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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Apr 22, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Block, Sliding 14593B
Seal Ring, Inflatable C125586
Liner, Stuffing Box N13059PC4112
Liner, Stuffing Box N13059PC4113
Liner, Shaft Bearing N14733PC4129
Sleeve, Propulsion Shaft, Ship FACEM0D
Toggle, Clutch 13X666
Propeller, Marine 375605
Block, Brake 3373436
Collar, Ring 3373463
Ring, Thrust 4747
Clutch Element 3377222
Valve, Drain 1649
Bearing, Cap And Ped 7271
Cover, Clutch 3308192
Ring, Clutch 3373474
Ring And Oil Scoop 3308240
Plate, Thrust 3308800
Brace, Housing 3308801
Cradle, Shaft 3308804
Drum And Hub, Brake 3373654
Rod, Piston 3373558
Plate, Brake 3373441
Flange 3373572
Gland, Seal 3373541
Bar, Torque 3373440
Baffle, Oil 3373534
Ring, Valve 3373696
Baffle, Oil Slinger 3308260
Baffle, Seal 3308243
Guide, Stem 3308645
Piston Seal 3309356
Housing 3309353
Plunger, Valve 3308637
Shaft, Main 3375237
Shaft Assembly 3373695
Plate, Release 3373552
Drum And Hub, Clutch 3375238
Plate, Ring 4500-2
Bar Assembly 263
Shaft Assembly 80185PCATF
Drum, Reverse Clutch 347618 AND 3209
Drum, Forward Clutch 347617 AND 320931
Vent, Air 700112PC13
Ring, Oil Seal 800520PC131
Neoprene Ring Slinger 800515PC132
Oil Seal 800520PC134
Pin Assembly 800514PC133-171
Valve, Air 800520PC128
Retainer, Oil 6070
Baffle, Oil 3277598
Retainer, Oil 800517PC71
Shaft, Air 800523PC112T0115
Connector, Leg ED498-9
Valve, Drain 800956PC800766C
Drum 800962PC801100A
Drum, Clutch 800956PC801010A
Drum, Clutch 800956PC801010B
Connection, Air 800956PC800766B
Centering Ring 800422PC642
Locking Lug 800430-643
Sleeve, Air Valve 7202
Bubbler, Oil 101344
Arm, Shifter 801137
Retainer, Oil 401146-83X89
Plug 800369-83
Bearing, Stave Shaped 30148
Staves, Bearing 30159
Staves AVP10S43-5PC17
Bearing, Stave Shaped 30167
Staves 30169
Staves 342-405-3PC203
Bearing, Stave Shaped 692-4302-4PC203
Bearing, Stave Shaped H60MLQ30175
Bearing, Stave Shaped 30176
Bearing, Stave Shaped 1669-38-5-208
Bearing, Stave Shaped 30185
Bearing, Stave Shaped CODE NAVY
Bearing, Stave Shaped 30255
Shell, Bearing H60MLQ30267
Shell, Bearing 30268
Shell, Bearing H60MLQ30269
Bearing, Stave Shaped 62714-01X1PC6
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship CV9S4301-13PC1
Bearing, Dummy, Reduc RGR298CDX1
Handle, Strap Wrench H2157PC11
Wrench, Strap H2311PC8
Wrench, Strap H2311PC9
Support, Quill Shaft RGR487EWCPL
Wrench, Retaining Ri H2311PC50
Handle, Wrench, Quill H2311PC36
Wrench, Reduction Pi H2311PC29
Pin, Aligning, Gear C RGR-46AK
Support, Quill Shaft RGR360WWSCREWS
Wrench, Coupling H2311PC61
Sling, Reduction Gear H-2311PC67
Saddle, Quill Shaft H2311PC53
Bracet, Quill Center RGR-265BA W SCR
Pin, Aligning RGR46AGWNUT
Ring, Seal CP2318 GRADE MY

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