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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 18, 2019

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Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 2025-13
Adapter EL09-011-018
Axle Assembly, Rear 112978
Steering Spindle 112962
Push Rod Assembly EL08-005-53
Handle, Control Lever EL08-005-023
Container, Clutch Hu B304605
Stator, Converter D30576100-9
Support, Steering Spindle 112963
Axle Shaft And Univ 112960
Support, Spindle 112983
Cap Assembly, Thrust 112979
Control Cable, Push-pull 538MV
Propeller, Marine SSN593-203-2478853
Cap, Fairwater EDD848S4400-1707501
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship TIP00276-21MAY70
Propeller, Marine S25R198S410-175
Brace, Strut Upper 5238-000
Jack, Shaft 654D382PC1
Lifter, Mechanical 658E591PC1
Plate, Puller, Mechan 700213-191
Sleeve Assembly 2-04390
Propeller, Marine SS203-2112671PC1
Propeller, Marine SS203-2112671PC2
Nut, Propeller Drive 6771999
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 3160M245-2PC10
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DLG26-203-1950033
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship DLG26-203-1950033
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship ASPB50-203-2534
Propeller, Marine ARCSUR39-201-2043606PC8
Shaft, Transmission Z12037
Transmission Assembly Textgused HF7C3R
Valve Assembly X11767
Piston Assembly X11775
Cover Assembly H930
Strut, Propeller 13213E5234
Gear Assembly B3512R
Strut, Propeller 13213E5233
Cooler Assembly E7232M
Shaft, Pinion X11740
Pad, Thrust X10177
Pinion Assembly X11743
Gear Assembly 11795
Band Assembly Y11805
Pinion Assembly X11751
Coupling Hub, Interm 653D771P-1
Coupling Hub, Interm 653D771P-2
Coupling Sleeve, Pum 746C480PC1
Coupling Assembly, S 747C261PC1
Pinion And Gear 323B849PC1-297C664PC1
Coupling Assembly, S 747C260PC1
Propeller, Marine 203-4355176-1
Ring, Oil Control, Thrust Bearing 7-5313-1
Cylinder, Carbon Dio 390X1
Crank Ring Lh 8-344-707-02G
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 65WYT4301-1 PIECE 12
Piston, Cell Ring, Re 37-5882-4
Ring-cell, Resonance 37-5882-1
Profile Assembly, Pn M7201D086PC1
Segment, Pressure M7205E100PC6
Sealing Ring Assemb M7205B081
Sealing Ring Assemb M7205B080
Adapter, Inflatable Seal M7201E100PC10
Pad, Thrust Bearing 8-5320-26
Pad, Thrust Bearing 8-5320-29
Pad, Thrust Bearing 71-2-5320-1
Pad, Thrust Bearing 71-2-5320-11
Bearing Assembly 1393F68PC15
Lining, Friction C20065F010
Guide, Sliding 8344718-02
Ring, Vibration 04-022-00-T 365
Jackscrew, Gear Hous 386B003020
Jackscrew, Gear Hous 386B003030
Sling, Reduction Ge 522C995147
Bar, Alignment 524C272H01
Fixture, Alignment 524C283H01
Lifting Beam Assemb 524C325G01
Wrench, Pump Drive 524C426G01
Wrench, Turning Gear 5683
Coupling Assembly, T 616F235G01
Seal Assembly, Oil 616F305G01
Shipping Collar, Mat 616F336G01
Shipping Collar, Mat 616F348G01
Bar, Alignment 616F354H01
Box, Alignment Bar 616F357G01
Bearing Removal Ass 616F405G01
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 245-4510951-M-3
Pad, Thrust Bearing 7-5313-7
Pad, Thrust Bearing 7-5313-12
Seal Assembly LR1450
Fixture Assembly, Al 616F352G01
Tire, Pilgrim Propellar Nut D-2477PC3
Tire Assembly Tool D-2346PCA
Stem Alignment Tool D-2477C
Wrench, Stem Nut D-2477B
Extractor, Washer 2569
Backing Plate, Pilgrim Propeller D-2477PC4
Spider, Drive B5273A
Plate, Lock M2305
Spider Assembly, Clutch XA6853A

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