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Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment - FSC 1730

Energizers; Engine Preheaters; Mooring Assemblies; Wheel Chocks; Beaching Equipment; Aileron, Elevator, And Rudder Locks; Passenger Loading Ramps; Maintenance Platforms; Aircraft Maintenance And Boarding Ladders; Aircraft Maintenance Slings And Hoists; Aircraft Fin Tilting Jacks; Airfield Specialized Lift Trucks And Trailers; Fitted Covers For Airframe Components; Aircraft Engine Covers.
Last Modified: Oct 23, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen SE0904-801
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 134SEME10035-1
Clamp, Brake S104394
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 3383261-501
Spindle, Caster PDG2719
Cover, Skate Assembly PDG2720
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PWA52389
Hoisting Unit, Aircraft Component PWA52516
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PWA52606
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PWA52610
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PWA52622
Cover, Baffle Assemb 79M892484-49
Collar Assembly 4G12463-101A
Collar Assembly 4G12463-103A
Coupling, Towbar 402502-28
Rail, Adapter, Engine Installation 68D390005-2087
Cradle Assembly, Wheel 214-050-011-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance E1984-101
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 160D197350-1
Pin, Ground Safety 160D697205-1
Stand, Aircraft Engine ME65B94600-1
Harness, Aircraft Canopy 68D240028-1001
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 1C2613
Jack, Hydraulic, Tripod 53J7254
Jack, Hydraulic, Tripod MS33589B4A
Jack, Hydraulic, Tripod 50K25177
Jack, Hydraulic, Tripod 50J25178
Hook And Shaft Assembly, Mooring 621
Frame Assembly, Sensing 30086B
Cover, Skate Assembly PDG2740
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance PWA52644G
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance F52116-500
Trailer, Rail Type 100315
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 8B810021
Towbar, Aircraft S65-6645HF
Towbar, Aircraft 42J463
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance PWA8104
Ladder, Aircraft Boarding SE0807-801
Towbar, Aircraft 4080410-1
Ladder, Aircraft Boarding MDE20129-301
Towbar, Aircraft 1027
Lanyard, Wheel A 214-706-104-13
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 0HME65B94241
Fittings, Fan Cowl 3ME65B94241
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 40HME65B94270
Turbine Drive Assembly SWE18910K20/30
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 30HME65B94600
Installation Kit, Cowl Device ME65B94003
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 20HME65B94600-1
Guard Set, Aircraft Ground Servic PRE65B94600
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 20HME65B94200-1
Lever, Manual Control 6252
Plunger Assembly, Ja 70-71
Rigging Set, Mixing 114E5985-66
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing F52259-500
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing F52260-500
Shield Assy, Compres MDE20508-1
Control, Remote, Door SE1028
Hoisting Unit, Aircraft Component K7571757
Adapter, Aircraft Jacking Point 2910-010
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 101164
Lift Bar, Aircraft 1C2435
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 1C2562
Fixture, Lifting, Tur 1C2509
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 1C2609
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 1C2408
Trailer, Rail Type TRAILERLIFTB0MB
Sleeve, Tie Rod 111407-7
Shaft, Lifting Cradl 207778-3
Lever Assy, Brake 406086
Plunger, Swivel Lock 406218
Handle 406227
Train Assy, Tilt Gea 459669
Foot, Tripod Jack 53H6831
Strut, Platform, Maintenance 54D6501L
Strut, Platform, Maintenance 54D6501R
Strut, Aircraft Main 54D6502L
Strut, Platform Assy 54D6502R
Support Assy, Truck 3400658-1
Adapter, Bomb Skid 54A102D1
Spindle, Caster ES0550
Adapter, Augmentor Nozzle PWA52679G
Support Assembly, Trunnion 3-76516
Pin, Ground Safety 160D797460-1
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PDG4543
Maintenance Platform, Aircraft 54H25313
Towbar, Aircraft K5552640
Steering Bar, Aircraft K5552639
Block, Timing 132D1186
Pin Assembly, Clearing Sector 167C1029
Pin Assy, Safety 101417
Tube Assy 49B6450
Adapter, Height 554AS100
Adapter, Guided Missile 555AS100
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 2720165
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance PWA37115
Cylinder Tilt Assy 56B23537-2
Cylinder Lateral 56B23543-2L
Cylinder Lateral 56B23543-2R
Trailer, Rail Type 100628

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