, Parachute 811436-0
Pallet, Cargo, Aircraft 50082-001
Deployment Bag, Parachute 749047-1
Pilot Chute 711333-1
Link Assembly, Coupling 414S2902-13
Link Assembly, Coupling 414S2902-14
Drogue, Parachute Static Line 811845-0A
Riser Extension, Parachute 810211-OX
Rip Cord, Parachute 811507-OX
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking 117521
Riser Extension, Parachute 810247-0X
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Back 810202-0X
Toggle, Parachute 811812-OX
Deployment System, Reserve, Parach 810268-0X
Rod Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 65850-05026-041
Plate, Table And Pallet Assembly 65850-05199-117
Panel, Table And Pallet Assembly 65850-05199-044
Restaint, Table And Pallet Assemb 65850-05199-048
Arm Assembly, Airborne Recovery S 4093699-101
Arm Assembly, Airborne Recovery S 4093699-102
Deployment-system Aft Fuselage 17P3G1500-1
Guide, Rail Bridge 17P9G3500-1
Cover, Parachute Riser 1612AS201-10
Deployment Bag, Parachute NAA-3420
Slide, Toggle Lock NAA-3405
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Tors 829AS102-17XXL
Drogue Yoke Assy C114719-503
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 93300535-1
Pallet, Cargo, Aircraft 65850-05199-042
Section Hat 65850-05095-041
Panel Assembly, Rear 13458257
Parachute Assembly And Container 13316022
Cover, Parachute Riser 607AS143-1
Hook, Fastener Tape 70-0704-2885-2
Dual Lock, Fastener SJ3560
Riser Extension, Parachute 886139-0A
Cord, Elastic, Parachute Pack Open 801048-0X
Panel Assembly, Main 7352727 PC 4
Drogue Slider Contr 811843-0
Deployment Bag, Parachute 811842-0
Tie Down, Cargo, Aircraft 17P9G2000-505
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS2E017
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS7C065
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter CID-EIG-94-1-PRS5E030
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS7C070
Sling, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 810270-0
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS2E008
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS3E017
Sling, Rescue, Helicopter PRS3E008
Slide, Toggle Lock 801001-0
Pack Assembly, Personnel Parachut 886143-0
Bridle, Parachute 811343-0
Link, Parachute, Connector 801112-0
Deployment Bag, Parachute 811841-0
Pilot Chute 827208-0
Toggle, Parachute 801436-OB-PRT
Band, Spring, Parachute Pack Openi 801143
Frame, Parachute Pack 801142-0
Pack Assembly, Personnel Parachut 811810-0

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