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Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment - FSC 1670

Last Modified: Jan 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 901-020-535-101
Spies Line 300120-NNKPE-10R
Recovery Kit, Helico 94J500-4
Panel Assembly, Utility 811700-2001
Closing Loop Set, Ai 3516AS2020-9
Parachute Support P 3516AS2400
Steering Line, Parachute 3516AS5017
Drogue, Parachute Static Line 3516AS6100-1
Housing, Parachute Rip Cord 3516AS6500-3
Housing, Parachute Rip Cord 3516AS6500-5
Strap Adjuster Assy 2003067-1
Release Body, Aircraft 811-00357
Parachute, Personnel, Seat-back 3516AS5100-1
Bridle, Parachute 3516AS5200-1
Rip Cord, Parachute 3516AS8400-1
Canopy And Harness Assembly, Airc 3516AS5000-5
Jettison Device, Parachute, Extrac 11-1-7277
Refurbish Kit 11-1-7296-1
Tool Kit, Refurbish 811-00469
Stub Bumper 511-00711
Plug, Cross Hole 311-21788
Deployment Bag, Parachute 811417
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-182
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-183
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-184
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-185
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-181
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-186
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-111-1
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-111-4
Collar, Tie Down 36-4903-1
Mounting Box, Y Conn 11-1-7284-1
Aad Plate Assembly 3516AS3545-1
Drogue, Parachute Static Line 3516AS6400-1
Housing, Parachute Rip Cord 3516AS6500
Pack, Drogue Chute 3516AS6300
Manual Override Rel 3516AS6120
Steering Handle, Air 3516AS5016-1
Drogue, Parachute Static Line E10-21432
Canopy, Personnel Parachute 886136-OD-OD
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Back R1085
Clamp 11-1-4010-1
Control Line Assemby 11-1-3700-1
Plate, Main, Aad Junc 11-1-3565-1
Refurbish Kit, Cra 100686-2K
Stiffener, Main, Top 11-1-3590-1
Plate, Backing 11-1-4011-1
Stiffener, Reserve, C 11-1-3697-1
Stiffener, Main, Righ 11-1-3591-2
Stiffener, Main, Left 11-1-3591-1
Stiffener, Main, Bott 11-1-3553-1
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Back V398 SOV3 HH
Canopy, Personnel Parachute VS 384
Canopy, Personnel Parachute VR 360
Canopy, Personnel Parachute VR 421
Harness, Personnel Parachute, Back V14 SOV T
Canopy, Personnel Parachute VS 425
Drogue, Parachute Static Line TANDEM DROGUE
Bracket Assembly, Release, Cargo P 123AV50428-1
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 17961-138
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-4
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3338978
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-5
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3338978
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-1
Release, Reefing Line, Cargo Parac 811-00289-2
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-2
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-3
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-189-1
Pallet, Cargo, Aircraft A7803146500-101
Panel Assembly, Main 6250-47050-1
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355553-6
Panel Assembly, Main G750784-4
Parachute, Personnel, Seat-back E133-26
Parachute, Personnel, Seat-back E131-26
Panel Assembly, Rear 2112-90991-00
Release, Cargo Parac 811-00146-2
Platform Assembly, Cargo, Aerial D S6132-80171-005
Panel Assembly, Rear 1013589
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355574-3
Rail, Cargo, Aircraft 3355574-4
Refurbish Kit, Slide 100686-2
Panel Assembly, Main 013-1980-002
Buckle, Quick Release HP0004-0200
Line, Lowering 11-1-7310-1
Compress, Horizontal PDB-SPR-HCS
Strap, Leg Breakaway PDB-SPR-BLS
Connecting Link, Quick Release PS70116
Strap, Attaching PDB-SPR-PHAS
Line, Lowering 11-1-7311-1
Parachute Assembly And Container 209-062-908-111
Parachute Harness, Quick Fit Ring MS70113-1
Riser Extension, Parachute 17D1285-4
Riser Extension, Parachute 17D1285-2
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking CPS-JH0001-11L-BLK
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking CPS-JH004-11-BLK
Webbing, Textile, Integral Locking CPS-JH001-11R-BLK
Link, Parachute, Connector CPS-PH017-555
Static Line, Personnel Parachute CPS-JM010-1
Utility Pocket, Righ CPS-JM021-01-BK-R

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