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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019

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Nut Assembly, Fairwater Cap 719WPG4400-119-PIECE-5 TO 8RH
Nut Assembly, Fairwater Cap 719WPG4400-119 PIECE 5 TO 8 LH
Shaft, Propeller 21f 65AR681-203-4398098 PC 1
Seat, Shaft H-43769
Cage Assembly L7A2D
Seal Housing And St 4678530-0001
Interlayer HDLQ645 ITEM 35
Carrier, Face H-43735
Cover Assembly 115652052
Propeller, Marine 48-43584A40
Bearing Unit, Thrust, Propulsion S BHB-19IN
Propeller, Marine 24X24X2X3BLRHMP
Bearing Assembly, St 71714-02X1 PIECE 1TO7
Piston 110229006
Liner, Valve 110229007
Bearing, Stern Tube 203-4678510 ITEM 1,2,3
Scraper, Oil Disc 80080 PIECE 20
Propeller, Marine 392585
Valve Rod Assembly 115656025
Hub Body Assembly 11562001PIECE28
Flange, Oil Distribu FL-10-WS-20
Flange, Oil Distribu FL-16-WS-20
Rod, Nonmetallic DELRIN 150.750 IN
Casting Grill 31-42-01
Seal Interlayer, Shaft H-43243-119
Arm, Indicator 112130003
Sleeve, High Pressur 112147046
Manifold, Block Asse 112157071
Cylinder, Measuring 46296C739
Support, Optical 46296E754
Pad, Swivel RP-4N
Button, Thrust 2297-T-4570
Coupling, Adjustment 112146020
Hub, Splined 510457-01
Plate, Side 510456
Ring, Tension 413370
Removal Kit, Bearing 46296C602
Lock Assembly, Gear Cover 46296E131
Rod, Valve, Aft Section 112146014
Bolt Assembly, Flanged 112151001PC21
Blade And Bolt Assembly, Propelle 112151001 FIND 22
Cover, Flange Bolt 112135016
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 112146019
Seal Ring Adaptor Cover 64011
Seal Ring Adaptor 64010
Spring Pack, Torsion Coupling 510534
Plug Assembly, Blade 112151001
Lock Assembly, Inspection Cover 68-300-001
Propeller, Marine 175190
Post, Alignment 46296E545
Shaft Extension Serv0 14683B
Cap, Linear Actuating Cylinder B10144CY
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder B10145CY
Dummy Bearing, Half, Shaft 46296E312
Dummy Bearing Half, Pinion 46296E477
Dummy Bearing Half, Pinion 46296E478
Dummy Bearing Half, Shaft 46296E479
Staple, Steel Shaft LR1217PC5
Ring, Jacking 46296E527
Bridge, Low Speed Shaft Weighing 46296E633
Cover Assembly, Gear 80109
Lock, Ring, Mechanism 80113
Nut, Propeller J2732PC16
Propeller, Marine 387389
Crosshead, Body 112142008 FIND 3
Cover Assembly 80049
Support, Lift 46296E482
Saddle, Lift 46296E483
Support, Jacking 46296E484
Ring, Protection 46296E485
Plate, Lifting 46296D596
Shaft Assembly 313-230PIECE1B
Shaft Assembly 313-230PIECE3A
Parts Kit, Removal Kit 46296C603
Parts Kit, Removal Kit 46296C605
Parts Kit, Removal Kit 46296C606
Valve Assembly, Purge 112152001 FIND 19
Flange, Motor 00882456 PIECE 26
Reducer Assembly, Sp 1070FCB4 105.921
Shaft Assembly 313-230PIECE6AB
Plate, Drive, Clutch 2055-700
Plate Assembly, Pres C155-5000
Adapter, Male, V-ring 00852681 PIECE 14
Carriage, Retractor 00906085 PIECE 20
Rod, Thrust, Carriage 00906085 PIECE 57
Cover Assembly 46296E92
Support Collar 46296E493
Weighing Support 46296E631
Liner, Piston Rod 112142008 FIND 2
Cover, Blade Port 112152052
Block, Sliding 112152001 FIND 5
Liner, Plug 112152001 FIND 9
Lockring, Piston 112132036
Spigot, Tailshaft 112142040
Adapter, Female, V-ring 00852681 PIECE 12
Column, Carriage Retractor 00882456 PIECE 23
Lining, Friction 2055-1300
Housing, High Pressure, Oil Module 115657166
Link, Leveling C-030-086
Ring, Sealing 83609 PIECE 1

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