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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Blade 104059
Cover 104066
Propeller, Marine CVB41S4400-867021
Propeller, Marine DDG2-203-1737513
Propeller, Marine DDG2-203-1737513
Bearing, Main Propul 459798
Propeller, Marine 630-1237-1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AS31-203-1998961PC105
Bearing Unit, Pivoted Shoe 462918
Bearing Unit, Pivoted Shoe 462918
Propeller, Marine CVA67-203-2482649
Propeller, Marine CVA67-203-2482649
Propeller, Marine 22X12X1-1-2RH3BLI
No-spin Assembly 64917
Propeller, Marine 317298
Sealing Element B107541
Propeller, Marine SSBN616-203-1737536PC1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship A0E1-203-1916690REVCPC7
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AOE1-203-1916690REVCPC3
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AOE1-203-1916690REVCPC4
Propeller, Marine A0E1-203-1916685PC1
Propeller, Marine A0E1-203-1916685PC2
Seal Assembly 1683
Ring, Back Up 2101348PC052
Side Cover TA705009S1
Coupling, Reduction H2317
Cone Bearing Miter 152R7
Wearing Plate, Propeller MS0421-203-1837794PC6
Seal Shaft 160-6
Propeller, Marine 387334
Strongback, Main Shafting Tube 75714-02X1PC5
Bearing Shell, Lines D300-649
Propeller Shaft 607PC1-14-15
Propeller, Marine 005417
Diaphragm 464641-141
Transmission Assembly C8004-09-003FN12
Propeller, Marine 3447-673M203-1PC2
Coupling, Outboard, B 540-203-214
Propeller, Marine 095098-0
Connection Assembly 7453E95PC44
Seal Ring Assembly D17558
Cradle Fi, Ture, Hous 400141-1
Ring, Gland 208
Shoe, Thrust Bearing 41-4650-181-184
Guard, Rope 2303-09-40PC3
Gland, Packing AM421S4400-1022150PC285
Shaft, Coupling 655D564PC1
Shaft, Coupling 746C390PC1
Vulcanizing Kit, Sea D29003N2
Vulcanizing Kit, Sea D31511N5
Seal Ring Assembly D38097
Actuator, Right Hand 14523D
Cylinder, Servo 14525D
Disc, Crank 14528D
Block And Shaft, Pro 14530C
Ring, Piston 14559A
Ring Set, Propeller 14651A
Spacer Set Propelle 14652A
Ring Set, Propeller 14661A
Amplifier, Propeller 15408D
Diaphagm, Nozzle D44921
Actuator, Propeller 14519DLHPC14
Servocylinder, Prope 14524D
Block And Shaft 641 14529C
Propeller, Marine 342-406-1PC2
Propeller, Marine 342-406-1PC1
Housing Bearing 08-2208-24
Propeller, Marine LSD36-203-2524736PC1
Propeller, Marine LSD36-203-2524736PC2
Cap, Propeller LSD36-203-2524736PC3
Gland, Propeller LSD36-203-2524736PC4
Propeller Outboard 384460
Plate Upper, Lower L 8 2182 8 9
Seal Ring Assembly D17327PC4
Sleeve, Spline HN3128PC25
Brake Assembly, Fric 301348
Yoke, Flange W55-2669
Sleeve, Spline HN3127PC60
Plate, Lower Level 37-2590-6
Cover 104067
Housing, Piston D30344000-2
Sleeve 5193417
Collar, Thrust Beari C100068
Collar, Thrust Beari C100069
Adapter, Spring 26220VM
Adapter, Seal Ring A E26141N2PC7
Propeller, Marine DLG9-203-1540059
Propeller, Marine DLG26-203-1950047
Bearing, Stern Tube 810-1385664REVB
Propeller, Marine SS580-203-2269723PC1
Propeller, Marine DD692-203-1737599PC1
Propeller, Marine 13207E3006
Blade, Propeller, Ship 615WPC-4400-54
Blade, Propeller, Ship 615WPC4400-51
Secondary Propulsio 15S754
Ring, Lock, Screw C29314
Adapter, Seal Ring E26141N4PC7
Cover, Adapter, Seal E26141N4PC14
Propeller, Marine SS563-203-2269583
Propeller, Marine SS563-203-2269583

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