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Parachutes; Aerial Pick Up, Delivery, Recovery Systems; And Cargo Tie Down Equipment - FSC 1670

Last Modified: Jan 25, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Canopy, Cargo Parachute 48K6076
Target Assy, Aerial 4N21721-101C
Box, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 48J3705-1
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21032-101D
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21034101C
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21022-101C
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21014-101C
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21028-101D
Holder, Parachute Pa 949623-101
Personnel Lowering Device, Parach 69F246
Release Mechanism, Restraint Rail 4N21200-101K
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 4N21020-101C
Pack, Personnel Parachute, Seat 47R7630-1
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor C4B10065-7
Housing, Parachute Rip Cord AN6570-1A
Pack, Cargo Parachute 51K6164
Pad, Back, Parachute Harness 47R7619
Bag, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 50B7702
Bag, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 51C6739
Protector, Scuff, Ris C340
Streamer Assembly, C5445-1
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor S14-20-3580
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor S14-20-3581
Band, Spring, Parachute Pack Openi MS70105-1
Housing, Parachute Rip Cord MIL-H-7750
Roller Assembly, Teeter, Conveyor 11768-124
Splice, Rail, Conveyor 11768-131
Lever Assembly, Control Section 11768-157-1
Bracket, Lever Control 11768-159-1
Stop Assembly, Pallet, Cargo Handl 11768-169-2
Rail Assembly, Restraining, Cargo 11768-103
Actuator, Parachute, Time Delay 711-07099
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back 67C2146-2
Knob Assembly, Parachute AF1219A
Parachute, Personnel, Troop Back 67C2145-2
Parachute, Personnel, Chest 50C7023-2
Net, Cargo, Aerial Delivery MIL-C-7554TYPEA10
Cover Assembly, Sliding 73370-1
Frame, Conveyor, Cargo 11768-117
Flange Assembly, Retractable 11768-224
Flange Section, Retractable 11768-200
Flange Section, Retractable 11768-152
Guard, Roller 11768-144-1
Guard, Roller 11768-144-2
Lock Assembly, Retractable Flange 11768-246-2
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-106
Rod Assembly, Adjustable Control 11768-142
Guard Assembly, Control 11768-321
Rail Assembly, Restraining Sectio 11768-107
Lock Assembly, Retractable Flange 11768-244-2
Bell Crank And Bracket Assembly 11768-192
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-302
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-303-1
Door Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-311-2
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-303-2
Door Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-311-1
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-304-1
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-304-2
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-304-3
Door Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-312-1
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-305
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-306
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-307
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-308
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-309
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-310
Door Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-312-3
Draw Bar Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-212
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-104
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-205
Latch Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-209-1
Latch Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-209
Lock Assembly, Quick Disconnect 4N21444-101A
Sling, Cargo, Aerial Delivery 51C6716
Parachute, Personnel, Back 50C7024-7
Pack, Cargo Parachute 51D6553
Pilot Chute 49J7161-2
Line, Parachute 69D122-1
Parachute, Personnel, Back NES16A
Flange, Retractable 11768-197-2
Frame, Conveyor, Cargo 11768-118
Frame, Conveyor, Cargo 11768-231
Frame, Conveyor, Cargo 11768-233
Rail Assembly, Restraining, Cargo 11768-101
Housing Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-500
Rail Assembly, Restraining, Cargo 11768-102
Frame, Conveyor, Cargo 11768-119
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-300
Guard Assembly, Controls, Cargo 11768-301
Draw Bar Assembly, Cargo Handling 11768-213
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-105
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-206
Adapter, Tie Down, Aircraft Floor 65201-01028-101
Eye, Special 128ES10171-13
Lock Assembly, Retractable Flange 11768-246-1
Rail Assembly, Cargo, Aircraft 11768-108
Lock Assembly, Retractable Flange 11768-244-1
Lever Assembly, Control Section 11768-1572
Parachute, Cargo Extraction 11-1-2154
Recovery Kit, Aerial 1670EG109A

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