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Miscellaneous Aircraft Accessories And Components - FSC 1680

Control Assemblies, Push-pull; Brace, Positioning Cargo Ramp Stowed On Board; Cockpit Mounted Control Quadrants; Actuators, Electro-mechanical And Mechanical; Ventilators; Relief Tubes; Map Holders; Aerial Glider Towing Accessories Attached To Aircraft; Belts, Safety And Lap; Harness, Shoulder And Safety; Litter Attaching Supports;electric Windshield Wipers;aircraft Onboard Inert Gas Generators;aircraft Furniture;aircraft Mounted Winches And Hoists;in-flight Refueling System Components, Including Fuel Components;aircraft Curtains;cable Tension Regulators;sun Visors;rear-view Mirrors;mechanical Transmissions, Gearboxes And Constant Speed Drives Specially Designed For Aircraft.
Last Modified: Jan 24, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pad, Cushioning 375799-3
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 74A800828-1021
Control Column, Aircraft 359900-30
Cover, Light Aircraft 374225-5
Hook, Door, Aircraft DAA3116A331-087
Track, Curtian Aircraft 376278-3
Repair Kit, Mechanical Transmissi 52B10222-1
Grip Assembly, Controller, Aircraf 26930889-02
Control Wheel, Aircraft 359900-29
Holder, Chart L1065-C130
Head, Cylinder 9524343
Filter, Acft, Special 634-0066-001
Strut Assy, Special 5472824G3
Gear Box Assy, Speic 65-23557-7
Gear Box Assy, Speic 65-23557-6
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 3551239-501
Telescopic Unit, Spe 28157-32
Bell Crank 3338413-1
Trim, Sextant 376475-11
Glareshield, Aircraft 3341576-1
Box, Cockpit Voice Recorder 3341459-3
Cushion, Seat, Aircraft 816551-201
Box, Lapes Control 3316497-3
Cylinder Assembly, Reaction 69-28001-3002
Dzus Rail 90-0035-00
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 117000-3
Bell Crank 3338413-3
Glareshield, Aircraft 3341576-2
Cable Assembly, Control 406-575-017-103
Curtain, Compartment Division 3341155-9
Control Assembly, Quadrant 382996-23
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 17B2F1125-1
Blade, Windshield Wiper 695890-45306-653
Glareshield, Aircraft 3342024-1
Handle Assembly, Rescue 374465-5
Disconnect Assembly, Aircraft MBEU147157
Control Assembly, Push-pull 5110503
Casket, Preformed 145G0022-12
Tube Assembly 173H1102-59
Tube Assembly 173H1102-69
Line Assembly 114E5119-5
Tube Assembly 173H1102-55
Tube Assembly 173H1102-57
Locator Assembly 114E5872-5
Hanger Assembly 114E5872-6
Plate 114E5872-25
Locator Assembly 114E5872-7
Plate 114E5872-24
Caption 66-3353-3
Caption 66-3353-1
Caption 66-3353-2
Fitting, Pressure In TN901801
Face Plate 1003435
Pedal, Control 338002-8
Pedal, Control 338002-7
Cover, Control Aircraft 3342083-1
Coupling, Regulated, Aerial Pressu MIL-C-81975
Glareshield, Aircraft 3342050-1
Support, Seat Frame, Aircraft 382980-7
Weight Absorber, Aircraft 70219-02114-106
Flight Control Group AN/ARM-163(V)5A
Belt, Aircraft Safety 816690-401
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating Shaft 3331134-1
Rail, Accessory, Aircraft 3331137-3
Guard, Bend Locating 110-11420033
Gauge, Bend Locating 110-1420035
Installation Kit, Na 455-6700
Lever, Remote Control 160D521120-23
Governor, Constant Speed Drive 8210007
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan A02H6024-1
Bracket, Eye, Rotating Shaft A02H6028-4
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan 145C6122-1
Housing Part, Transmission, Mechan 145C6122-2
Handle, Door 65-28483-4
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 16F8414-1
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating Shaft 103053-1
Bracket, Magnetic A02H6038-2
Clutch Assembly, Dup A02H6028-1
Arm 145C6121-4
Arm Assembly, Output 145C6121-1
Container, Stowage, Map 16F0203-803
Control Assembly, Quadrant 3317608-9
Holder, Chart 16F0217-9
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 16F21455-1
Holder, Chart 16F0205-811
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 3341087-1
Uplock Assembly, Door, Aircraft DAA3142A216-011
Venturi Assembly, Aircraft 204-67267-2
Retainer And Plate, Imput Gear 457C5M8
Bell Crank 17P2F8151-1
Fitting Assy, Co-pil 406-001-343-105
Bell Crank 145C3516-1
Panel, Control, Electrical-electro 145E2324-3
Lid, Stowage-map 16F0199-11
Manifold, Bleed Air, Aircraft 209-073-814-001
Panel, Indicator 70550-21900-111
Line Drain, Aircraft 204-70020-43
Hose Assembly, Ejection Seat, Airc MBEU147414
Disconnect Assembly, Ejection Sea MBEU147156
Connector Quick Release, Ejection MBEU142238

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