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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Stave PC1546S4302-213519ALT3PC5T08-11-
Stave, Bearing LSD16S4302-537005PC11
Cap, Bearing 3274424
Sleeve, Forward A5287
Sleeve, Forward MG150PCA5243
Sleeve, Forward 17832PCA5526
Brace, Sway FIG296MEDIUM
Brace, Sway FIG296LARGE
Hub, Propeller, Ship AM421S4400-1022148LH
Hub, Propeller, Ship LST1156S4400-1024102-1H
Propeller, Marine LSD28S4400-1373916PC2
Propeller, Marine LSD28S4400-1373916PC1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AGB4S4301-1388288PC100
Propeller, Marine 13217E2348
Seal Assembly 7551-29-10P
Lever, Crank 2721N
Blade, Propeller, Ship 8344601-00
Propeller, Marine 203-4497414PT1
Blade, Propeller, Ship 11S651002
Blade, Propeller, Ship 11S651002
Hub, Propeller, Ship 115651001PC1
Ring, Oil MG35-7X204X224
Liner, Base MG42H3X28
Baffle, Oil 1156-4302-2PC5
Rod Assembly 742672-1
Piston, Valve 751815-1
Ring, Scraper 742580-1
Gear Train Assembly 742593-1
Plate, Retainer 83721A
Lever XS24
Cage, Gear 533PC3B
Housing, Gear 2-1601
Housing, Cone 1XX643
Housing, Gear 7890
Brakeband N21757PCC
Link, Lever N21752PC7
Adapter, Gear N21759PC1
Case, Gear 3275461
Cover, Drum N21752PC2
Housing, Gear N21757PC2
Lever, Cam N21753PC10
Lever, Forked N21755PC1-6-7-9-11-12
Lever, Toggle N21752PC3T05-7T011
Brakeband ADA6890
Case, Gear 3-532
Lever, Fork 6870
Cover, Drum 2-532
Coupling, Reduction 801884PC1-5-7-10
Coupling, Reduction WW8445214PC4
Coupling, Reduction BB62S4200-326547PC24-26
Coupling, Reduction 1JH1283PC11
Coupling, Reduction 1503460
Coupling, Reduction G10135PC88T095
Coupling, High Speed D2-10067PC2-2A11
Coupling, Reduction B20545APC1T04
Propeller, Marine ATF64S4400H867064RHMNGSBRZ
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 294AB3
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 203-008
Link, Stop E6594M
Lever, Throttle 1900PC1908
Button, Plunger 1961PC910
Lever, Drag Link 1911
Piston, Reverser Val 14-153-564-00-005
Bearing, Liner D28189PC1T4
Bearing, Inboard S2407JBUL-0211
Piston, Air D2-7574PC10
Piston, Oil D2-7574-9
Ring, Seal S647502
Ring, Seal S647503
Shaft, Pump D2-8851PC86
Plate, Thrust D2-8841PC12
Cylinder, Air N19061
Collar, Thrust D2-9419PC171
Collar, Thrust D2-9855PC31-32
Drum, Brake D2-7559PC95
End Plate, Retainer D2-9859PC456
Cover S647501
Baffle, Oil D2-10068-6T09
Baffle, Oil D2-9419PC60-61
Baffle, Oil D2-9431PC68-69
Ring, Seal D2-9797-228
Worm And Gear D2-8632PC30
Gear And Shaft AN1062ANDAN1067ANDBN1060
Gear, Wheel T5593735PC16
Wheel, Worm 5593856-6
Ring, Seal 6647754-1
Ring, Thrust 248L424PC99
Ring, Slip WW6646947SH1PC80
Wormshaft WW6646939PC39
Deflector, Oil 9467020-1
Worm And Shaft 9481428-2
Glass, Bubbler 5593823-8
Ring, Slip WW6646947SH1PC43
Ring, Slip WW6646947SH1PC44
Shoe Assembly 1118-2T4
Plate, Leveling 462918PC6
Plate, Leveling 462918PC5
Ring, Base 463007PC4
Bearing Assembly 462634APC1T010
Ring, Seal 462734PC50T052

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