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Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components - FSC 1680

Control Assemblies, Push-pull; Brace, Positioning Cargo Ramp Stowed On Board; Cockpit Mounted Control Quadrants; Actuators, Electro-mechanical And Mechanical; Ventilators; Relief Tubes; Map Holders; Aerial Glider Towing Accessories Attached To Aircraft; Belts, Safety And Lap; Harness, Shoulder And Safety; Litter Attaching Supports;electric Windshield Wipers;aircraft Onboard Inert Gas Generators;aircraft Furniture;aircraft Mounted Winches And Hoists;in-flight Refueling System Components, Including Fuel Components;aircraft Curtains;cable Tension Regulators;sun Visors;rear-view Mirrors;mechanical Transmissions, Gearboxes And Constant Speed Drives Specially Designed For Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 39674-1
Harness, Aircraft Safety, Shoulder 57D677
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 468T100-3
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 53TD100-201-1
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 53TD100-201-2
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 485T100-2
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line R5210M1
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line R5210M1-1
Seat, Aircraft 10-0-000F
Grip Assembly, Controller, Aircraf AW13978
Mirror Assembly, Rearview P1362
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota GYLC5166-2
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 383T100-2
Control Assembly, Push-pull 3A1840
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota MILS8344TYPEE2
Guard 53-801104-19
Screwshaft, Rudder 4C22215-101B
Torsion Bar, Actuato 532071-1
Jackscrew Assy, Actu 532081-2
Support Assy, Ailero 4C63177-102A
Support Assy, Ailero 4C63177-101A
Link Cam Assy, Ailer 4C63178-102A
Link Assy, Ground Sp 4C63179-101A
Link Assy, Ground Sp 4C63180-101A
Cable Assy, Elevator 4C21083-111A
Ice Breaker, Actuato N611091
Drive Tube Assy, Act 895134
Ratchet Wheel Assy, 8473-1
Filter, Actuator, Sta 42093D142
Cap, Actuator, Stabil 82515
Retainer, Plug, Actua 59140
Cap, Valve, Flow Cont 82615
Valve Assy, Actuator 59800-5001
Adapter, Valve, Actua 82628
Regulator Assy, Actu 82500-1
Cylinder Assembly, Reaction 2-40866-501
Lever, Remote Control 3161823-3
Bell Crank 68A640084-1001
Actuator Fitting As 53G970806-14
Pump And Mount Assy 17910010450
Plate, Mounting, Control Panel 114E1010-1
Bell Crank 61C010-11
Dampener BL1061
Spring, Actuator A606
Clutch Half, Positive A9253-1
Parts Kit, Tee Drive M11029-2
Parts Kit, Motor, Act M11029-1
Shroud, Seat Back 5188-3
Bell Crank 8B722205-21
Bell Crank 8B722223-23
Parts Kit, Actuator E20044-1
Bellows, Nonmetallic 1991C29
Bracket, Mounting C14310
Plate Assy, Gear Tra JYLC399
Winch, Aircraft Mounted BL1315-1
End, Drum BL1485
Pivot, Pawl Ratchet BL1486
Ratchet BL1495
Shaft, Winch BL1508
Retainer BL1509
Roller, Ratchet Pawl BL1518
Guide, Cable BL1522
Drum, Winch, Acft BL1525
Housing, Clutch BL1532
Shaft Assy, Roller BL1542
Cover, Gear Box BL1555
Support, Acft Winch BL1558
Plate, Brake Backing BL1559
Arm Assy, Limit Swit BL1570
Bumper, Winch, Rescue BL1576
Winch, Aircraft Mounted BL413-1
Retainer, Bumper, Low BL758
Arm, Windshield Wiper 14-98978-01
Arm, Windshield Wiper D18978-2
Desiccator Assy, Fil 7825256-1
Fitting Assy, Fixed 4720912
Guide Assy 5000432-2
Nut And Tube Assy 5350271-545
Screwjack, Acme 5450226-560
Clutch, Friction AA1405
Control Assembly, Push-pull 21500
Control Assembly, Push-pull 21525
Belt, Aircraft Safet 53-132-6
Shaft, Spur And Worm 223-547108
Adapter, Spur Actuat 7383
Actuator, Mechanical 20345-344-120
Sensing Element 35620-0-310
Container, Waste Pap 265-530296-11
Seat, Aircraft C2FF2349A
Actuator, Mechanical 57W320001-28
Curtain, Compartment Division 8B786003-31
Valve 1352-568395
Traveler, Actuator, L E185M9
Shaft Assy, Actuator E2701M2
Bracket, Connector B E5654
Spring, Handle Actua 77853
Cover, Seat Armrest 800194-1
Cover, Seat Armrest 800194-2
Support, Armrest, Sea 800196-1
Support, Armrest, Sea 800196-2

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