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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

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Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 13219E1123
Brake Element Assem 145640HA
Clutch Element Asse 5832BE
Propeller, Marine SSN685-203-4390885PC1
Ring, Drive, Shaft 74722PC13
Diaphragm, Air Seal E33176PC29
Injector, Controllab LST1156S4400-1645736
Collar, Thrust 301-24729-64
Shim, Thrust Bearing 439B159PC1
Collar, Thrust 354729-24
Cover Assembly, Oil V09-009-708A
Packing Assembly, La 46101C89REVB
Packing Assembly, La 46101D90
Gasket Assembly, Strainer 46101B176
Collar Assembly, Fac 26-4697-56
Collar Assembly, Fac 291-2-3885-66
Driving Element C73171
Ring Assembly, Seal C73174
End Plate Assembly D73175CAND73175B
Retainer Half B73168
Ring, Tension C73169
Ring Assembly, Seal C73170
Ring, Antifriction B73167
Housing, Seal D73176
Brake Shoe Assembly 301439
Valve, Ball Check 10532
Slinger, Oil 239888
Gland, Shaft 1737513 PC 4
Gland, Shaft ATA121S4400-867043PIECE3
Gland, Propeller 1677-38-13PC4
Shaft Assembly, Stern Tube DE1052-203-2435808REVFANDDE1052-
Coupling, High Speed 323B179PC1
Coupling, High Speed 3181146
Coupling, Quill Shaf 7093E13 PIECE 64,65
Pinion, Reduction Ge 288C661
Shaft Quill, High Pr 288C711-1
Shaft Quill, Low Pre 7094E61 PIECE 24
Propeller, Boat 3630-9
Jackshaft, Low Press G14482PC2
Shaft Quill, Reducti 315048
Valve Assembly X11768
Propelling Unit, Outboard 02D
Lever X9211PCA3361
Ring, Thrust 3307511
Blade, Propeller, Ship AM421S4400-1022153PC42
Blade, Propeller, Ship AM421S4400-1022153PC41
Coupling, Reduction YN17S42-014PC1
Shoe Assembly, Thrus 363419AND164226
Reversing Unit, Prop 14-312-625-00-506
Reversing Unit, Prop 14-312-625-00-505
Reversing Unit, Prop 3242300
Piece, Distance HC4940SPCN112
Claw HC6163SPCN174
Gland, Valve Body HC6169SPCN222
Manifold N29
Plate, Thrust HC9608SPCN402
Ring, Slinger N49
Plate, Lifting N778
Shaft Assy, Rotor St N795
Rod, Claw N166
Shaft, Stub N401
Shaft, Stub N638
Casing, Scoop Tube N728
Casing, Rotor N729
Shaft, Stub N751
Cover, End N752
Manifold N757
Shaft, Coupling N790
Plate, Thrust N934
Ring, Seal D2-8472PC239
Guide, Spring HC2691KPC24
Staves, Bearing AD26S4302-256034PC201-206T0209
Collar, Thrust 6641127-1
Deflector, Oil 6646772-3
Bearing Assembly 127D854-1
Bearing Assembly 127D857-1
Bearing Assembly 127D858-1
Bearing Assembly 127D860-1
Bearing Assembly 127D861-1
Bearing Assembly 127D862-1
Bearing Assembly 127D863-1
Bearing Assembly 127D865-1
Bearing Assembly 275D150-1
Bearing Shell Assem 15-3740-13
Blade Crank Pin Rin 1022154-51
Connecting Rod, Star AM421S4400-1022154ALT12
Crank Pin 1022154-60
Shaft, Pump 1387380
Shaft, Pump 1387381
Collar, Bearing WW6650543PC49
Bearing Assembly 10A5263PC5T08-13
Spider, Clutch Engag NP71920ESPC32
Shoe Assy, Clutch F238
Transmission, Mechanical, Marine 314254
Ring, Adjusting 70942AS
Spider Assy, Clutch 70943AS
Pump Port Plate HJ1086
Plate, Thrust N5333PCDA6862
Lever, Control NP4016-1PC14A
Gear Assy, Speed Dec 1574W1

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