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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 19, 2019

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Propeller, Marine MP24X17X3BLXRH
Seal Segment, Propeller Shaft TR01-20-625-D401
Ring, Inflatable Sea LR1217 PIECE 1
Ring, Bearing 115742016
Ring, Blade Seal 115742018
Ring Assembly C-2412
Ring, Outer C2413-0UTER RIN
Ring, Inner X2414-00
Ring Half, Stern Tube AS11S43-015 PIECE 18
Ring Half, Stern Tube AS11S43-015 PIECE 20
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship LND243003-02
Segment, Pressure M7561-D405
Rod, Traverse 115737011
Guide, Forward Pisto 117157068
Piston, Forward 115747009
Rod Assembly, Follow Up 115637017
Slide, Bottom 117137072
Slide, Side 117137082
Ring, Crank Pin 115752005
Hub And Centre 660509314
Interlayer, Spring A H-41615-790-414
Band, Mounting, Torsi 19199-1-1
Propeller, Marine 48-47922A10
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 959E473-001
Propeller, Marine 0386891
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 243-5864870-PC 10005
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 243-5864871-PC 10002
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 243-5864870-PC 10004
Bearing, Stave Shaped A459A
Transmission, Mechanical 10-05-000-002
Face Strip H-017-70809
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 243-5864870-PC 3006
Propeller, Marine 387388
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship 115647120
Cable And Connector X8181-77
Plate, Pilot Operator CH5-0601
Cap, Fairwater 245-6358482
Propeller 245-6358472
Propeller 245-6308780
Propeller J Bar 245-6358481
Indicator, Shaft Pos 3011G35-005
Actuator Assembly, Propulsion, Shi 3011G36-016
Bearing, Stave Shaped 5000S4300-64347ALT1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 243-5825341 REV B
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 243-5825341 REV B
Support, Canister 4693165-1
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship GD243007-02
Control System, Cpr SV117
Assembly, Center Module 6138966
Cam Lock, Moisture Separator 203238C
Propulsion Module, Waterjet 6138931
Coupling, Sound Isol CJ67610
Isolater Assembly CJ67290
Transmission, Mechanical AS2-71C
Bearing, Stave Shaped 562-5844122 PIECE 34
Propeller, Marine 0389924
Bearing, Stave Shaped 562-5844122 PIECE 33
Bearing, Stave 562-5844122 PIECE 35
Propeller, Marine 391536
Shoe Set, Clockwise 469118-PC 37X38
Shoe Set, Counter Cl 43 1/2-9118-37X39
Pot Assembly, Feedback E700002
Shaft Impeller, Dri SF10824 ITEM 060
Shaft, Driven S2425JD
Interlayer 6200-242
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Hub, Propeller, Ship 715WPG4400-51RH
Hub, Propeller, Ship 715WPG4400-51LH
Seat Assembly US-44518 ITEM 29
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Propeller, Marine 243-5503352A
Propeller, Marine 1013236
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 243-5503347D
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship DDG-203-1710538
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship DDG-203-1710538-PC2
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 000050645
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 000050640
Propeller, Marine 48-89850A1
Panel, Air Treatment 4394-G ITEM 3
Circuit Box CB1-1600L-2
Panel, Station Junct SJ7-1000
Panel, Station Trans SJ8-4200
Parts Kit, Air Treat AT11-1001
Parts Kit, Circuit B CB1-1601
Parts Kit, Governor PA1-1501
Parts Kit, Panel, Sta SJ8-3201
Plate, Leveling 9-4115-10
Control Circuit, Engine Propulsio AD12-5000
Parts Kit, Control Circuit AD12-5001
Plate, Leveling 9-4115-9
Orifice Assembly B-108387-A
Bearing, Stave Shaped MIL-B-17901
Propeller, Marine 243-5503352A
Rod Assembly, Valve 115756000
Sheath 115745000
Ring, Sheath 115735001
Propeller, Marine 390731
Waterjet Pump With Inlet And Rot PD1945-1542-87-5
Sleeve, Outer 216625

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