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Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers - FSC 1740

Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers Designed Primarily For Transporting Aircraft Assemblies; Trailers: Afterburner, Engine, Propeller, Fuselage, And Wing; Trucks, Aircraft Fuselage And Aircraft Wing; Skids, Engine Transport; Stands, Engine Transport; Bomb Trailers, Airfield; Trucks, Crashed Aircraft Removing.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rail Set, Extension 5HG90001-103
Skid, Shipping And Storage, Engine 5HG90001-105
Frame, Rail Section, Trailer 5HG90550-101
Trailer, Ground Handling 5HG90001-107
Frame, Rail Section 5HG90550-103
Duct Assy 791797-001
Tank Assy 791594-001
Compressor Ay-feed 791999-001
Dryer 792311-001
Dryer-membrane Asy 792315-001
Intermodule Concc 792337-001
Adapter, Overhung 792455-001
Panel 792280-001
Trailer, Ground Handling 9418
Fr-torque, Limiter 5VG90202-107
Fr-transmitter XDT-XT-100-PM-XR-66000
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing 2016V2AIR
Knuckle Assembly 05-053028
Knuckle Ay 05-053029
Brake Assy 05-052714
Brake Cable Assy 05-048202
Lever Assembly, Brake 05-0474869
Tire 44N221
Guide, Coupling 5HG90277-111
Quick Release Pin NAS1336C5C35D
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing B600-53K
Trailer, Ground Handling TT90-F-505
Lever Assembly, Brak 05-047489
Trailer, Ground Handling ETU-110A/E
Frame, Rail Section, Trailer 5HG90550-105
Trailer, Propeller GS23015-1
Pintle Assembly AA52550-4
Filter Assy 791551-001
Air Clnr Assy-intak 791586-001
Coil Assy, Tube 791594-004
Enclosure Assy 792636-001
Gate Assy, Drain Pan 791605-001
Panel Assy, Rear 791592-001
Absorber, Carbon 791880-001
Cylinder Instl, Gas 792319-001
Keeper Instl-handle 791716-001
Weld Assy, Tank 791595-002
Cover, Handle Instal 792461-001
Pipe 791729-003
Radiator Assy 791710-001
Tubing Assy 791775-001
Chamber, Surge 791729-001
Muffler Instl 791798-001
Rod, Brake 8300-006
Gear, Running-2 Axle 590260-001
Terminal, Fork RB14-10F
Adapter, Female SS-400-7-0022
Arm Assembly, Center 05-052617
Jaw, Puller Reaction Link Bushing 5HG90043-103
Pad, Cup Inside 07-007523-23A
Puller, Bushing Set 5HG90043-101
Mount, Right Side 05-052711
Flap 10-6.7
Center Pin 05-052652
Trough, Stowage 5HG90274-111
Mount, Left Side 05-052710
Reaction Link, Jaw And Ring 5HG90043-131
Brake Assembly, Left 05-052715
Foot Pad Weldment 07-052615
Stop, Transport 5HG90377-101
Support, Lateral 5HG90762-101
Shaft Hanger 5HG90766-103
Shaft Hanger 5HG90766-101
Cup, Flaperon 5HG90068-117
Drive, Support Equipment 5HG90139-101
Case, Transit, Gage 5HG90065-105
Restraint, Support Equipment 5HG90180-101
Gage, Temperature With Probe 5HG90065-103
Guide, Flaperon 5HG90068-109
Tube, Towbar Handle 5HG90627-101
Truck, Aft 5HG90124-103
Stop, Tray 5HG90568-101
Axle, Support Equipment 5HG90126-101
Fastener 5HG90659-105
Support, Roll 5HG90752-101
Limiter, Towbar 5HG90629-103
Frame, Fixed 5HG90658-101
Slide Hammer 5028
Channel, Ground Support 5HG90320-103
Frame, Rail Section, Trailer 5HG90334-103
Frame, Rail Section, Trailer 5HG90334-104
Stop, Ground Support 5HG90765-105
Trailer, Ground Handling 5HG90123-103
Trailer, Ground Handling 5HG90123-104
Pad, Bottom 791706-009
Stand, Transport, Engine 5838045-1
Tow Tractor, Aircraf 10-10-0001
Drawbar Assembly, Extended 13384816
Trailer, Ground Handling K21-20112
Trailer, Ground Handling 20038001
Trailer, Ground Handling 17G130479-1
Skid, Shipping And Storage, Engine 563A51
Tractor, Wheeled, Crashed Aircraft 23055764
Trailer, Ground Handling 17G230295-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 23055754

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