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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 19, 2019

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Seat, Stern Tube H-44876
Support, Spring Assembly H-70124-77
Sealing, Strip Face H422702419
Insert Face H-44875
Guard, Splash, Tube H-40673-2558
Ring, Support H-44880
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 318528
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Cylinder, Block, Balance 601023417
Blade, Propeller, Ship AM421S4400-1022148 PIECE 41
Cam 363485
Adapter, Pump CM109823
Torque Transmitter, Engine 62008-M17831
Signal Conditioner 62011-1
Coupling, Reduction 1131E23H01
Seat, Shaft H-44159
Carrier, Face US-43275-1
Shaft Seal, Stern US-43275-2
Shaft Seal, Stern US-43275-1
Bolt Fork, Eye RA66039
Interlayer, Body H002426032
Face Carrier, Body H-44874
Flange Connector H-43353
Insert, Face Split H-43287
Panel, Control, Pneumatic P58867
Panel, Clutch And Brake Control P59683
Propeller, Marine HYP-152-ISSUE-2LH
Propeller, Marine HYP-152-ISSUE-2RH
Pin, Lockwell LW7C-B-1.250
Follow Up Rod Assy 110230008
Collar 110220016
Arbor Assembly, Blade 112158005
Fin And Shaft Assem 49DP651
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 620WPC-4301-54-C-PIECE-3
Blade, Propeller, Ship 13311-D
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 620WPC-4301-54-C-PIECE-2
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship LCPL36MK12-243.574808ITEM32
Modification Kit, Ship And Boat P K624
Control Panel, Bellogger 4950A5000-5
Propeller, Marine 28X28X4BL-RH-DQ-2 1/2IN.
Panel, Control, Pneumatic P59623
Friction Block 403750
Propulsion Assembly 106051001 PORT CCW
Control Plate Assembly 106050031 VM
Valve Rod Assembly 106056006
Shaft, Intermediate 106053006
Shaft, Thrust 106053007
Fairwater, Rotating 106055006
Propulsion Assembly 106051001 STARBOARD CW
Block, Sliding 106052021 PC 11VM
Piston Rod-crosshead Assembly 106052022 PC 2VM
Ring, Crank Pin 106042026
Cover, Blade 106052039
Cover, Blade 106052036
Piston 106052021 PC 7VM
Cover, End Hub 106052021 PC 8
Valve Assembly 106052021 PC 6VM
Piston Rod-crosshead Assembly 106042028
Ring, Crank Pin 106052021 PC 3VM
Hub, Propeller, Ship 106052022VM
Back Plate Assembly 694006202
Manifold Assembly, Air Drive AD14-4000
Ring, Crank C066RM02501A
Parts Kit, Manifold Assembly, Air AD14-4001
Control Head Assembly, Pneumatic CH5-5400-19
Lever, Shift 386542
Lock, Trailer 386684
Shift 386800
Lever, Shift 392563
Power Module Assy 106059011
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Transmission, Marine MG-540-34780
Hub, Body Assembly 112152002 FIND 1
Shaft, Stern Tube 16053005
Propeller, Marine A-48-86962A4
Propeller Shaft A85098-2
Brake, Single, Elemen 52VC1200/145841MK
Gear, Auxiliary 50128-0200
Bearing, High Speed 50280-1542
Bearing, Turn Gear 50280-1547
Bearing, Turn Gear 50280-1395
Housing, Pump 50175-0324
Quill, Shaft 50-475-0919-4
Coupling, High Speed 50290-0906
Cartridge, High Spee 50045-1442
Pinion And Shaft 50260-0118 AND 50353-0062
Bearing, High Speed 50280-1408
Bearing, Aft 50-280-1541-4
Bearing, High Speed 50280-1409
Bearing, Low Speed, J 50280-1410
Gear Set, Bevel 01070-0223 PIECE 63 X 64
Flange, Tailshaft 106052021 PC 5VM
Blade Set 106051002LH
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 106053004
Propeller, Marine P372
Steering Unit, Reverse 5419073
Propeller, Marine 391064
Transfer Housing 694003200
Control, Servo, Controllable Pitch 694004001

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