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Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment - FSC 1730

Energizers; Engine Preheaters; Mooring Assemblies; Wheel Chocks; Beaching Equipment; Aileron, Elevator, And Rudder Locks; Passenger Loading Ramps; Maintenance Platforms; Aircraft Maintenance And Boarding Ladders; Aircraft Maintenance Slings And Hoists; Aircraft Fin Tilting Jacks; Airfield Specialized Lift Trucks And Trailers; Fitted Covers For Airframe Components; Aircraft Engine Covers.
Last Modified: Dec 13, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bar, Lev, Arm Support 081-12-0764
Brake Assembly, Rear 65D35185-3
Fitting 16A2330-22
Cover 15545
Hoisting Unit, Aircraft Component 259D300-1
Lock 4777441-1
Cover 5756000-15
Dolly 5916747-509
Sling 5916749-501
Towbar, Aircraft 126-000-101
Cover, Ammunition Loader 68D151134-1003
Power Unit, Elec 60G20P-L
Guard, Static Line 355931-1
Lock, Aircraft Ground Safety 75D110008-1001
Sling, Aircraft Maintenance 1245AS100-1
Tube Assembly, Winch 70700-20311-047
Frame Assembly, Cran 70700-20313-041
Leg Assembly, Sling FDC5845-5
Leg Assembly, Sling FDC5845-6
Cover Assembly, Winc 40227
Apex, Sling, Hoisting 70700-20322
Hoisting Unit, Aircraft Component 70700-20320
Beam, Sling 70700-20324-112
Lock Plate, Sling 70700-20324-043
Collar, Crane 70700-20311
Support Assembly, Cr 70700-20311-046
Beam Assembly 70700-20307-043
Jaw 4928734-1
Cover, Gear Box 4X111E1
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing 68D050095-1001
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing 68D050096-1001
Hook, Tie Down 357725-1
Fitting Assembly, Tow 70700-20433
Brace, Fitting 70700-20304
Brace, Fitting 70700-20304-104
Pivot Assembly 70700-20304-045
Adapter, Ground Handling Equipmen 68D390006-1003
Retainer, Chuting 2150B20813
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing 68D050098-1001
Plate Assembly, Forward 5073C124-5
Gear Feed Drive 5073D215-3
Control Lever Assembly 5073F184-1
Cable And Wheel Assembly 5073G131-1
Gear And Shaft Assembly 5076A101-3
Pin, Rubber Pedal 116-000
Strut, Maintenance Platform 983-60
Shield, Aircraft Ground Servicing CD05A1502-132
Pad 30402246-15
Guard Assembly 3402246-27
Lock, Truck 6796852-20
Handle, Assembly 312-468
Governor 403264
Roller BLS8R35S
Towbar 177-001-3
Hoist 4627
Brake Assembly, Hois 312-462
Controller, Hoist 312-465
Handle, Brake 312-467
Loader, Delinker 211F560
Handle, Pump 68D170016-1001
Pin, Rigging 53D050221-1
Trailer, Ammunition Loading-trans 68D150005-1007
Support, Aircraft Tail 3011232G2
Brace, Aircraft Ground Servicing 16A12008-3
Adapter, Ram Assembly 745295-10
Winch, Maintenance 70700-20302-101
Cylinder 64H35485
Bracket 12A3402-103
Bracket 12A3402-105
Plate 12A3402-111
Strap Assembly 12A3402-65
Clamp 12A3402-71
Strap Assembly 12A3402-95
Lug 12A3402-97
Plate 12A3402-99
Pump ES0844
Lift, Plate PDG2710
Spreader PDG2722
Stop PDG2724
Spreader PDG2725
Strip, Hold Down 12A3402-21
Plate 12A3402-101
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line ES0467
Case, Storage 78-946
Interface Unit, Conveyor 211F487
Guide, Element 209F704
Tray, Load, Ammunition 211F484
Brace, Aircraft Ground Servicing C31SME40002-1
Housing, Counter 211F488
Jack, Aircraft Landing Gear SK1071M19
Wheel, Assembly S5-0-5-1R5
Adapter, Barrel Asse 64A127J3-1
Frame, Assembly 64A127J2-1
Holder Assembly 64A127F14-1
Adapter Assembly 64A127D9-2
Adapter Assembly 64A127D9-1
Adapter Assembly 64A127D8-1
Pivot Bracket 64A127D7-2
Pivot Bracket 64A127D7-1
Adapter Assembly 64A127D10-1

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