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Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers - FSC 1740

Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers Designed Primarily For Transporting Aircraft Assemblies; Trailers: Afterburner, Engine, Propeller, Fuselage, And Wing; Trucks, Aircraft Fuselage And Aircraft Wing; Skids, Engine Transport; Stands, Engine Transport; Bomb Trailers, Airfield; Trucks, Crashed Aircraft Removing.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing TT513.5C2-2
Trailer, Ground Handling 8509926
Trailer, Ground Handling 856A3461G01
Center Assembly, Axle A3100B6606
Sleeve, Cradle, 25 Mm Gun System 75D751041-2001
Buckle, Cradle, 25 Mm Gun System 75D751041-2007
Sleeve, Cradle, 25 Mm Gun System 75D751041-2003
Retainer, Cradle, 25mm Gun System 75D751040-2021
Trailer, Ground Handling 210D397300-1
Stand, Transport, Engine 145G0125-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 67D7793
Trailer, Ground Handling R-TBD-1119
Trailer, Ground Handling R-TBD-1120
Trailer, Ground Handling GSU-313/M
Screen 47A16273
Skid, Shipping And Storage, Engine STD188-2
Bracket Assembly, Tr 7-367311001-2
Jack Stand Assembly 7-367310005
Screw, Jack Stand, Tr 7-367311036
Jam Nut, Jack Stand 7-367311037
Lock Assembly, Transportability 7-267310006
Lock, Landing Gear 7-267310006-3
Collar, Landing Gear 7-267310006-5
Strap Assembly, Tran 7-267311003
Retainer Assembly, T 7-367310022-13
Retainer Cover, Tran 7-367311027
Lanyard Assembly, Tr 7-367310022-11
Handle Assembly, Tra 7-367311029
Fixture, Stow 7-267310011
Support, Driveshaft, 7-267311018-5
Linkage, Actuator, Tr 7-267311019
Strap Assembly, Vert 7-267310016-31
Turnbuckle, Carrier 7-367311024-3
Lanyard Assembly, Tr 7-367310021-25
Support Assembly, Tr 7-367310021-35
Kit, Transportabiltyy-c5a 7-267300002-601
Kit, Wing Stowing, Tr 7-367310001
Cradle Assembly, Tra 7-367311002-1
Cradle Assembly, Tra 7-367311002-2
Lanyard Assembly, Tr LW2039-1-10.00
Lanyard Assembly, Tr 55152-1800
Lanyard Assembly, Tr HS5198-6024
Lanyard Assembly, Tr HS4494-41400
Support Assembly, Transportabilit 7-267311020
Strap, Assembly, Tran 7-267311020-39
Strap Assembly, Tran 7-267311020-41
Caster, Swivel, Trans HS5256-0003
Carrier Assembly, Tr 7-367310010
Base Assembly, Trans 7-367311021
Caster, Swivel, Trans HS5031-0001
Lanyard Assembly, Tr 7-367310010-21
Support Assembly Transportabilit 7-367310021-5
Bracket Assembly, Transportabilit 7-367311001-1
Adapter, Transportab 7-267310008-601
Lever, Caster Assemb 7-367312013
Rack Assembly, Transportability 7-267310002
Cover Assembly, Tran 7-367310022
Support Assembly, Tr 7-267310017
Rack Assembly, Transport Kit 7-267310002-3
Caster Assembly 7-367311034
Bar Assembly, Transp 7-367310013
Towbar, Outer 62A91C55
Support Assembly, Tr 7-367311032-1
Disc, Flywheel Flexible Coupling 5107769
Swashplate, Mtg Assy 65700-70017-087
Rotor, Frame Assy Of 65700-70017-082
Cart, Frame Assy Of 65700-70017-081
Gusset 65700-70018-124
Liner Shield 65700-70018-111
Beam, Assy Of 65700-70018-081
Dolly, Swashplate Fw 145G0184-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 145G0241-1
Mtg Bkt, Assy Of 65700-70044-083
Bracket-lower 65700-70044-109
Slider Block Assy 65700-70044-042
Handle, Assy Of 65700-70044-087
Trailer, Ground Handling STC90864-3
Trailer, Ground Handling STC90864-4
Skid, Rail Type 75B28000-00
Transport Stand For 145G0213-1
Adapter Assembly, Aircraft 123SEME40110-1
Trailer, Aircraft Engine 200-000-104
Base, Oil Filter 2CT836
Sleeve, Stabilator 70700-20435-129
Trailer, Ground Handling 1223AS100-3
Support Assembly, Tr 7-367310021-37
Skid, Weapon MHU-191/M
Bumper Assembly, Sta 70700-20435-042
Skid, Container SPD70351-002-3
Guide, Stop Pin TR67-5
Coupler, Male TR39-72
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing 012085-00D
Nest Assembly, Stabi 70700-20435
Rod, Spacer, Assembly 70700-20453-104
Cover, Service Rep 8115MNP080-6
Tongue, Axle, Trailer STC90866-21
Skid, End, Container 406-015-001MUSC-47
Skid, Center, Contain 406-015-001MUSC-49
Disc, Rod Retaining 70700-20453
Alignment, Guide Rai TR39-117

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