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Ship And Boat Propulsion Components - FSC 2010

Propulsion Shafts; Ship Proppellers. Marine Transmissions, Reverse And Reduction Gear Type.
Last Modified: Jun 19, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Shoe, Thrust Bearing D2-10390PC81-82
Journal Bearing 4 3-8 4025-5
Bearing Assy HR60MLQ30305
Cone Sub Assembly 3276865
Cylinder 742572-1
Blade Crank Pin Rin AM421S4400-1022154ALT12-84
Control Stand, Propu N1014A
Control Stand, Propu N1014B
Control Stand, Propu N1014C
Bearing Unit, Pivote 463075-1T041
Bearing Unit, Pivote CA68S4200-742TT015T
Collar, Thrust Beari 3227833PC1
Coupling, Reduction 3227769PC1-3-7
Coupling, Reduction 800423PC607T0610-612-614
Coupling, Quill Shaf 3137903PC20
Shaft, Quill, Reducti KGR421CHX1
Shaft, Quill, Reducti 26-J-285-16
Shaft, Quill, Reducti 26-J-285-17
Shaft, Propulsion, Ship 16508R
Bearing Assy, Gear KGR390AWX1UL
Fin, Gear Box 148-1R
Rod, Connecting AM421S4400-1022154ALT12-85
Shear Pin AN1527
Shaft, Input 6133E5
Wormshaft W65BL2X1
Wormshaft W65E29X1
Brake Shoe Assembly 7 3-8-4083-15
Propeller, Marine LSMS4400-412196LH
Gear Assy, Reduction WW27C20
Cap, Fairwater LCT51S43-1PC5
Ring, Seal Mating W1262CS0127
Wheel Assy, Worm SG3658PC81-82
Wheel Assy, Gear G9682PC92T094
Body And Slide 1022149-153-154
Lever, Control HF1088A
Shaft, Tail HJ1013A
Body, Valve, Relief HJ1068
Retainer, Spring HJ1107
Plug HJ1129
Link, Support X10051
Link Rod, Connecting X10052
Lever And Pin Assy X10059
Lever And Pin Assy X10060
Plug Stop, Valve X10066
Pad, Thrust X10184
Rotor And Idler S5VB3300-35-36
Disc, Friction HF1108
Ring, Gland Packing H60PCBL73
Ring, Crank LST1156S4400H1024109REV7PC43
Ring, Crank LST1156S4400H1024109REV7PC73
Coupling, Quill Shaf 800221PC145AND800223PC260-261
Coupling, Quill Shaf 800221PC147AND800223PC113
Coupling, Quill Shaf 6646907PC1-2
Gear, Reduction 801401PC801
Flange, Fle, Ible, Cou 35594
Hub, Drive Shaft Gea 7A8472
Roller, Lever N21755PC7
Lining Kit N21754PC2-8-9
Orfice Assy F100-15PC40
Body, Orfice 90190PC5
Shift, Lever 205111
Gear Assy, Drive 742714-1
Cap Assy 10A5218PC1-2
Cap Assy 10A5218PC3,4,6-11,14
Coupling, Reduction 1JH1680PC290
Pinion, Reduction Ge 10A5274PC10
Gear And Pinion Set 800502PC49-50,800503PC54-61
Pinion, Reduction Gear DD445S4200-7PC86
Coupling, Shaft, Hydr 10A5274-3
Stub Shaft, Thrust 10A5274PC4
Adapter, Reverse Gea A66895
Drum Assy N21751PC2-6
Seal, Pump, Propulsio 13715N
Seal, Pump, Propulsio 13716N
Bracket, Propeller Turning 4347784PC1
Cap, Propeller 4352714PC3
Transmission, Mechanical, Marine EC8000
Transmission, Mechanical, Marine 81311S4105-457582PCFGX8000
Guard, Oil S2402J
Shaft, Hand Pump CV9S6100-104ALT2PC19
Stave, Strut Bearing DES43-36INANDEDSK128473PC5-9
Coupling, Quill Shaf D2-10060-6-7
Coupling, Quill Shaf 1JH1568-21
Gear And Shaft, Redu W6646902SH1ANDW6646902SH2
Shim, Bearing B3126466
Strainer Assembly, Oil 1503317
Plate, Push N21753PC5
Transmission, Mechanical, Marine 643NAVY
Transmission, Mechanical, Marine 533NAVY
Plate, Driven A3336
Shaft, Clutch D2057-70PC29
Plate, Cover 5190729
Cover, End 17995PC8714AL
Cover, End 18220PC8714AR
Cover, End 17834PC8714D
Shaft, Fluid Pump Dr 90190PC68
Cover, Pump G7803PC112
Plate Assy, Driving 00A5822
Plate, Cover Assy F100-15PC203084
Plate Assy, End 90190PCX207197

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