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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019

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Shaft, Propulsion, Ship A001150
Bearing Assembly, Sl M14H327-40
Cone, Engaging A3333
Plate, Lock XA5736PCA3335
Rudder Log H3-331
Shaft Log, Propeller H3-167
Sleeve, Counter Shaf MG101PCA3394
Drum, Clutch SN3558PC5929
Plate Assy, Driving 0A5324
Collar 5190396
Plate, Floating MG150PC8656
Plate, Driven 18831PCA2077
Shaft TIP00643-05AUG70
Yoke, Operating X9211PCA5232
Shaft, Idler Gear X8708PCA3320
Planet Assembly 6700227
Plate, Clutch 6701049
Seal Assy, Piston, Cl W5192289
Modification Kit, Ship And Boat P 465250REVD
Modification Kit, Ship And Boat P 465457
Propeller, Marine 391199
Ring, Antifriction C30252PC19741A
Drive Shaft 384961
Shaft, High Speed 225293
Shaft, Low Speed B2904
Coupling Assy, Shaft DD423S43-06PC106-112
Shaft, Quill CA68S4200-5PC114
Shaft, Quill CA68S4200-5PC115
Shaft, Quill 1713095
Hub, Lower 4013G29 PIECE 16
Hub, Upper 4013G29 PIECE 17
Coupling, Sound Isol 740-6-00112
Sleeve, Forward 4013G29 PIECE 7
Shoe Assembly 465335PC1
Shoe Assembly 465335PC4
Shaft, Stub, Reductio 3271567PC15
Modification Kit, Pr 50J602SUB4PCM0DIFICATI0NKIT
Boss, Anchor 576-4301-1505543REVCPC4
Boss, Anchor 576-4301-1505543REVCPC5
Wiper Assembly, Oil WW8679270PC8SH1
Shoe Thrust Bearing 25-3803-21
Sleeve, Plain HN1309-107
Shoe Thrust Bearing 4200-3182590REVAITEM70
Shoe Thrust Bearing 12-3857-61
Propeller, Marine Y0G67S4400-263052PC1
Propeller, Marine AM55S44-6ALT8PC2
Cap, Fairwater ATL1S4400-36ALT6PC3
Body-pinion-shaft H2790PC43-44-74
Body-pinion-shaft H2790PC43-45-75
Body-pinion-shaft H2790PC6-7-31
Handle, Control Cyli 319-2200-1188237ALT4PCQ3
Lock And Chain 800844PC229
Nut, Bolt 144-011
Propeller, Marine PC461S44-1
Propeller, Marine AM55S44-6ALT8PC1
Propeller, Marine AM136S44-16PC1
Propeller, Marine PC461S44-1PC2
Cap, Fairwater YT133S44-1CAP
Propeller, Marine S60P9117-191-001
Propeller, Marine
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship MS0519-203H1748055
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AD14S43-04PC2
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship A0G1S4301-27PC1
Cover, Forward End LST1156S4400D1635101-7
Gear And Shaft, Redu 10A5192PC1AND10A5274PC2-5T07-9
Coupling, Reducting 3287579
Coupling, Half, Plane CN1318A
Plantary Gear Assy, HN1309PC169
Planetary Gear Asse HN1309PC170
Shaft, Quill, Planeta BN1317APC7
Stop Plate, Planetar AN1322PC2
Injector Housing As AM488S4400-1395095PC701T0707
Pinion, Reduction Ge 3243036
Shaft, Quill, Reducti 1JH1722
Shaft D7641
Shaft C18580
Shaft C18584
Shaft, Output C12470-2
Pad, Thrust Bearing D043-880-004PC9
Pad, Thrust Bearing A00001052000
Pad, Thrust Bearing C010-532
Ring, Seal C050-347
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DE1006S4301-1222253PC1-4-101-106
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DE1006S4301-1222253PC2-3-102
Propeller, Marine ARS5S44-6PC2
Propeller, Marine ARS5S44-6PC1
Propeller, Marine MICHALL0YK38INWHRH
Propeller, Marine S4400H240172
Propeller, Marine MICHALL0YXX24INHDRH
Propeller, Marine MMC42M1L
Propeller, Marine SEAGULLTYPE1RH
Propeller, Marine LCVP203-1737503REVA
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DLG9-203-1540048PC102
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DLG9-203-1540043PC103
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DLG9-203-1540048PC101
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship SS580-203-1700402
Plate, Clutch 5188730
Post Set 315B887-6
Ring, Slip 611C402
Ring, Slip 611C402

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