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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Control Kit, Engine, H18799
Control Kit, Engine, H18800
Gearcase E28135
Disconnect Assembly, Engine Contr D19250
Brake Assembly, Engine Control Ki D18700
Cable Assy, Shut Off CC34325
Housing Assembly, Cable Junction D18714
Elbow Assy, Control 3281383
Bearing, Aft Strut 203-0026PC7X8
Bearing, Aft Stern T 203-0026PC3X4
Bearing, Foward Ster 203-0026PC1X2
Bearing, Intermediat 203-0026PC5X6
Repair Parts Set, Propeller AM421S4400-1022156PC102-106T010
Tube 5187197
Coupling, Reduction 503713PC19,20,22,25,26,32,34,35
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship LD203001PC010005
Propeller, Marine 32X38X2-1-4LH4BLI
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 9220-203-3PC1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 9220-203-3PC2
Coupling, Reduction CD21441
Coupling, Marine Gea 403806
Nut, Drive Pinion, Pr 145-1
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship DD931S4302H1375341-00-14963
Link, Chain, Swing Jo 13047
Gasket, Bearing Carr 13205N
Gear Set, Pinion Dri 13404R144
Gasket, Gear Bo, Xpro 13412N
Gasket, Gear Bo, Xpro 13413N
Propeller, Propellin 13429R
Coupling, Main Drive 13703R
Coupling, Swing Join 13704R
Chain, Steering, Prop 13781
Gasket, Gear Box Cov 13794N
Setscrew, Elevator S 356
Packing, Seal Plate, 5732
Seal Ring, Lubricati C13865-D13864
Worm, Shaft HN2470PC11
Shaft, Pump BN2420
Torque Rod, Brakeclu 201283
Transmission, Hydrol 6883604
Pressure Plate, Clut 4BX871
Propeller, Marine C48-32392A3
Coupling, Quill Shaf H2143PC5-8-11T017
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC2
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC5
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC6
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC8
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC9
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC11
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC12
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC13
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC14
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC15
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CVA59S4301-1337936PC16
Disk, Gear 300111-1
Coupling, Quill Shaf 611C763AND611C783
Pinion, Reduction Ge 3324892
Pinion, Reduction Ge 3324894
Bearing Assy, Thrust 54-4250-31
Shoe Assy, Thrust Be 46-4255-1
Shoe Assy, Thrust Be 46-4255-4
Shoe Assy, Thrust Be 464250 PIECE 1T03
Gear Set, Bevel N1598-5-1X2
Propeller, Marine DDG2-203-1737513PC1
Propeller, Marine DDG2-203-1737513PC2
Coupling, Reduction MSB5-201-1585697
Bearing, Stave Shaped LST1173-203-1447191-201
Magnetic Pickup Ass J-1-3-15
Magnetic Pickup Ass M107
Propeller, Marine DLG9-203-1540059PC2
Propeller, Marine DLG9-203-1540059PC1
Shaft, Reverse Gear 800503PC54
Shoe, Thrust Bearing 464454PC4T07
Coupling, Quill Shaf 3290733PC19
Body, Sight Flow Ind C3234653
Body, Sight Flow Ind C3299909
Spray Assy 318069
Flange, Turning Gear 315359
Shaft Assy, Quill 168839
Collar Assy, Thrust 464297
Seal Assy, Oil 464510PC65T067
Collar Assy, Thrust 464298PC24T027
Collar, Thrust 464123REVAPC1
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship MS0421-S4400H16
Propeller, Marine 268RH
Repair Parts Kitxca A-125130
Spray Assy C3251888
Propeller, Marine CVA59S4400-867099PC2
Propeller, Marine CVA59S4400-867099PC1
Ring, Pilot 10A5262PC4
Ring, Coupling JH1680PC131
Valve, Air Control 850073
Coupling, Reduction 3297750
Control, Engine 306950
Propeller Assembly A95265
Gear Assy, Speed Dec A82655
Pilot, Clutch Hub 5188934
Shaft, Steering, Mitr 151-9R
Gear Assembly 6770016

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