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Deck Machinery - FSC 2030

Steering Gears And Controls; Boat Davits.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gib, Guide Shoe JD5502-779PC3
Rod, Piston P50045-0100
Davits, Boat, Trackway 3378-34
Gear Box, Steering 9004
Cylinder Assembly, Release JFE14699
Servovalve 1677585-1
Rod, Piston, Accumula 516-2005770 PC-34
Piston, Accumulator 516-2005770 PC-2
Scraper, Rod SKB1004PC29H2
Seat 75692-10X4PC3
Connection Kit, Boat 037215
Steering Gear E48198ANDE47209
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated E047209-26FT
Steerer, Mechanical, Hand Operated 28-31
Winch, Boat Davit 9200-1
Cushion Support Assembly A10013C
Spacer, Adapter EL09-010-54
Cover, Strainer EL09-010-81
Trunnion, Steering, Flanged 112262
Spider, Planet 106347
Steering Gear 7807761
Ring, Boot 60055JPC4
Cover, Cylinder 60021HPC1
Seal, Hycar Cup A11B2-723
Arm, Control 60024HPC3
Roller, Control Arm 60024HPC2
Cartridge Assembly, N661-44
Gland, Packing HH261-6-620
Cylinder, Hydraulic KZ310
Cushion, Nylon C17565
Rider, Nylon C603394
Hose Assembly C17300
Hose Assembly C17292
Hose Assembly C17298
Hose Assembly C17679
Hose Assembly C17299
Hose Assembly C17294
Hose Assembly C17293
Hose Assembly C17295
Hose Assembly C17296
Rack Support Coupli E46109
Connection Kit, Rudd 010272-3
Filler, Endlock 14H
Shock Absorber, Rece 60000JPC65
Chest, Bearing-clamp 60000JPC10
Chest, Clevis 60000JPC40
Chest, Link-connecto 60000JPC43
Roller, Receiving He 60000JPC8
Roller, Receiving He 60000JPC9
Link, Spring 60000JPC46
Yoke, Spring 60000JPC45
Parts Kit, Steering 21723
Parts Kit, Slave Cylinder 21724
Bearing 28680-28622
Ring, Back-up A04-424
Wiper A8347-19
Wiper 23X3693
Sprinelevator 362510-701PC3
Wiper, Rod AA-1-1 3-8
Ring, Backup HD20-1-375
Plate, Internal Splined 3-08490
Plate, Clutch Backing C30519400-3
Hub Assembly, Clutch B305218
Piston, Clutch C301487
Disc, Reinforcing C304387
Piston, Accelerating C304443
Housing, Piston D30324100-4
Piston, Housing Return D30497400-9
Fixture, Lifting 9891-091PC2
Fixture, Lifting 9891-091PC3
Body, Lower, Winch RC1585
Spanner Rail Assemb 175-54-96
Handling Rod Assemb 175-54-97
Padeye Assembly 175-54-94
Jacking Tool 175-58
Actuator, Rotary 140-17020PCALL
Actuator, Rotary 500E2
Spanner Rail Assemb 175-54ASSY95
Scraper, Rod B4925D20
Cylinder, Power Stee S20A22-1AAXBX10B10
Brush, Reel M27411
Collector Ring, Reel M27425-4
Collector Ring, Reel M27425-5
Ring CP50157APC31
Valve 850118
Valve 850129
Cylinder Kit, Steeri KIT4
Cable And Hook Asse 175-54-93
Arm Assembly, Guide WC116A
Arm Assembly, Guide C230103
Wiper D8-62PC22
Wiper 904410
Wiper 475516
Chain Assembly HD108SP-3576C
Link Assembly HD100SPHD102SPHD103SP-3398B
Arm Assembly TW0108
Arm Assembly 3401CPCHD111
Chain, Conveyer 108SP
Link Assembly 100SP102SP
Ring, Packing 17290PC20

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