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Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components - FSC 1680

Control Assemblies, Push-pull; Brace, Positioning Cargo Ramp Stowed On Board; Cockpit Mounted Control Quadrants; Actuators, Electro-mechanical And Mechanical; Ventilators; Relief Tubes; Map Holders; Aerial Glider Towing Accessories Attached To Aircraft; Belts, Safety And Lap; Harness, Shoulder And Safety; Litter Attaching Supports;electric Windshield Wipers;aircraft Onboard Inert Gas Generators;aircraft Furniture;aircraft Mounted Winches And Hoists;in-flight Refueling System Components, Including Fuel Components;aircraft Curtains;cable Tension Regulators;sun Visors;rear-view Mirrors;mechanical Transmissions, Gearboxes And Constant Speed Drives Specially Designed For Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Panel Assembly, Utility Light 160D180455-1
Panel, Light, Take Off Function 53-81055-5
Fitting, Forward 810234-6
Arm, Windshield Wiper 2314M-93-2
Bell Crank 220-28301-103
Seat, Aircraft Ejection 220-21080-104
Harness Assembly 2753400-101
Cover, Seat, Two Man A8130-10
Control Assembly, Left Hand 28950-13
Tool-canopy Breaker 160D180221-1
Reel, Shoulder Harness, Inertia Lo 2-70286-11
Container 893847
Housing Assy 6-27879-5
Control Assembly 4F59175-101A
Control Assembly 4F59175-102A
Disk 4390508-6
Disk 4390508-5
Tube Assy, Torque 802311
Shaft And Spring Assembly 42234-345
Input Shaft Assembly 42234-343
Fuel Tank Components Assembly 68A770042-42JA
Cover Assembly, Firing Mechanism 3579410-501
Dog Lock, Upper 1601526-01
Shaft 1E6-1
Survival Kit Container, Aircraft 61J4203-35
Shaft Assembly, Switch Cam 1618116-13
Control Box Assembly 29201
Shaft-output 02313-0041-0001
Drive Arm Shaft B18104-8
Cap, Actuator 301074
Flange, Gear Serge 0501851-1
Ball Screw 5702643
Ball Nut, Screw Assembly 5702632
Retainer 531039-2
Repair Kit, Latch Cylinder JEN5069
Repair Kit, Sleeve Assembly 2-1163-501
Repair Kit, Latch Cylinder 2-1163-502
Control Assembly, Quadrant 1601037-03
Housing, Spool Assembly 1601453-09
Cap, Motor End 32518-3
Cover 51767
Block, Actuator Seat 7445727-10
Pad, Cushioning 272E6072064-2
Pad, Cushioning 272E6072064-1
Track, Seat 803410
Bracket 65-64840-1
Adapter 69-2087-1
Shaft 69-23594-2
Bracket 65-64840-2
Gear And Brake, Unlo 65-13373-3
Shoe Assembly 65-64923-2
Cover 9-48032-1
Tube Assembly 9-67622-1
Stop 69-34514-1
Block Quadrant 6-67432-2
Cap Control, Wheel 6-72490-1
Tube, Cable Shield 60-1463-1
Plug-gear Assembly 63-8871-1
Cam 603286-1
Cable Guard Actuato 50-3370-3
Connecting Link-rigid 69-11772-12
Cover, Cushion, Aircr 209-070-734-51
Control Stick, Aircraft C31302-2
Plug, Drain A730
Strap Assembly, Stowage A3A565-1
Cover, Rachet Assembly 0113317-03
Stop, Strap Assembly 0113507-01
Control Assembly, Quadrant 1601024-09
Fitting, Winch Clevis 962883-101
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 797001-7
Headrest Assembly, Seat 598G70100-13
Cover, Headrest Assembly 598D70300-3
Cover, Armrest, Aircraft 649D00601-9
Block, Actuator Mounting 7445727-02
Block, Actuator Mounting 7445728-01
Panel, Outer 11507-2
Adapter, Gear Assemb 66-5173
Driveshaft Assembly, Flap 65-59877-5
Protector, Knee Seat 7445833-01
Lock, Roller Seat Arm 7445732-02
Block, Actuator, Mounting 7445728-02
Flange, Bearing Mounting 4730213
Seat, Aircraft Ejection 5941348-9
Seat, Aircraft Ejection 5822131-79
Ram Assembly 223-54708-11
Channel Assembly 802278-2
Retainer, Shoulder H 802814
Harness Assembly 473-7408-91
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 1606T100-17
Retainer Assembly 3577997-501
Armrest, Seat 101-5301134-1
End Plate 1608110-1
Pinion, Output 1608128-1
Shaft, Clutch 1608137-1
Plate, Outer 1608138-1
Shaft Assembly, Outp 1608143-1
Relay Panel Assembly 53-79271-1
Pad 65502-03001-128
Screen, Box Assembly 160D145210-15
Shaft 26413-3

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