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Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers - FSC 1740

Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers Designed Primarily For Transporting Aircraft Assemblies; Trailers: Afterburner, Engine, Propeller, Fuselage, And Wing; Trucks, Aircraft Fuselage And Aircraft Wing; Skids, Engine Transport; Stands, Engine Transport; Bomb Trailers, Airfield; Trucks, Crashed Aircraft Removing.
Last Modified: Sep 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Upper 48C19197-2
Trailer, Ground Handling 3643
Trailer, Ground Handling F52257
Trailer, Ground Handling F66179
Frame Assembly, Dolly F65793
Trailer, Ground Handling F66162
Link, Arm 2560347-2
Plate, Cradle 2560346
Trailer, Ground Handling 4CF4000-101
Rail, Cradle 2560349
Receptacle, Cradle 2560379-2
Support Assembly 7000M0005
Plate, Cradle 2560344
Roller, Cradle 2560354-1
Roller, Guide 2560384
Plate, Side 2560352
Support, Tie-down 2560368
Trailer, Ground Handling MHU110M
Adapter, Engine Trai 4S31320-121A
Trailer, Ground Handling 69H27241
Trailer, Aircraft Em 66H47370
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT81038
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT22536
Trailer, Ground Handling 990D282G01
Tee Assy, Dolly F52638-148
Roller, Cradle 2560354-2
Air Vent, Filter Tra 13658-97
Truck Rewind Assy 788-7213-001
Trailer, Ground Handling 989D377G01
Trailer, Ground Handling 7134991
Trailer, Ground Handling F310008
Support Assy, Right MRD1200B77R
Box, Storage, Log Boo 4P00002MED1102
Tongue, Latch Hook 56446
Towbar, Propeller Dolly 16535
Yoke, Propeller Trailer 16539
Lever, Manual Control 16635
Cap Unit, Support, Spinner 16568-1
Support, Upper Cradle 16643
Cap Assembly, Trailer 16655
Strap Assy, Engine C F52638-199
Support, Hub, Propeller 3453139
Support, Hub 16618
Support, Hub, Trailer 3453141
Chock Rail, Deck 67A314D17
Lock, Trailer 2483567
Adapter, Trailer, Absorber 114G1354-16
Handle Assembly, Bra 64A114C7
Pulley Take-up Asse C86514-1
Bumper Ring, Drawbar 64A114B21-1
Connecting Rod, Stee 64A114B78
Dolly, Acft Handling 68SAVAED0300-1
Axle Assembly, Skid, Bomb 62A81D8-13
Box Assy, Trailer 3427295
Trough Assembly, Discharge 53E150307-7
Housing Assembly, Handling Adapte E4070-1
Support, Trailer, Eng F71260-9
Clasp, Trailer 58B46150
Strap, Trailer 13074-4
Trailer, Ground Handling 9649179-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 49D6249
Trailer, Ground Handling 45D29382
Trailer, Ground Handling 40K726
Trailer, Ground Handling 48J19175
Trailer, Propeller 46R7177
Dolly S84704
Screw-adj Pressure D153112
Wheel-hand Welded C L131-13
Screw Assembly, Retaining 308620
Support, Hub 45B18254-4
Support, Hub 4453143
Support, Hub 45D19150
Bracket Assembly, Wheel 47G18822
Spreader, Support Assembly 1C5721P42
Pad, Truck, Turbine 1C6088P03
Pad, Truck, Turbine 1C6088P05
Support, Rotor Shaft 1C5721P41
Pad Assy, Truck 205250-4
Pin Assembly, Engine Trailer 4P00002MED209A
Support, Trailer, Aircraft Engine 4P00002MED1123
Beam Assy, Crosstie MRD1200C55
Trailer, Ground Handling 65F47017
Skid, Shipping And Storage, Engine SME65B94600
Trailer, Ground Handling 2TME65B94600
Trailer, Ground Handling TME65B94270
Trailer, Ground Handling TME56B94240
Trailer, Ground Handling SE0627-803
Trailer, Ground Handling 9168-010
Beam, Main 58D46159
Panel, Blank, Hinged 58D46154
Retainer, Plate 59B45109-1
Deck, Forward 58E46170
Deck, Rear 58E46171
Link, Deck Panel 59B45110
Cradle, Bomb Handling SW150-3
Trailer, Ground Handling PDG5050
Cable, Mechanical, Br 52891-450-575
Trailer, Ground Handling 101671
Trailer, Ground Handling 253746
Tongue, Swivel MRD1200C1505

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