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Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components - FSC 1680

Control Assemblies, Push-pull; Brace, Positioning Cargo Ramp Stowed On Board; Cockpit Mounted Control Quadrants; Actuators, Electro-mechanical And Mechanical; Ventilators; Relief Tubes; Map Holders; Aerial Glider Towing Accessories Attached To Aircraft; Belts, Safety And Lap; Harness, Shoulder And Safety; Litter Attaching Supports;electric Windshield Wipers;aircraft Onboard Inert Gas Generators;aircraft Furniture;aircraft Mounted Winches And Hoists;in-flight Refueling System Components, Including Fuel Components;aircraft Curtains;cable Tension Regulators;sun Visors;rear-view Mirrors;mechanical Transmissions, Gearboxes And Constant Speed Drives Specially Designed For Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jan 16, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spreader Assy, Seat A3B1740
Cover, Panel, Circuit 53-79050-301
Housing, Control 6039-05
Cover, Windshield An 90650009-003
Auxiliary Equipment 47-706-136-1
Panel, Indicator 53-81610-1
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line CM00042-12-6
Column Assy, Steerin 3C00038-101
Ball Joint Assy, Tel 24268-33
Cap, Flight Spoiler 4C63105-109A
Blanket, Sound Controlling, Aircra 114ES023-17
Blanket, Sound Controlling, Aircra 114ES023-18
Blanket, Sound Controlling, Aircra 114ES023-23
Blanket, Sound Controlling, Aircra 114ES023-28
Plate, Time Release MBEU848H5
Packing Piece MBEU383H5
Pad, Seat Cushion MBEU2639PA
Strap, Webbing ACA3049
Tube, Seat, Front, Air A3B1321
Tube, Seat, Inner Fro A3A1325
Fitting Assy, Leg, Se A3A881
Fitting, Upper Leg A3B925
Parts Kit, Valve, Fie 250
Stem, Ball, Valve 8BS101C3
Ball, Supply Port Valve 8BS101C5
Seal, Supply Port, Va 8BS101C11
Seal, Overflow Port, 8BS101C12
Shield, Retractor Un 4K22040-101A
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota NYLC9834
Support, Cont Stick 305-522208-11
Wire Bundle Assembl 53-79252A84
Lever, Remote Control 114S5810-2
Panel Assy, Upholstery 50-534350-606
Plate, Actuator A6581
Shaft Plate, Actuato 11-1033
Control Stick, Aircraft 204-001-334-13X
Pouch, Aircraft, Acce 50-590182-19
Drogue Line, Seat MBEU1091F5
Piston Assy, Reservo 31-300-0586
Guide, Barrel, Reserv 31-300-0601
Sight Gage, Hyd System 31-300-0603
Lever, Remote Control 128CM11018-11
Band Assy, Radome 89-820754-1
Tube Assy, Seat, Fron A3B1178
Leg Assy, Seat, Troop A3B1179
Rod End Assy, Actuat 532069-1
Key, Locking, Actuato 532072-1
Support, Switch, Actu 532077-1
Cap, Housing, Actuato 532092-1
Spacer, Actuator 532491-1
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 114CS114-26
Universal Joint, Aircraft B48153
Control Assembly, Push-pull 176246-7
Panel Assy, Electric 6045-14
Ball Spacer, Screwja BB154-3A
Ball Load, Screwjack BB156-1A
Bumper Assy, Screwja B1009-13
Stop Assy, Screwjack B1143-19
Ball Spacer, Screwja BB185-3A
Bumper Assembly, Screwjack B1008-13
Stop Assy, Screwjack B1142-20
Lever, Remote Control C5730-14
Cylinder Assembly, Reaction 205438
Lever, Remote Control 114S5810-1
Piston, Reduced Spoi 305-523331-3
Belt, Aircraft Safety MBEU1093F5
Panel, Control, Elect 128AV13005-1
Seat, Aircraft Ejection MBEU760F5
Handle, Control, Airc MS26522-2
Cover, Grip Control 21761
Switch Assy, Control 21716
Potentiometer And B 21828
Hub And Harness Ass 50158-119
Indicator, Trim Posi 4C54874-101A
Weld Assembly 50-524542-77
Bag, Stowage, Litter 114E4133-37
Escutcheon Assy, Coc 90-4049-15
Cushion, Seat-survival Kit, Aircra 800746-00
Cable, Seat Firing MBEU811F5
Gearbox, Drive 1051R229
Hose Assembly 518D546G10
Hose Assembly 518D546G5
Hose Assembly 518D546G6
Hose Assembly 518D546G7
Hose Assembly 518D546G8
Hose Assembly 518D546G9
Cable Assy, Intercon 518D766G1
Cable, Interconnecti 519D535G1
Hose Assy, Interconn 519D539G2
Hose Assy, Interconn 519D539G3
Hose Assy, Interconn 519D539G5
Hole Attachment 1C2761P26
Foot 1C2761P19
Arm 1C2427P6
Hole Attachment 1C2515P31
Bag, Stowage, Litter 114E4133-36
Bar, Grip Control 21739
Plunger And Ball Assembly 21827
Plate, Adjustment, Gr 21741
Adapter, Grip Contro 21759

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