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Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment - FSC 1730

Energizers; Engine Preheaters; Mooring Assemblies; Wheel Chocks; Beaching Equipment; Aileron, Elevator, And Rudder Locks; Passenger Loading Ramps; Maintenance Platforms; Aircraft Maintenance And Boarding Ladders; Aircraft Maintenance Slings And Hoists; Aircraft Fin Tilting Jacks; Airfield Specialized Lift Trucks And Trailers; Fitted Covers For Airframe Components; Aircraft Engine Covers.
Last Modified: Dec 11, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Sling, Canopy, Aircraft 74D120020-1001
Roller Extension 69B6387-3
Mount, Motion Contro 7447232-10
Floorplate, Center 7447256-10
Stop, Solenoid Plunger 000993-742
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 204-92698-1
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen C31SME40007-1
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 407-0012
Lever, Manual Control 7447229-10
Strap, Sling, Aircraft FE12281A121
Eye, Lifting 17A5727P09
Bag Assembly 14-76281-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 226-00248-1
Floor, Lift Truck 7447251-10
Pedal Assy, Lift Truck 69D51823-3
Rod, Lock, Shift Lever 7447245-10
Pedal, Motion Control 7447221-10
Rod, Shifting 7447223
Sleeve, Shifting Rod 7447228-10
Key Assembly, Beacon 120238-1
Brace, Aircraft Ground Servicing 68A312060-1001
Retainer, Bearing 7447231-01
Maintenance Platform, Aircraft 7841655-10
Lock, Handle, Gearshift 7447241-10
Clevis, Solenoid 7447242-01
Jack, Screw 204-90004-17
Clamp 7447258-01
Cable 21C5210P02
Cover, Lift Transduc 160D697725-1
Towbar 2955-D
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 954A824G01
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 160D497715-1
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 204-90009-12
Block Assembly 204-90024-44
Guard Bar 7447215-10
Cover, Gearshift 7447252-10
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance T101603
Handle Gear Assembly 209-052-224-1
Handling Wheel Assembly 214-706-104-5
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 160D797505-3
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance A501-4700
Kit, Adapter, Hoistin 14-76059-501
Lever And Shaft Assy 7447224
Lever Assy, Lift Truck 7447227-10
Adapter, Aircraft Jacking Point 160D697785
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 889417
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance S4T12-S10
Protractor, Rigging-canopy Hinge 68D110043-1001
Adapter Kit, Hydraulic BD30-103
Bar, Hoisting HLU256
Rack Blade, Storage T101606
Filling Tank, Fuel, Bomb Hoisting 67A98C249
Aileron Indicator, Neutral Set 160D797825-1
Maintenance Platform, Aircraft MME-PD-375
Kit Assembly, Protective Guide-ru C9244
Manifold, Lube Line 56B23467R
Handle, Lever 7447240-10
Mat, Fuel Cell, Uninflatable 4066-111
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 160D497015-1
Hoisting Unit, Aircraft Component 21C5288G02
Towbar, Aircraft 8404-3
Protractor, Rigging, Hing-two Plac 68D110046-1001
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 4591C58G01
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 2100D99G01
Adapter, Crank 162B8741
Cradle Assembly, Radome Handling 4795
Cover, Protective 6H1274
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 989D784G01
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 226-15069-1
Extension, Screw 8704
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 204-072-485-1
Beam, Suspension, Pod 665AS350
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 989D783G01
Chute, Element Loading 201F975
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 68D110023-1003
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 68D050084-1001
Ladder, Aircraft Boarding 16A11001-3
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen P46942
Jack, Hydraulic, Tripod 8685
Hook, S-shaped N060
Follower 972-109
Follower 972-110
Cover, Aircraft Ground Servicing 123SME50040-3
Handling Kit, Rotor Wing T101611
Retainer, Gland 972-147-4
Handle, Pump 972-24
Adapter, Engine Roller 68D390006-2141
Roller, Engine Installation 68D390006
Stop, Roller Assembly 68D390006-2075
Adapter, Engine Installation Roll 68D390006-2065
Frame Assembly, Protective-fuel C 16A46024-1
Rigging Tool, Servo T102094
Rigging Tool, Servo T102096
Stand-hoist Assembly 3350
Cylinder, Stairway 983-11
Steps, Aircraft Stairway 983-112
Tow Bar, Aircraft Stairway 983-142
Brace, Aircraft Stairway 983-154
Axle, Aircraft Stairway 983-36
Plate, Stripper, Hoist A33318

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