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Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment - FSC 1730

Energizers; Engine Preheaters; Mooring Assemblies; Wheel Chocks; Beaching Equipment; Aileron, Elevator, And Rudder Locks; Passenger Loading Ramps; Maintenance Platforms; Aircraft Maintenance And Boarding Ladders; Aircraft Maintenance Slings And Hoists; Aircraft Fin Tilting Jacks; Airfield Specialized Lift Trucks And Trailers; Fitted Covers For Airframe Components; Aircraft Engine Covers.
Last Modified: Oct 22, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Pin Assy, Safety Str 89GT1021-9
Fitting 370122
Screen, Aircraft Ground Servicing MDE20532-302
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing MDE20534-1
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen SE1021
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 403155-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 6503207
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 6503605
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety SE0871-801
Plug, Hot Air Hose GSP100
Test Panel, Portable 930300-101
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety MDE3238-305
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing 5821310-1
Trailer, Corrosion C 1C5467G1
Cradle, Ground Handling Equipment PWA10141
Jack, Aircraft Landing Gear 53D22046
Jack, Aircraft Landing Gear 53D22047
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance E3248-121
Clamp, Towbar 30X19831
Guard, Aircraft Ground Servicing K5552678
Hose Assy, Fuel Vent CV15-206325-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 89GT1011T1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 89GT1011T2
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety K5559432
Adapter, Aircraft Hoisting T100089
Support Assy, Blade S1670-10521-2
Handle, Door Assy 4882-52
Latch Subassy, Slide 565699-52
Sling, Bomb Handling 42D6433
Socket, Jack Pad 56B6129
Cover, Distributor S 4896
Strut Assy, Fin Jury K5384910-501
Fitting, Jacking Moo E3818-3
Lever, Valve Operati 144135
Tie Down, Aircraft Mooring 61A101D
Fitting Assy, Roller CV15-206685-1
Guide, Wheel Mountin 134GT1079
Terminal, Chain SE1012-629
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 105063
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 105064
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 105065
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 105067
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 105069
Bracket Set, Engine SE1024
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 12A12002-1
Support, Axial Rudde 4S70016-101A
Crank Assembly MIL-S-6758A
Reservoir, Jack Pump 50B7759-2
Strap, Cradle, Landing Gear 55C22170
Guide, Dolly, Install 3S30036
Pin, Ground Safety 65D34293-1
Support, Gas Turbine 370120-1
Cartridge Assembly, 4S81276-101A
Pin Assembly, Drive Mechanism 4S31238-101A
Maintenance Platform, Aircraft SM31AS
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 105003
Adapter Set, Ground Handling Equi 102930
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing K5447347-501
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing K5447347-502
Adapter, Engine K5559627
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 52J23046-2
Bracket Assy, Tow Ba E2257
Pin, Ground Safety MDE20524-1
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen PWA10210
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance PWA51569
Eye Assembly, Aircra AA1730-1301-9
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 57F891410-3
Towbar, Aircraft MDE20515-303
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance MDE20176-303
Adapter, Aircraft Jacking Point 123SEME40013-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance MDE3313-303
Cover, Aircraft Engine F52546
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 57F891510-1
Ball Plunger, Spring CL80BP2
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 53E340018-1
Maintenance Platform Set, Aircraf K5558112
Tank-pumping Unit, Aircraft Lavat MA1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 762837
Pin, Ground Safety 538087
Pump Subassembly, Ja 55320
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing F71258
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 134GT1032T3
Tank, Dampener 82-1375
Starter Assy, Heavy 20450
Bracket, Release Cab 102044
Strap, Cradle Retaining G-102103
Fitting, Drawbar 102281
Yoke, Winch Chain Ta G-102282
Arm, Tie Rod G-103008
Handle, Pump 103343-7
Handle, Pump 103343-8
Cover, Ratio Box G-103683
Idler Assy G-103686
Top Plate G-103687
Comb Assy 103690
Cap Assy, Reservoir 103714
Handle Assy, Selecto 103756
Tube Assy, Rail Supp 104273-3
Hook, Towbar, Aircraf 601364-7
Element, Filter T0474

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