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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Jan 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Rod Assembly 115637088
Piston Rod Assembly 115642008
Actuator, Deflector, Left Hand 2600089-2
Actuator, Deflector, Right Hand 2600089-1
Propulsion Unit, Marine Water Jet 2600100
Seal, Stern Tube 43747-5
Plunger, Turbine 101B450BY1
Cap, Fairwater 101WYTM-245-001 REVISION A PC 2
Thrust Bpg 388027
Propeller, Marine 388880
Propeller, Marine 386118
Propeller, Marine 388883
Propeller, Marine 0386669
Ring, Inflatable D-108408
Seal Ring Assembly 6400 PIECE 1
Mating Ring Assembly 64000 PIECE 2
Canister Assembly 4693010 ITEM 3
Battery Foundation 4693062-1
Tiller Arm 041513-3
Bearing Assembly 74021 PIECE 1
Bearing Assembly 74021 PIECE 2
Propeller, Marine 17X10X1 1/4RH3BLMPALUM
Propeller, Marine 17X10X1 1/4LH3BLMPALUM
Cable, Control D032377-003-120
Cable, Control D043145-004-9FT
Cable, Control D038012-003-10FT
Cable, Steering E047209-22FT
Tiller Arm 054628-3
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 021952-7
Propeller, Marine 032293-3
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 87713-0301
Flex Element E7078809
Nut, Coupling, H.s. E7078811
Stop Assembly Segment M-7201-D088
Plunger 101B450BEPC1
Plug, Balancing 9443164AA-10
Seat 101C416BXGR4PC8
Cover 101B277FF PIECE
Spindle CLC-134B248AF PC.1
Cover, Governor 101C416BFGR4PC11
Exhaust Duct L21652G12
Hub, Body Assembly 115652080PC1
Guide Wheel 8690960490
Housing, Compressor 8690210050
Ring 8690960500
Housing 8690960010
Strap 8699950000
Body, Bearing 0000250210
Wheel 8690960070
Plate, Back 14065
Gear, Pinion B-43-61027
Shaft, Drive, Engine 45-55796
Cover Assembly, Engi 42724A 3
Carrier Assembly, En B-66081A2
Harness, Engine, Gas B-84-70967
Reservoir C-392-2939
Cover Assembly Top B-76098A1
Housing, Drive Shaft B-1547-5523A18
Flange, Reducing 211-5202993
Cylinder, Booster B-57969
Cylinder Assembly, Tube 45706A14
Panel, Control B-74407
Connector And Harne B-84-74023
Harness Assembly B-57756
Panel Assembly, Cont B-55642A7
Tab Assembly, Trim 31640A1
Hub Assembly, Thrust 56292A 4
Cover, Gear Housing B-52834
Carrier Assemly, Bea B-73020A1
Ring, Thrust B-35915
Gear Assembly, Rever 43 61026T
Shaft, Propeller, Eng 44-66060
Shaft, Engine, Gas 19755A 4
Spool, Engine, Gas B-66067
Bushing Assembly B-23-30617AE
Shaft, Shift B-77481
Impeller, Engine, Gas 47 89984T 4
Plate, Face C-32435
Bearing Assembly, Ro B-31-53079A1
Shaft Assembly, Driv 45 41939F 1
Housing Assembly, Ge B-1623-5356A4
Bearing Assembly C-31-61100A1
Lever Assembly B45518A1
Shaft, Shift 62104
Shaft Assembly Engi 45589A 3
Bellows, Engine, Gas 32734A3
Bellows, Engine, Gas B-60932A1
Bumper, Engine, Gas B-63679
Shaft, Engine, Gas 88302A1
Lever, Steering 88433
Harness, Engine, Gas B-84-70968
Dummy Sender 64947
Ring, Gimbal B-77124A2
Cover, Retaining 57322
Cover, Engine, Gas B-32517
Anodic Head B-55989
Housing, Gimbal B-70862A1
Propeller, Engine, Ga B-48-74888A4
Gear Assembly, Engin B-43-61025
Stave Set, Bearing, Stave Shaped 2635-1

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