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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 20, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
T Ring, Rod Packing B011TR018EPR
T Ring, Rod Packing B011TR027
T Ring, Piston Packi B011TP055EPR
Servomotor, Bell Log HZDE20-101
Wiper, Rod 475611
Vane And Spring AC816ANDAC817
Control Assembly, Pn P51862-1
Control Assembly, Pn P51864-1
Wiper, Rod A8347-3
Piston 71501
Lining 39544PC9A
Lining 39544PC9B
Lining 113494-3
Contr L Unit Assy, E WW328
Cable F8407-285
Clutch Block 155319DPC365-365A368-389-390
Seal, Hydraulic Cyli A11-40-4A
Spring, Poppet 309021
Wiper, Rod A8347-15
Cartridge, Cylinder A82503
Control, Clutch And Throttle 1960
Kit, Rod C13963A
Hoist, Single Frame CVA19S7802-1093214
Wiper, Rod AF7-6
Wiper, Rod AF7-8
Wiper, Rod 3-1/4 AF-7-1
Sleeve, Split SSBN640-518-2118746 PIECE 7
Scraper, Rod A5264A2
Vane 923616PC405436
Cylinder Assembly, Shaft 80094X
Step Assembly 179161-348-325
Ball, Stud Assembly 922787
Sling, Hoisting LCM645-1534721
Limiter, Torque 131-1-191
Chock, Base RC6425
Wiper, Rod 160-0200-18
Bushing, Cartridge 626-52025
Cable EL08-008-15
Disk Assembly, Accum 941993
Tank, E, Pansion 15052
Accumulator, Hydraulic 73791-23X1
Tightener, Chain 518-2534080PC42
Winch, Boat Davit P143R12-1
Winch, Boat Davit 55374
Block, Mounting 241568
Spool, Compressor 241717
Window Panel, Ship 1851547
Wheel, Steering Cont 230-5634-5
Control, Pneumatic, S P59331
Control, Pneumatic, S PD20042-1010
Control, Pneumatic, S PD20042-1100
Control, Pneumatic, S PD20042-1019
Control, Pneumatic, S PD20032-1100
Control, Pneumatic, S PD2044-1212
Control, Pneumatic, S PD20032-1400
Control, Pneumatic, S PD40042-1010
Control, Pneumatic, S PD40032-1100
Control Lever P50382-1
Support, Piston 6151
Valve, Air Line 544826
Valve, Relay Air 542237
Computer, Ballast, Su 1882422
Cargo Drop Reel 4368966
Power Unit, Electroh L1-PKS2N10-10
Drive Assembly, Electrohydraulic, 844420CD1
Retainer 5167276
Plate, Locking 5196444
Retainer 5193251
Plate, Wear 5197888
Kit, Clutch Plate 5198658
Flow Divider CFD50-3
Valve, Control 232840
Guide, Valve 237150
Valve 516-4510937R5
Seal Kit 50643
Control Parts Assembly 21118-2
Gerotor Set 8618-31
Column, Control 204-1003-005
Helm Unit 2111052-001
Cylinder, Hydraulic A8154
Needle, Adjusting A7008
Pin Assembly A8658-12
Column Assembly SCA3
Steering Wheel, Marine 145-4510932-23
Spool, Valve 1463
Lining, Friction 4368941 1
Cylinder, Hydraulic 27353TS
Repair Parts, Cargo 4368918
Repair Kit, Cylinder KX667127
Repair Kit, Cylinder KX667129
Repair Kit, Cylinder KX667128
Scraper Piston 7-106802
Bushing, Davit G7491PC2
Wire Falls, Davit G7484BPC20
Tiller Arm, Pump Uni 52 0236 03
Stop, Acutator Assem B20035G006
Cushion, Shoe Seal 26 9 2430
Modification Kit, Deck Machinery 250-6350
Rudder 5-4-8-808AND5-4

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