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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cap, Fairwater DLG16-203-1712101PC3
Gear Assembly C30979300-8
Pump Assembly S230-34
Thrust Plate AA1058
Ring, Flinger 183-26
Seal And Spring Assembly 74842X74836
Universal Drive Shaft Assembly 2A19661-1
Plate, Splined 2-12197
Piston, Clutch C30752200-3
Pin Spring A30266500-5
Snap Ring A30767400-2
Retainer, Bearing B30787200-2
Retainer B30754600-2
Snap Ring LM239
Flange, Shaft A2103
Sealing Element B46863
Bearing Assembly 655D621PC10
Bearing Assembly 655D621-9
Bearing Assembly 655D622-10
Bearing Assembly 655D622-9
Bearing Assembly 655D621-8
Bearing Assembly 655D621PC7
Bearing Assembly 655D621PC12
Bearing Assembly 655D621PC11
Bearing Assembly 655D622-8
Bearing Assembly 655D622-7
Bearing Assembly 655D620PC8
Bearing Assembly 655D620-007
Bearing Assembly 655D622-12
Bearing Assembly 655D620PC9
Deflector, Oil 655D822-1
Shaft Assembly A30989200-8X1
Pad, Mounting V08-010-703
Adapter, Plate D1902
Hub Assembly A30513200-3
Spider, Drive 2-822-249-06879
Coupling, Reduction 962B411
Propeller, Marine B48-31672A1
Spider And Bearing 3-65910
Parts Kit, Universal 114-7237
Clutch Pack Assembly V09-009-705
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 30HHMK20245-2534173PCM10
Propeller, Marine I2 1-2INLH
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 4002-8-3
Shaft 6771998
Sump Pump 6750767
Baffle, Oil 6700239
Propeller, Marine CVB41S4400-867022
Propeller, Marine CVB41S4400-867022
Stuffing Box, Shaft M1-305
Hub, Clutch P1-1
Cap, Turbine Pump 08-2044-06
Gland, Turbine Pump 10-1036-04
Gear, Prop Y12057
Shaft Assembly 23040410
Gear Assembly 6759695
Gear Assembly 23040396
Propeller, Marine 38C36-34N4R
Hub, Forward End 100411PC57
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 4471-1PC9
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship M1213
Coupling, Shaft M1-709
Ring Piston Clutch 34317
Ring, Piston Clutch M1904S
Ring, Piston Clutch 90147
Ring Reduction, Gear 6702351
Transmission, Marine 6753252
Shaft, Transmission 6756884
Yoke Assembly F8005-09-011-707
Shaft, Slip Stub 6-40-51
Propelling Unit, Outboard
Propeller, Marine SSN671-203-2047730
Yoke End, Landing Cr 21492
Cable, Control 33M14FT
Cable, Control A29136
Cable, Control 006165-5
Clutch Pack Kit 3-15391
Kit, Clutch A30993800-9
Kit, Clutch 3-15392
Clutch Pack Assembly D30981500-9X1
Clutch Pack Assembly D30980500-0X1
Clutch V09-010-701
Kit, Clutch Pack A30993700-1
Shoe, Thrust Bearing 464820PC1T03
Gear Assembly C30980600-8
Gear Assembly C30986100-3
Gear Assembly C30980400-3
Shaft Assembly D30988700-8
Shaft Assembly D30989300-6
Secondary Propulsion Mechanism 00906087
Shaft Assembly 908073-3800
Shaft Assembly 908048-5921
Shaft Assembly 209110-1
Bearing Assembly, Ge 655D620PC10
Shaft Assembly 209108-1
Seal Assembly, Plain 5879
Bearing Assembly 629J423PC14-15
Propeller, Marine 25X20X2-3BLLHI
Propeller, Marine 25X20X2-3BLRHI
Seal Ring Assembly D-37214

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