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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Hub Assembly, Piston 107942049
Crosshead, Left Hand 107952059
Crosshead, Right Han 107952058
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 694001001
Propeller, Marine 660509001
Air Section Nri 115644003
Propeller 390381
Collar, Thrust Bearing W00050164000
Fixture Assembly, Blade Lifting 106058034
Flushing Block Assembly 115638108
Scale Assembly, Pitch 106048050
Scale Assembly, Pitch 106048052
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Bearing, Stave Shaped 803-5664-SZ 10-30 IN. LG 1/16 OS
Propeller, Marine 0175191
Hub Assembly 1079520039
Blade, Propeller, Ship 660509228
Blade Assembly 660509227
Oil Distribution Bo 115657060
Module, Hydraulic Oi 115659088
Seal, Stern Tube D-144423
Thruster, Bow 16 IN MINI MITE
Scraper, Oil, Shaft 000050597-000
Bearing Assembly, Pr 2523856
Guard, Splash US-44518 ITEM 28
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship LCPL36MK12-243-5748089ITEM32
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Propeller, Marine C-48-32194A1
Propeller, Marine C-48-56236A1
Carrier, Bearing A-69386A1
Ring, Stern Tube M4611-382-1 PIECE 4
Fairwater, Stern Tube M4611-382-1 PIECE 6
Plate, Leveling 6-4196-9
Plate, Leveling 6-4196-10
Ring Assembly, Base 6-2691-3
Split Ring Set, Stern M4611-382-1 PIECE 5
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship M4611-382-1 PIECE 1
Sleeve, Rotating Element 1004131
Bearing, Stave Shaped M4611-382-1 PIECE 2
Ring, Piston 6-2691-1
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Sleeve 6301-36PC18
Sleeve 6301-36PC20
Sleeve Assembly, Sea 4678498-0014
Propeller, Marine A-48-73132A4
Bearing, Stave Shaped 803-1385664-SIZE8-36IN.LG 1/16OS
Bearing, Stave Shaped H60MLQ30295
Strut Assembly, Shaft Propulsion LCM8 53711-114-5103210-35T037
Bearing, Stave Shaped CVB59S4302H563969PC15
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 5185
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 6702.81 SPT 116
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Liner, Outer 5185
Sleeve, Threaded 5185
Feedback Unit 5185
Disc, Power Propulsion 5185
Face, Mechanical Sealing 5185
Blade, Propeller, Ship 5185
Arm, Thruster 5185-ITEM 95
Liner, Cylinder 5185
Container, Drainage 6720.04
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 5185-ITEM 26
Hub, Propeller, Ship 5203.89
Cap, Fairwater 3300.64-SPT 1180
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship US-44518
Liner, Thruster 7703.33-SPT 132
Cap, Thruster 5180-SPT 1091
Base, Feedback 6725.56-SP 2018
Face, Cylinder 5185-ITEM 63
Liner, Erosion 5185
Ring, Propeller Shaft M4611-382-1 PIECE 3
Tool Kit 106048024
Interlayer H41615786824
Bearing, Stave Shaped H60MLQ30309
Thruster Assembly 11-137NAV165
Tool Kit 106048026
Carrier, Face H-45483
Face Insert, Split H-45482
Propeller, Controlla 6531291
Bow Thruster SPT-VP-500
Tunnel 5182-SPT 1096
Cap, Fairwater C066SK02205A
Seal Segment, Plain M7561 INDEX 34
Seal Segment, Plain M7561D
Seal Segment, Slotted M7561D
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship AGUAMET 17
Arm, Tiller, Boat 007132
Piston, Rod Assembly 112152002 PIECE 3
Ring, Crank Pin, Left 112152002 PIECE 2
Piston, Rod 112152009
Piston, Rod Assembly 112152001 PIECE 3
Ring, Crank Pin 112152001 PIECE 2
Sleeve, Center, Post 112122060
Valve, Rod Section 112156002 PIECE 9
Valve, Rod Section 112156002 PIECE 6
Ring, Low Pressure, S 112137033
Rod Section, Valve 112156002 PIECE 5
Stave, Bearing, Propeller Shaft 50714-03X03 PIE
Wedge, Propulsion Un 19T00028-0100
Propeller Shaft Assembly, Marine 115751000

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