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Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers - FSC 1740

Airfield Specialized Trucks And Trailers Designed Primarily For Transporting Aircraft Assemblies; Trailers: Afterburner, Engine, Propeller, Fuselage, And Wing; Trucks, Aircraft Fuselage And Aircraft Wing; Skids, Engine Transport; Stands, Engine Transport; Bomb Trailers, Airfield; Trucks, Crashed Aircraft Removing.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Dolly 834930
Trailer, Propeller 3400847-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 265-810063
Spindle, Wheel, Warhe G-104477-1
Support, Dolly Chass 905353-1
Support Assy, Engine 832572-1
Cylinder Assy, Trail CS2005-73-00
Stop, Cradle Arm 2560351-1
Arm, Right, Small Cradle 2560348
Arm, Cradle 2560345
Link, Arm 2560347-1
Arm, Cradle 2560364
Arm, Cradle 2560363
Dolly, Reel And Drum 149A8001
Flap X00-999
Retainer, Turntable 58B46256-1
Drawbar, Lunette End 58B46207
Support, Side 58C46183-2
Pad, Trailer Engine F52638-89
Support, Deck Panel, Center 58B46184
Leg, Storage 58C46175
Support, Deck Panel 58C46183-1
Support Assembly F71260-101
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT27485A
Retaining Assy K604504-101
Truck, Aircraft Control Surface MDE322971-301
Lever, Remote Control 58A46224
Trailer, Rail Type 65H32779-10
Trailer, Rail Type 3000J
Actuator, Weapon Ski 64A114B73-1
Foot Brake Lever 64A114C81-1
Rear Axle, Skid 64A114C83-1
Steering Knuckle 64A114C84-1
Steering Block 64A114D86-6
Pin Subassy, Connect 64A114B79-1
Pin Subassy, Connect 64A114B79
Trailer, Ground Handling 4S30017-101A
Brake Arm Assy 62A81D9-2
Chock Assy 62A81D8-10
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing MILT26023
Brake Shoe Assy 62A81D9
Arm Assembly 107-5
Modification Kit, Mu 62D34068
Cart Assembly S6170-70060-1
Trailer, Rotor Blade K604723-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 124M102-201
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing 690-1B
Protector, Arbor, Propeller 3401211
Clamp Assy, Trailer DCA250DC
Skid, Bomb 62A81
Trailer, Propeller 3400847-17
Swivel, Front Wheel 55A4D27-1
Strap, Engine Cowling Trailer F310008-231
Dolly, Aft Radome 905355-1
Chassis, Dolly 917150-1
Trailer, Ground Handling 1C5720G01
Trailer, Ground Handling 1C5721G01
Shock Ring, Stand Co 6796833-41
Lifting Eye Adapter 6796833-27
Lifting Eye Washer 6796833-32
Lifting Eyebolt, Sta 6796833-33
Drag Bolt Assy, Skid 123SEME40035-1
Band Assy, Weapon 123B42053-1
Adapter, Support 55A4D62-1
Swivel, Wheel 59A62D276
Cover, Support Assembly 101719-79
Adapter, Bomb Truck 2066609
Skid Weapons, Aero 2 J86580
Stand Assembly, Engi 61A96J1
Arm, Steering 58A85C4-1
Transporter, Airmobile 7400017-502
Transporter, Airmobile 7400050-501
Transporter, Airmobile AA4920-7017
Rail, Engine Mount T250303-17
Strap Assembly 64A114D104-6
Plate Assembly, Moun 51652-1L
Plate Assembly, Moun 51652-1R
Liner, Cart Assembly 65700-70018-107
Fitting, Lower 65700-70016-116
Fitting, Upper 65700-70016-117
Fitting, Lower 65700-70016-118
Adapter, Rail System 65700-70025-121
Adapter, Rail 65700-70025-124
Ball, Adapter Assembly 65700-70016-124
Retainer, Ball, Pump 55713
Handle, Crank S6170-35411-8
Trailer, Ground Handling 72SAD5068
Trailer, Ground Handling TRD32-15000-501502TD
Brake Assembly, Park 51652L
Brake Assembly, Park 51652R
Tractor, Wheeled, Aircraft Towing T180F
Fitting, Upper 65700-70016-119
Trailer, Ground Handling 12A1675-1
Connecting Rod Assy 64A114B15-1
Clutch Plate, Brake 64A114B72-1
Channel Extension 64A114C13-1
Mounting Block 64A114C41-1
Outer Tube Assy 64A114D29-1
Cam Follower 64A114B65-1
Cam Brake 64A114B67-1

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