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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2019

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Cylinder Assembly, Clutch XA7334B
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 203-4634381P38
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AS39-203-4792257D
Rod And Socket Assembly 2180
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AS39-203-4792256B-PIECE 1,18,19
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AS39-203-4792256B PIECE 2,13,14-
Shaft Assy Reverse XA6965B
Panel, Bias Control E-71096
Seal Face, High Pressure 115657042PC2
Sleeve, High Pressure Seal 115657042PC4
Pipe Assy Oil Return XA4351D
Flange Propeller XA4806
Shaft, Counter A6979
Scraper, Oil 72001-20
Puller, Valve Liner 115648043
Lifting Fixture, Ships Propeller 115658057
Power Head, Hydraulic, Bolt Insert D2463
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 203-4634381PC2
Rotor Set, Pump 7606260102
Lifting Fixture, Ships Propeller 115658056
Cover, Fairing SK44161C
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 41UT-4301-7
Seal Assembly 9019LUPH1L5
Bearing Assembly, Cu C1154A
Seal Assembly 1164205-1
Ring, First Stage 1163435-1
Inducer 1163420-1
Impeller, Labyrinth 1163408-19
Coupling, Shaft, Firs 1163406-1
Coupling 1163434-1
Slinger 1163464-1
Trunnion, Propeller Hub, Ship 8344701-00-PIECE-76
Ring, First Stage 1163436-1
Bearing Pad Set, Red 50-280-0492-4PC2X9
Ring, Thrust 1163443-1
Propeller, Marine 15X12X1 1/4RH3BLMPALMAG35
Propeller, Marine 203-4660712LH
Propeller, Marine 203-4660712RH
Ring Assembly, Seali M7204E100PC4
Ring Assembly, Sealing 2010V0714
Segment, Sealing Ring M7205D092
Oil Wiper 72002PC20
Stop, Sealing Assembly M7204C089
Buffer, Segment M7204B088-2
Pressure Segment M7204E100PC6
Locator Spring, Short M7204C087
Ring, Retainer 906J821PC11
Ring, Retainer 906J821PC12
Quill Shaft, Main Reduction Gear 1122F52
Coupling Assembly, Quill Shaft 906J821GR3PC35
Coupling Assembly, Quill Shaft 906J821GR1PC33NITRIDED
Coupling Assembly, Quill Shaft 906J821GR2PC34NITRIDED
Indicator Arm, Ships Propeller Pi 115647055
Indicator Plate, Ships Propeller 115637059
Stop Piece 14477-C
Race M20861
Shoe, Thrust Bearing 465731PC1
Shoe, Instrumented 47 1-2 5730-4
Propeller, Marine 24X21X2RH 3BLEP STTP AND KW
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 203-4660711
Bearing M2087N
Bearing Assembly LD203004-01
Bearing Assembly, Sh LD203004-02
Tube, Distance 115647022
Indicator, Transmitt IC/4UBC3-X
Bearing Assembly, Li 76001PC3-4-33-34
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 4592560-2
Bearing, Stave Shaped 74021 PIECE 3
Blade, Propeller, Ship 115651011
Crank Pin Ring, Ship 115642006
Shoe, Thrust Bearing 652A975PC133
Disk, Valve, Metallic 115644026
Ring, Oil Seal 785E109PC4
Piston, Resonance Ch 65-5691-126
Quadring, Piston 65-5691-127
Ring, Back Up 65-5691-128
Shim, Piston Insert 65-5691-130
Ring, Cell 65-5691-132
Shoe, Instrumented 65-5691-5
Seal, Oil 190A566-001
Indicator, Shaft Pos 3011G36-G01
Ring Half, Slip 611C402
Lifting Device, Redu 663E621-001
Jack Assembly, Reduc C3012G15-001
Jack Assembly, Reduc PR30H4-5-2
Ring Half, Slip 611C402
Sliding Block, Ships 115632017
Cap, Blade Bolt, Ships Propeller 115651010PC12
Nipple, Prairie Air System, Ships 115635019
Jackscrew, Shaft Flange, Ships Pro 115638046
Plug-adapter, Installation And Te 115648070
Seal Ring, Blade Port, Ships Prope 115642197
Flange Bolt, Ships Propeller 115651024 ITEM 12
Lifting Kit, Ships Propeller Hub 115648065
Removal Tool, Valve Rod 115648066
Cover, Blade Port, Sh 115652051
Temperature Sensor 132FV
Shaft Section, Oil Distribution B 115657001 PIECE 5
Propeller, Marine 32X35X2 1-4RH3BLCREWBOAT
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 9022-E-1

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